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Questions Bring Answers To Get You To Your Goals

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  • both sides bald charleston s.c.

    wanting to run away, staying, but keep praying, life cold c***** me in the mouth, thought I could handle what god put before me, not knowing that this journey would take my strength away, mentally, emotionally, I thought it was my time, but god says not yet, my daughter is 30yrs old, with scizphoprenia, and the mind of a 11yr old child, my son is 18, and a senior graduating this may 2012, and wants to be a manchild, and here I am in the middle trying to find out who I am, wow, I am both sides bald, and tryiing to stand tall, I am ready to take the mask off, and scream, but my mouth is muffled, I need words of encouragement, I need words of wisdom, I need to act out my life on stage, because my both sides are bald!

  • catherine enugu, nigeria

    Thank you Tyler. i came across you site by mistake and it came at the right time, i watched your inspiration corner and you inspired me, your story is so inspiring, Thank You so much,I pray that God gives you strength to continue to inspire people and remind us that God does exist.


    AMEN... NEVER STOP ASKING AND KNOW YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS. I thank God for your humility Tyler and the time you take out to sow seeds of encouragement amd empowerment with these inspirational messages... You are challenging me in so many ways... I thank God for this appointed time that He blessed me with to view your site and gather such information from you. Thank you so very much Amen and Amen. To God be the glory.

  • miss p usa

    hello tyler what you doing....

  • Lorraine Wright Ontario, Canada

    So glad to know that there are believers in Hollywood! You have and continue to make such a positive impact on so many lives. Though you had a very difficult childhood, it is wonderful that you used your past pain for good to help so many others!

    • HannaH LEICESTER UK #1679168

      Amen... So true

  • Ronny Press Philadelphia

    I listen to this every week so powerful, inspirational, so true

  • Schaefer Philadelphia

    Im so thankful for you. God really wanted me to hear this. Thank You.

  • B Anita Christian Perspective

    It is a blessing to be able to come here and feel better. I hope you are having a great day! God strengthens us through more struggles sometimes. This community is very special. It allows you to look in to what others are going through and have succeeded. Sometimes, all I can do is listen mostly. God bless you! Thanks again for all you do for the community.

  • Lily Brown New York, NY

    Great Message! "Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you..." Thank You for the reminder of the One who enables us, and directs us.

  • Joe Baker Lumberton, NJ

    Mr. Tyler, I just happened to stumble across your website and this page, first of all thanks to your obedience to God, and most importantly it's a blessing to see such talent as yours come to light. I'm a up & coming writer with a vision to think outside the box and I just got done viewing your video clip "Questions Brings Answers To Get You To Your Goals". God has been knocking me upside my head to get to work on a project that I've kept hidden for years, your words hit me like a ton of bricks which has helped jump start things nd slowly but surely the doors have opened for me to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I hope once it's done that I will get the chance to share this project with you for encouragement, to live out that dream just as you have, because even though the bible says to not envy man. You have truly become a great example for a writer like myself who sat too long on this dream for what I call "Soldiers Of The Light Productions". I am learning that everything starts with a dream! That dream has been God ordain and I feel bless for his increasing wisdom& teaching me to be patient to write this project. God Bless You Bro for keeping it real! Joe Baker

  • Fania Lawrenceville, VA

    Hello Mr Tryler Perry, I just love watching you , keep up the good work you are so funny,,,

  • hephzibah-Ene Anderson Maui, Hawaii

    Your movie Mr Deeds, tells my story. I remember when I came to USA with my son 12 years ago , I had to always either lock him somewhere in the room or where I was working kept him behind the closet so I can make some money for us to even get food. Today that son, 18 years old got a full ride scholarship to US Naval Academy to play football and have a great education and career. Today, God has raised me up, a single mom through many journeys to stand and testify of his goodness even in adversity. Today, I can extend my hands, my heart to people who are suffering and needs God's love. You are such a great blessing, and God will continue to pour out his blessings over you immeasurably, abundantly, overflowing. You are such a great gift and a another hero of mine, the other being my son.

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