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  • Christian Cruz Cubero Arecibo, Puerto Rico

    Hi Tyler. I have been a fan of your movies since 2009. The first movie that I saw was Madeas Happy Family and it totally blow my mind away. In the year of 2010 I converted and give my life to Christ Jesus our Lord and I left all my life behind. I was a homosexual person and God himself deliver me from that bondage. I thank you because in that role play that I saw on that day you gave me hope that I could have a better life and that my dreams, the dreams that God had put in my heart a long time ago where not dead and that I could still go for them and make them a reality. For the Glory of God I have been able to be free and really known myself as a men. Your movies had inspired me to reconciliate with my mom, wich I didn't talk to her for a long period of time and thanks to the Lord I had an amazing relationship with her. Most important I now know the real meaning of living an is doing what Jesus did, given without expecting anything from any one, and your life and movies had show me that. Hope to really see you one day and work for you sooner. Brother in Christ God Bless you and may he prosper the works of your hands in order for you to be a blessing to more people like me. Thank you for all you have done. God Bless you men.

  • Kiasha Sullivan DC Metro Area

    We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; Romans 12:6 Keep showering us with your gifts, some people don't know/understand the giver but the gift is a seed that will grow beyond the walls of Hollywood, Compton, China and Italy. You are a great gift, and have evolved - I pray people will focus on how they can contribute to presenting their gifts instead of being thug ravens!

  • Theresa Bain Nassau, Bahamas

    We bought the DVD of Madea gets a job when it came out. We have watched it just about every day since we got it and are still in awe of the play. The show was so funny and real and inspirational. I am telling everyone to buy the DVD and will be letting my church watch it on movie night. The part I loved so much is where two sets of families are having problems because of blended families. It touched home because I went through that and now my brother is going through the same thing and he is having such a hard time. I hope you continue to bless us through your plays and movies. There will always be people who don't like what you do but please stay encouraged to know that there are people like us who will always love you and have your back. The entire Bain family love you and God bless you and yours.

  • Tasha Nashville, TN

    Keep your head up Tyler! What I call the intro clip about the negative criticism people have written and said about you is "NOISE", the title that I have given to a piece of literary work that I have written about "haters" and the negative talk that they continue to send up to those they are jealous of. It's nothing but noise Tyler. That's all it is. Just continue to ignore it. Noise is defined as a "loud, confused, or senseless outcry and unpleasant disturbance"-Merriam-Webster. So, continue to let God use you and let your ears be soothed by the beautiful harmonic voices of all those who love and praise the the funny and inspiring stories that you share with us.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    :-) lol... #MyTemptation :o !!!!!

  • BRIDGETTE Cary, N.C.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tyler. I only wish, no... let me change that word to DREAM to aspire to the things you have already achieved. Telling you that you are appreciated does not do your service justice. Your THE BEST. Just like so many others all around the world, I to have a story to tell about my life and a CHARGE to take that which only God has allowed me to endure, to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER, AND IMPART HOPE into the lives that I know someday HE will strategically place me in a path, a course in this life to be able to fulfill my destiny as well. You have gone through the fury flames of this life for the millions of lives that you are now changing through your unique and creative writtings in both your plays and your movies. I know that it is not easy being Tyler Perry but at the end of the day when you know that youhave touched so many lives for the better, I knowthat it is well with your soul. Thank You For ALL You Do, Bridgette White Twitter... IAMBridgette Email :

  • Rosetta McBride littlerock,arkansas

    i would like to began , by praising god for sending you through and bringing you out. and i pray that you continue gods work. im in little rock,arkansas and im going through. i watched your play " Madea gets's a job" and now im coming out letting gods will be done. im 41 years old ( Rosetta McBride ) born september 13,1971 you too have a virgo soul. with all that i have been through my biggest issue is preadators amoung family. eveybody living in the hush,hush dont tell world. my daughter is a victim, and it seems like all i have is jesus i know you will have a play that will give hope and inspiration to people everywhere living in a family that protects preadators. PLEASE , JESUS TOUCH TYLER PERRYS PEN & PAPER FOR THIS ONE TOO AMEN. NO LONGER ANGER LETTING GODS WILL BE DONE. PLEASE LETS MAKE A MOVIE CALLED " TELL THE TRUTH SHAME THE DEVIL "

  • Tyla fayetteville, nc

    I am truly inspired by you and the things that you have done thus far. Your work has really been the only thing that has kept a smile on my face. I have been in a deep depression for 5 years because I lost my child before I could even hear her breathe ( Majesty Zy'El Moore 6lbs 2oz 20inches long). When that happened I felt that I would never have someone to show me love back. But through your plays I have grown to know that God loves me for me. I have learned how to categorize the people that God has placed in my life. I have learned how to forgive and really mean it. I am able to smile again and just feel happy. I even joke with my family that I am going to marry you because I am in such awe of you and I think that you are very handsome and sexy man. Your demanor is striking. You let me know that their is hope for me. Even when I felt that it wasn't. You have no idea how much you have saved my life. I was on the edge of taking my own life but I listened not just watch but listened to the messages that you portray in your plays and movies. The play that really hit home was Madea Goes to Jail when you used the analogy of a tree to describe the people that God has sent in your life. Some people are stuck in a relationship with a seasonal person because they didn't let them go when they needed to. Like you said they were only there to teach one thing so you would know what to do the next time you came across the same situation. Right now I am watching Madea Gets a Job for the fifth time and I am loving the concert at the end.........just jammin' to oldies but goodies and the new age music as well......I would love to see one of your plays live I haven't been yet but I want to see one........its weird because everytime one of your plays came to Fayetteville, NC I was out of town......When is The Have and The Have Nots coming out on DVD.!!!!!

  • Bulou V. Robanakadavu Menlo Park, Ca

    Good Morn Sir, 1.10am Thurs on the West Coast, California .. Greetings always in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ .. Amen && Amen .. Listening to all kind remarks expressed here, informs us, what life can look like n become when we allow GOD and HIS WORDS to guide, counsel, encourage, empower us with all we encounter daily .. We, as peolpe do change sides when we see n know "Oh, my side is not winning" OR "People on our side here are running out of options to fight our case" -- we change sides for we all wanna win. But walking and working with GOD is different. HIS WORD IS ABSOLUTE! Should we like or not, does not change GODS RULE ! We, at times may stand alone or just afew standing n agreeing with us ; You may have experienced this many times .... However, since your foundation of faith, trust n hope in GOD and the sincere people you surround yourself with are TRUE and STEADFAST~~Life has no other option but to thrust you out so high beyond peoples comprehension, expressing && displaying GODS GLORY in you and through you ... Hallelujah !! Amen && Amen !! I am so happy for you and all you have and will continue to do, ALL FOR GODS GLORIFICATION .. Amen && Amen !! Many thanks as always .. GOD BLESS! Have a wonderful day :) :)

  • tatiana betzoix leeds, UK

    Tyler you have been blessed by the good god and not matter what people said keep doing what you are born for. dont mind my english i am french speaker but because i wanted to share with you your story i study and learn english days and night . god bless you .

  • KIS Maastricht, the Netherlands!

    I thank God for your life Tyler! I was healed by your movie "Diary of a mad black woman"! Since then, I always watch your movies because they are very inspirational! You a natural healer! My life has been nothing but a miracle but thank that He sent you to do what you do best to help us see the way! I will one day come and shake your hand!!! You are blessed!

  • Heavenly Father,

    Let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever.—Psalm 40:11

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