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  • Carolyn Harshaw Roseville Macomb County, Michigan

    Tyler today I was watching Dr. Phillis McGraw: and for a about two three minutes I said he should have called me or Madea"... Because he had this mother and stepfather that she has broken down to the ground's really..and the mother was told by Dr. Phillis you enable her. So that's when the mother started to studer, because she was taken aback and trying to find something intelligence to say. Well the name of this intervention was / disruptive daughters. For some reason that unruly-spirit in her told her if she doesn't get her way to throw tantrums like a two year old. It was pothetic. Oh she's been doing this for too-years; and the mother just thinks she has a mental problem. Now you know I said out loud, Carolyn and Madea would have punched her in the face and she would have made that demon leave" OKAY... You know Tyler people in America play-crazy so much, the mental-therapist have made a fortune. Tyler when they come on Dr. Phill's show ( the okay-crazy people) for 1-2 hours there are not outburst. Situations like this speak for themselves according to people raised in the South.... But Tyler ' Dr. Phil got the mama, stepfather and stepfather real good. He went African American on all of them. Dr. Phillis said after asking her what she's going to do at her stepsisters wedding and this helfa-said tear-it-up with what Black People call " play-crazy... Well Dr. Phill said you're still going to allow her there? The stepsister said yes stupidly. If that was Miss Carolyn' Tyler she would have been beatdown (1 word people, just like in the Holy Bible as King David always said) one time by me and another relative! Because if she wasn't crazy , we filled with the Holy Ghost, so in Jesus name the evil-spirit comin O-U-T ...out okay! Well just thought you might like a good laugh...Good Evenin

  • K C California

    Your inspiration corner is a true blessing, as are your thoughtful emails. They help many, including me get through very difficult times in our lives and also have the ability to remind us to look forward, have faith, and keep our feet firmly planted and walking ahead. Thank you so much for your spirit and generosity. I feel touched.

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