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  • shantae (shanz) jamaica

    Mr Tyler Perry I wish I knew you before you were famous or so busy then i would get to talk to you whenever I want but I believe every thing happens for a reason and god knows what's best for you even if you don't see it right at that moment. I would just want to talk to you for even one hour or less alot of people wish that too but I believe its gonna happen even if its never gonna happen I believe it will and faith always keeps me standing with the help of you and your inspirational words and thoughts. love always shantae

  • baaaaaaa jinklejinkle

    I was wondering if you were happy today? I hope you are! love U

  • Rachelle New York

    Your message is powerful and extremely helpful - in fact they always are. Thank you. I've read comments on your website of people asking you for this and that, but Tyler, you've helped me and so many people just by your inspirational messages via this website or during an interview. Your inspirational messages are worth more than money, an acting role, or a movie script; and I appreciate them! "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good" - Luke 6:45 Thank you Tyler.

  • Paris F. Robinson Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

    Mr. Perry; I have a short personal story of survival/deliverance that is more of a testimonial that I would like to e mail to you, if I can just get a valid email address to make this happen. I am currently challenged with a 4 stage cancer at 63 years of age, was originally told I had 2 weeks to two months to live and it has now been well over 1 year and 3 months since thanks to the mercies and grace of my Heavenly Father. This will be a book sharing my experience and I would love a written endorsement from you should you agree with the content and belief that this book would serve as an encouragement to others faced with similar life threatening challenges. Please let me know via my email thank you in advance.

    • Christina H. #1913915

      Many prayers for you!

  • T TX

    Thank you for the video.

  • Hadassah LO


  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas

    Hey TP.

  • Kia Ora California

    Dear Mr. Perry........God has given me a seed to sow into your life. You need to call me asap...I fininshed this assignment in September of 2009. I remember you came to California in 2010 to perform your play and I waited for you on the side of the Paramount Theatre for almost 5 hours to be told if i didnt leave the premises that i would be arrested. Its a terrible feeling to know you heard the voice of the Lord tell you to do something and it doesnt work out the way you anticipated. I know you can relate to that Mr. Perry because i have heard your testimony... Well any hoo...lol...i will be coming to Atlanta to hand deliver to you a seed that you should have received in 2010......its been 4 long years of waiting, trusting and believing God...I have the missing puzzle piece to your puzzle!!! See ya soon!!!

  • Diane Queens, NY

    How cool is this, that you are taking time to share wisdom and inspire others , that your taking time to care! Wow. That is awesome. Thank you! Diane

  • chris hiram ga

    Mr Perry your Wisdom is Priceless!!! Thank you!!!

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Tx.

    What you doing, Tyler? We gonna have to have ourselves another couch session soon. Add it to the App or adjust your schedule/appointment book? Ttyl...

  • sheila semo Nairobi, Kenya.

    You would be amazed if God literally showed you just how many lives you touch with your words. You have a special anointing on your life that brings God's voice of hope and restoration to broken hearts, stolen dreams and hopeless lives. You faith in God and willingness to hold on to his word against all odds is a beautiful thing to witness for believers all over the world. And today I just want to take time out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you Tyler, sharing your story with the world and allowing God to use you. You are an absolute blessing in our lives and I thank Jesus with all my heart for you Mr. Be blessed!=)

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