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Truth Be Told

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  • Nancy Seyboth Trenton, NJ

    Saw you on Jimmy Fallon, that's where I heard about your website. Today Christ has risen, a good time to visit here. Wow! Just watched the first video, when completed, tears were running down my cheeks. You are truly an inspiration. May the good Lord continue to lead you down this path through your journey. God bless.

  • Debbie Utah

    All I have to say is you keep shining baby, you're real and genuine and that is rare in this world, I think a lot of people sell out, they sell there soul. Like I've said before when you let your EGO take over your life, you "E-dge G-od O-ut" and that's when you loose yourself, objects and things don't make you. Quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer. You are so inspiring and uplifting. I love how silly you can be and then so serious. You give me hope, to carry on. Thank you. I am discovering a passion for writing which helps me because that is mine and gives me hope to give others hope. I thought I was only good at painting and art but know I am finding out I can write. I'm only 42, sometimes I feel like it's to late to follow your dreams, but I am understanding it can happen at any time at any point in your life. My grandma gave me a beautiful rosary when I was young she had it blessed, I've kept it close to my heart, it's helped me though all the tough times in my life, God and Jesus is there. Again more power to you in all that you do to help others. God Bless you. love, Debbie

    • Zoe Norfolk Va, #1822632

      To God be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truth Be Told..... God KNOWS EVERYTHING BUT OF COURSE , and He gives me and allows me the Desires of my heart, FAITH..... Mr. Tyler ?! you in MANY WAYS ......you GIVE........known, seen and heard and not known, seen and heard...... out of my heart's desires,TO GIVE..... so dose OPRAH God has said so much, and I SEE.......... WAY BEYOND.......what my mind could Ever Imagine or hope for, or pray for or even Believe to the point where I have to laugh to keep from crying, my story will be told, read, FREEEEEEEEED...... FROM and OUT of the Abyss. from the CP (only death will keep me from it)I have written before and I believe with every Fiber of my Being that God WILL let us meet, FAITH...... because of his GRACE... MERCY...FAVOR...and plans for my life, AND my assignments that will come out of my OBEDIENCE TO GOD MY FATHER MY DADDY....... I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, NINAKUPENDA with and out of the and my Love for Christ

  • Don deManigold Traverse City, Michigan

    Hello Tyler , Just wanted to THANK YOU for all you do for GOD....... He sure bless you with a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with love and laughter :) Many Blessingsto you and your's, love inJesus, Don deManigold, Traverse City,Mi

  • Tracy-ann Lewis United States

    Tyler I can relate to most of ur movies , u have touch alot of things that people r afraid to address , ur movies brings tears to my eyes , teaches me to forgive, to build my faith , build me as a person , I could go on on , i av yet to watch a live play but hopefully one day i will . May God continue to bless U n your team. Love u Tyler , Continue to keep it real .

  • Shayla Donaldson Michigan

    Hi Mr. Perry I love what u do so keep doin it. I just want 2 know how did u keep your faith in God while you was homeless? I've never been homeless until now. Nobody wants 2 let me rent their place with just having my disability income & nobody wants 2 give me a chance 2 work 4 them. I'm good at what I do. I want 2 ask if you can make a play or movie about a person who is going through what I'm goin through. Your movies & plays have really inspired me on many different levels so i want 2 say thank you Mr. Perry for your gift & the gift you give 2 others.

  • Kim Decatur, Ga

    Tyler, Thank you so much for your inspiring emails. I just read "We Can Do Better!". That's me, so I'll go w*** my tears and blow my n*** now.

  • Kristy D. Louisville, KY

    Tyler, I Love your "I can show you & tell how to do the same thing attitude" by staying focused on the messages put out to help people that need to hear them. All messages are not for everybody but being the vessel sending the message is a blessing to ALL. *P.S yes I've seen a live play LOVED IT:)



    • wendywilliams Burlington township #1806024

      i would love to meet you one day Mr. Perry And love what you do ,and God really bless you and Perry family.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    TODAY TYLER PERRY'S the ATL Premiere of #TEMPTATION @ 5:30p ET/ 2:30p PT watch it LIVE HERE: ON TYLERPERRY.COM 3/16/13 Saturday :o !!! :-) #TPS

  • Christian Cruz Cubero Arecibo, Puerto Rico

    Hi Tyler. I have been a fan of your movies since 2009. The first movie that I saw was Madeas Happy Family and it totally blow my mind away. In the year of 2010 I converted and give my life to Christ Jesus our Lord and I left all my life behind. I was a homosexual person and God himself deliver me from that bondage. I thank you because in that role play that I saw on that day you gave me hope that I could have a better life and that my dreams, the dreams that God had put in my heart a long time ago where not dead and that I could still go for them and make them a reality. For the Glory of God I have been able to be free and really known myself as a men. Your movies had inspired me to reconciliate with my mom, wich I didn't talk to her for a long period of time and thanks to the Lord I had an amazing relationship with her. Most important I now know the real meaning of living an is doing what Jesus did, given without expecting anything from any one, and your life and movies had show me that. Hope to really see you one day and work for you sooner. Brother in Christ God Bless you and may he prosper the works of your hands in order for you to be a blessing to more people like me. Thank you for all you have done. God Bless you men.

  • Kiasha Sullivan DC Metro Area

    We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; Romans 12:6 Keep showering us with your gifts, some people don't know/understand the giver but the gift is a seed that will grow beyond the walls of Hollywood, Compton, China and Italy. You are a great gift, and have evolved - I pray people will focus on how they can contribute to presenting their gifts instead of being thug ravens!

  • Theresa Bain Nassau, Bahamas

    We bought the DVD of Madea gets a job when it came out. We have watched it just about every day since we got it and are still in awe of the play. The show was so funny and real and inspirational. I am telling everyone to buy the DVD and will be letting my church watch it on movie night. The part I loved so much is where two sets of families are having problems because of blended families. It touched home because I went through that and now my brother is going through the same thing and he is having such a hard time. I hope you continue to bless us through your plays and movies. There will always be people who don't like what you do but please stay encouraged to know that there are people like us who will always love you and have your back. The entire Bain family love you and God bless you and yours.

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