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  • vera albury the bahamas

    Hi Tyler it's hot come and cool off in the Bahamas beautifully beach with me.

  • Tonya Traylor Miami, Florida

    Congratulations Mr. Perry on a life well lived and a vision so beautifully shared. The Best is truly Yet to Come! Thank You for continuously Inspiring and Uplifting

  • Sena Accra, Ghana

    Tyler I just want to say, you are a living proof of God's grace, love and power. You are truly an inspiration. Keep doing what you do best and God continue to bless the work of your hands.

  • Crystal Glass Warner Newark, NJ

    that was touching, inspiring, encouraging..I sit here with tears rolling down my face. When you feel like you can't go on in life...God places the right person in your path to give an uplifting of love that you can do this....so thank you Tyler Perry...Ill be seeing and working with you soon! Cant wait...God Bless you always. crystal glass

  • naomi Faith Brewer toronto/USA

    Tyler Perry, I'm giving all of my heart each and every day. Wherever I go. I have an idea for your next casting call- you call on me. You would be mistaken to brush of message after message that I send. My dreams are as sacred as anyone else's. My heart breaks when I think of the time that is flying by. I'm 35yrs old with one dream. I'm writing you a short message before bed- my back is breaking after editing all day. My letter tmrw will be much more colourful. For now I'm giving it over to the stars which are aligning so that we are going to meet and have an opportunity to share my story with you. My dream is simply to tell you an amazing story. Love and Light - Naomi Faith

  • Sade' Eastmond-Brown New York City

    I don't know if you will ever read this but it's worth a try. The first time I watched your success videos I cried. I was searching for answers my entire life and you answered them all. The people in my environment act as if the live to adapt. But Tyler I know I was born differently, I just can not sit at home, and do what everyone else does. I want to help people, I want to be successful and I want to leave my mark on this earth before I die. I am not looking for fame and publicity. I am looking to help the lives of hundreds-millions-billions of people. I want to help change this trend in society today. I already started talking to a few youths, since I look young for my age they are not often intimidated. I am working on opening a free workshop in my community to get young men off the streets and in trade school or college, and to teach these young women how to love and respect their bodies. The media and gatekeepers are using entertainment to distract youths and people in general from becoming successful, but I feel like no body is hearing me. One day I will like to meet you, because I watch these videos everyday to keep me pushing. I feel weak at times, but I remember in the beginning you too failed, but you kept pushing. Thank you so much for changing my life. I recently graduated College. I started my own Photography business. I am a wife and a mother of a 1 yr/old. Everyday I pray that God leads me in the right direction, and I know he will. I will meet you one day Tyler, I know it.

  • Caroline England UK

    Tyler Perry is an amazing person, May God continue to keep u humble and in his love and care

  • Sheneith Hawkins Here

    Good Morning TP, & Happy Father's Day to you, Love. Yes, Happy Happy Father's Day to you. Thank You Jesus!

  • r dorsey

    Mr. Perry, I run a small private school for children. They are children of color. I just came out of a meeting in which I was told that I should have schools all over the nation in that our children perform at the top 10% in the country. Being offered things that bring personal gain but losing control of the output is not God's design for me. Thus, ss I left that meeting I felt a burden, such a burden,. So many of our children are brilliant but they have little hope to cultivate the potential that God put within. I don't even know why I came to your site as it is my first time and I do not look at much television but thank your for being an inspiration to me today. God's Blessings to You Be Multiplied to inspire more then Hope but to build a living Faith because somethings only God can do as we allow him to work THROUGH US!! May he multiply many men, women & families in our community to do the same!!!

  • B anita inspirational twilght

    Hello, and how are you? Greetings and well wishes...etc rain and more rain and then computer shut down. This is a great place frozen time to bring hope and inspiration to life. A lifter of heads and rock of structure that is here to pull the life forward. I have learned complaining about things makes things look worst. The fire prunes and purify for the goal of eternal being. Truth be told....God is in control. All things work for the ones who love the Lord...etc. Thank you so much. Everytime I begin to feel sorry for myself, I think of how you endured, preservered and refused to allow others to bring you down to their level. I am one of thousands if not millions. Jesus must have known we would need real accountability and sincere hope in action. I pray that you also have all the things money cannot buy, and that they bring you all the joy and fruit of the spirit that fills your day with happiness. Hugs and more hugs!!

  • Maritza Figueroa Auburndale,Florida

    Good afternoon Tyler, I was wondering earlier in the day how I was going to spend my day.I work full-time in retail I'm a store manager and I very seldom have two days off in a row.Yesterday I shared a lovely day with my sons,and when I watched your video on what am I leaving my children was very glad that i also have given them Jesus.Today i spent my day with you.You are an inspiration in my life,Thank you for your videos,your posts,your work,your life Tyler.Thank you for caring and sharing who you are,your dreams and life with us.You are an amazing man,may God continue to bless you as you always put him first.

  • Lisa Polansky United States

    Dearest I was so inspired by something I heard you say in an interview with Oprah yesterday. Something about how your stories flow from you. I am writing a book/screenplay called Down South With Miss Ann. Sometimes I am disicplined and other times I simply do not visit the page. I am overwhelmed and often the project seems to be a huge task. But when I surrender, when I stop the analysis, when I simply sit down and write it flows out of me. The words come so fast, my fingers are flying across the keys and I call my book : A memory. Months, even years have gone by and when I return to the page the scene unfolds exactly the same way. A car pulls up in a driveway and I see the house. I see everything the same each time. This kind of blows my mind. The story takes place in New Orleans and I have never been to New Orleans. I have always felt that if I went there this story would completely show itself to me. Recently I thought perhaps I should finish it. I should document what happens to all the characters then I might be able to fill in the inbetween. Since I have never written a book such as this I write on the character. My goal is to create a scenario perhaps like a music video...Anyway I was inspired by your interview with Oprah yesterday though I had viewed it before...When you spoke of all the ideas running around in your mind... yes it takes discipline right now I am in a slump I am working on two books and there they sit just waiting....

    • Antoinette Jackson Milwaukee, WI #1842993

      Just so you know... YOU have inspired me with this beautiful post you've written to Mr. Perry. Thank you. I am also writing a book; and find that when I stop thinking so much, it just FLOWS... ;-) I can't wait until you complete your story. I can see it on the big screens now!

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