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Questions Bring Answers To Get You To Your Goals

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  • Camille United States

    I have questions. But I haven't been able to answer them for a long, long time. I am slowly recognizing after a very recent 18-yr marriage separation, that I wasn't living my life. I was just existing. Maybe I can get some one-on-one inspiration from you. One day...if I am lucky.

  • Quentin Bethea Charlotte, NC

    Wow, that is great. Love the scriptural reference. HIS truth endures.

  • donna green columbus ohio

    I Thank God you and for what he has done in your life alway no that your later will be greater you are amazing to me you have helped me in many ways who would think going to watch a play would change your life but with God all things is possible and because your not ashame of the Gosple of Jesus Christ you have been such a Blessing to me so i say keep on keeping on I Love you and I Pray much for your success.

  • Quornesha J Silas United States

    It is amazing how we hold the answer to our own questions. I know people may laugh, but I talk to myself on a daily basis. Asking myself, what am I doing to reach my goals and dreams. How bad do I want it? How much time am I putting towards meeting those goals? You have to talk to yourself and ask yourself questions like this if you want to succeed. Although at times even I feel like, I have lost my mind. I see a little progress when I do so, but somehow it's never enough to propel me to my destination. But I don't know, maybe it is and I'm too mentally blind to see it. There is a song that plays in my mind each time I do an audition, and the answer is always No when it does. So you are absolutely right that we hold the answer to our own questions. We just have to pay attention and listen.

  • Stacey jones TexasCity,Texas

    Hello my I am stacey jones and all ur shows that I have seen are very wonderful I have alot goning on in my life i am really tryiny to become a nurse but everytime i think i can take the out to go back to school and get my ged and go i got let it go cause i am single mom whos got to wrk two jobs to try and make it ,i just lost my car and know about to be put out my house cause i cant take out the time to do socan u please tell me what to do thanks and may god bless keep the good work co mkminggu

  • Patrice Baltimore,Md

    You are so right my problem was when God would tell me things I would think I don't deserve that. But now I know now I do. Keep doing your plays and movies. I be there to buy and watch them. You go the extra mile and I respect it. He always say he will make your enemy your foot stool. Thank you from with in for everything.

  • Lyneshia Johnson Upper Marlboro, MD

    Mr. Perry, I love your work and extremely love this message. I thank you now because I know some day I will be able to personally grab your hand and thank you in person. I will continue to speak it into existence because I know it will happen. Thank you and continue to be the blessing you are to everyone. You're are doing great things and I will continue to support you. God Bless!

  • Joyce Work

    You are so right...you have the answers but sometimes the route is what I can find. I was an 11th child of a "crazy" but real family. I was a single mom of 4--now grown children and I see them making mistakes and I can't stop them. They ask what should they do and I tell them you have the answer...but they just want to do it their way. My daughter...only daughter, tells me "mom you have a gift". I write...I write stories about my life and she tells me how great they are, but I live in nowhere Lynchburg, Va., I work for an attorney; I have to work. A few years ago a lost of job of 23 years and realized that I no longer fit into the business world, I had to return to school to renew myself at age 53. Now the dreams I once had I feel are only dreams. My heart says "write" my bills say "work". God and I truly have a unique relationship, I pray- he listens- I wait- oh well..... I really do admire you Tyler, 'May God continuously bless the man that you are'. Amen

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby Home

    Hi Tyler I have the comfirmation from the father too.... to upload a video and the feeling is so strong. I woke up this morning and there was the word of feelings that the father gave me to partisipate in your search. Oh my Jesus.... by today's end I will have came up with something to show you with the help of my Angels. Tyler tomorrow is my birthday, it is only polite to wish me a happy birthday through Email. We'll be talking very soon! Marletta

  • A. Simmons Georgia

    Mr. Tyler Perry, You are a God fearing man. You are humble, wise, intelligent, kind, giving, caring individual. I can go on and on what type of person you are and more. When God created man, He had a special hand on you. Like you said God already knew before we even thought it. You are a chosen one. Just think about when you was homeless no one gave you a chance. Well God already knew that your chance was in your struggles, as you struggle your chances got greater. You did not give up because you knew deep down in side God got your back, and when your back was up against the wall, that's when God step in and made that wall a window, He open that window for you and let His blessings flow through. God spoke to you and He said if I bring you to it I'll bring you through it. Look at you today, when man said no, God said YES! May God continue to let His blessings flow through you always.

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello Tyler: I hope this note finds you well...I wanted to tell you thanks for all your work. You ..really appear to be concerned for other peoples well-being like me...wel I need to tell someone that me...one of the kindest, compassionate and loving individuals I know is being victimized by domestic violence. It appears someone is trying to poison me inside my home. I've complained to the complex, the fire dept., the police...to no avail got no help...In my townhome prior I was experiencing the same craziness and had testing performed...he found 100% lidocaine and phalate chemicals all over the carpet. Whatever I'm dealing with now appears to be on the floor and could be coming through the furnace or air conditioning...its now becoming hard for me to walk in this place...I'm going to try and find out the class of what I'm dealing with here...its killing my finances...please help if you can..if unable please remember this letter...love to you forever.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    They were made of the same material. Adam says, "She is bone of my bone." He says nothing of her size, body build or hair color. These superficial components are like placing a product in an attractive container. The container may get the consumer to try it. But only the product will keep the consumer coming back. His attraction goes much deeper than externals. These outward attractions are certainly an advantage, but be assured that when it comes to marriage, no one ever stayed together simply bc they were attractive. I(He) don't know whether I(he) agree w/ those who say there is only 1 person in the world for you. I(He) would be afraid that, out of the billion of ppl on this planet, I(he) wouldn't b able to find them. However, I(He) do know that when u find a person w/ whom u are COMPATIBLE, there is a BONDING that consummates marriage & that has NOTHING to do w/ sex! I(He) also understand how u could FEEL this person to be the ONLY choice in the world. Let's face it, every1 u meet ISN'T bone of your bone! It is important that u(we) do not allow any1 to manipulate u into choosing some1 w/ whom u have NO BOND! WHEN Ezekiel speaks about the DRY BONES IN THE VALLEY, he says, "The bones came TOGETHER, bone to his bone" Ezek. 37:7. Every person must pray & DISCERN if the other IS some1 they could cLEAVE to the REST of their life. ....It is SAD to realize our society has beCOME so promiscuous that many have misTAKEN the thrill of a WEEKEND FLING for a knitting TOGETHER OF TWO THIRSTY hearts at the oasis of a loving commitment. Marriage is so PERSONAL that NO ONE will b able to stand OUTSIDE ur relationship & see y u bond w/ that person. Lol... :-) A mystery lol... :)

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