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  • Tyla fayetteville, nc

    I am truly inspired by you and the things that you have done thus far. Your work has really been the only thing that has kept a smile on my face. I have been in a deep depression for 5 years because I lost my child before I could even hear her breathe ( Majesty Zy'El Moore 6lbs 2oz 20inches long). When that happened I felt that I would never have someone to show me love back. But through your plays I have grown to know that God loves me for me. I have learned how to categorize the people that God has placed in my life. I have learned how to forgive and really mean it. I am able to smile again and just feel happy. I even joke with my family that I am going to marry you because I am in such awe of you and I think that you are very handsome and sexy man. Your demanor is striking. You let me know that their is hope for me. Even when I felt that it wasn't. You have no idea how much you have saved my life. I was on the edge of taking my own life but I listened not just watch but listened to the messages that you portray in your plays and movies. The play that really hit home was Madea Goes to Jail when you used the analogy of a tree to describe the people that God has sent in your life. Some people are stuck in a relationship with a seasonal person because they didn't let them go when they needed to. Like you said they were only there to teach one thing so you would know what to do the next time you came across the same situation. Right now I am watching Madea Gets a Job for the fifth time and I am loving the concert at the end.........just jammin' to oldies but goodies and the new age music as well......I would love to see one of your plays live I haven't been yet but I want to see one........its weird because everytime one of your plays came to Fayetteville, NC I was out of town......When is The Have and The Have Nots coming out on DVD.!!!!!

  • Bulou V. Robanakadavu Menlo Park, Ca

    Good Morn Sir, 1.10am Thurs on the West Coast, California .. Greetings always in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ .. Amen && Amen .. Listening to all kind remarks expressed here, informs us, what life can look like n become when we allow GOD and HIS WORDS to guide, counsel, encourage, empower us with all we encounter daily .. We, as peolpe do change sides when we see n know "Oh, my side is not winning" OR "People on our side here are running out of options to fight our case" -- we change sides for we all wanna win. But walking and working with GOD is different. HIS WORD IS ABSOLUTE! Should we like or not, does not change GODS RULE ! We, at times may stand alone or just afew standing n agreeing with us ; You may have experienced this many times .... However, since your foundation of faith, trust n hope in GOD and the sincere people you surround yourself with are TRUE and STEADFAST~~Life has no other option but to thrust you out so high beyond peoples comprehension, expressing && displaying GODS GLORY in you and through you ... Hallelujah !! Amen && Amen !! I am so happy for you and all you have and will continue to do, ALL FOR GODS GLORIFICATION .. Amen && Amen !! Many thanks as always .. GOD BLESS! Have a wonderful day :) :)

  • tatiana betzoix leeds, UK

    Tyler you have been blessed by the good god and not matter what people said keep doing what you are born for. dont mind my english i am french speaker but because i wanted to share with you your story i study and learn english days and night . god bless you .

  • KIS Maastricht, the Netherlands!

    I thank God for your life Tyler! I was healed by your movie "Diary of a mad black woman"! Since then, I always watch your movies because they are very inspirational! You a natural healer! My life has been nothing but a miracle but thank that He sent you to do what you do best to help us see the way! I will one day come and shake your hand!!! You are blessed!

  • Heavenly Father,

    Let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever.—Psalm 40:11

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Isaiah 40: ....But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and NOT FAINT! :-) HALLELUJAH!!! All power in our hands. God bless you! Always & Forever... Just like a dream to me, that SOMEHOW came true. LoL... I'm just enjoying myself. And I like to think & know that u are too, & that you're at peace. This is a great time to be alive. LOL... ;-)

  • Rashad Glover Chicago

    I watched your "How to Be Successful" video over and over again. It’s so hard staying focused. Waiting for your time to come is so hard when there are so many negative obstructions. Although I am grateful for all the gifts and skills God has giving me I just wish he gave me the gift to focus one seed and water it better. I’m not comfortable being normal. “Good is not enough”. My girlfriend says I talk about ideas in my sleep every night and when I wake up I feel like there is not enough time in the day to complete anything. I have the tools, software and ability to draw in 3D or make whatever I want from scratch and I thank God for those skills. But that is also my biggest short coming. I distract myself with more good ideas. Ideas just pop in my head and having the ability stop and draw them out seems to be hurting me more than helping me. I mock them up or draw them, and then I ask my friends for feedback and not fully executing later. Once I get started I get so distracted by the web (mainly Youtube). Now I have become that one guy friends believed in once but never fully accomplished anything but school. Please tell me how you were able to complete so many things with next to no resources initially. How do you block out all the distractions to complete a project. I really need your help or would like to talk to you for just 5 minutes. I work nights as a security guard until I find another engineering job so if you do find it in your heart and up late in your office one night please call or help me find an answer. My aunt always said “Closed mouths don’t get feed” , so here goes nothing. Rashad Glover Chicago IL www.RashadGlover.com

  • Love

    I see change as an opportunity for spiritual growth. I see an opportunity to gain wisdom and understanding as we continue to grow and move towards our Divine Destiny. When our Heavenly Father speaks to my spirit; I KNOW when "change" is ordained and without hesitation, fear or doubt; I willingly make that change in the natural. I pray the more Father God speaks to your spirit; the easier it becomes for you to act on it in the natural. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen

  • Angie Kay Alabama

    God has truly blessed you. I am glad that you recognize that and continuously give him the glory, honor and praise that He is due. Continue to let God direct your path. He is doing an amazing work in and through you.

  • Through God's Eyes...

    ... you see my "True Self" but you still see yourself as the world sees you (just like in the video above). NOW is the time for us to continue this journey in the "natural" and you will begin to see yourself just as our Heavenly Father created you. He must show you your "True self" (increase your Spiritual eyes), sharpen your Spiritual ears so without a doubt you KNOW His Voice, and expand your Spiritual mind with Wisdom & Understanding each time you need it. I've waited a very long time for someone to look past my physical body and SEE MY SPIRIT ! So GET READY because I've been ready ! Let's do This !

  • Zelipa United States

    May the lord continue to bless you and use you for his purpose. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me into taking the first steps in believing that I can do anything through God who guides and protects me. Continue to let your light shine on the world, lord knows we all need it. Thank you thank you thank you

  • As Tears Stream Down My Face...

    ... I Worship You Father God ! For You have allowed this man to enter into that "Secret Place" where he "sees" Your Glory as it permeates my Divine spirit. Thank You for letting me see him through Your eyes and not as the world sees him. The other two did not have a clue but this man clearly is READY, WILLING and ABLE ! We receive the WISDOM & POWER to live in this world, led by You, the Spirit of the Living God ! In Jesus' name, I pray and obey. Amen

    • Joshua 24:15 #1793088

      Choose today whom you will serve. as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord

    • "Spiritual Growth" ( Connected In The Natural ) #1793113

      Spiritual growth is an ongoing process and a very personal one. I open myself to insights every day and my lessons come in many ways. From the moment I wake to the time I go to sleep, I have opportunities to learn and grow........................................................................... An important part of my spiritual development is learning to make wise choices. I can choose to have a positive attitude or a negative one. I can choose to make healthy or unhealthy decisions for my mind and body. I can choose to enhance my relationships, treating others in kind and respectful ways.....................

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