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  • Monique Roney Detroit, MI

    Hello Mr. Perry I am so impressed with your story, and your humbleness that it moves me. You are such an inspiration to people of all races and nationalities, but mostly for us young African Americans, who've had to struggle, who've overcome obstacles, that we can watch your movies and plays and say I can make it. There is a chance for me to be blessed and alive.! You have not only made it, you always share words of wisdom to uplift a people whom you know may not hear these things otherwise. I cannot wait to meet you and as this marks the day Oct. 8, 2012 I tell you that I will be in one of your great works of art! Sincerely your employee to be, Monique!!!

  • Destiny Brown Jamaica

    You and your movies/plays have inspired me time and time again. May the Lord bless you continually and increase and enlarge your territory.

  • Comedian Will Little Raleigh, NC

    Absolutely Breath Taking!

  • Ongezwa Ralarala South Africa

    Hi Tyler Ever since I was introduced to your work I fell inlove with it. I was thinking what a wonder, how can someone so far touch my heart this way, what a gift. I was inspired beyond expression. I wanted more. I wanted more of you, more of your kind of talent, I wanted more of me, more of my dreams,more of my aspirations. I simply wanted to make more of my own life, fulfill my purpose (or find it). I've always had a dream of rehabilitating families. To re-enforce the love within a family, create transparency and freedom to communicate openly amongst the older and younger generation. I believe happy families have an ability to achieve so much more, and contribute positively in this world we live in. I don't know when or how I am going to do this, but I know CERTAINLY I we achieve it. Even though I have just started on my career path, having just finished varsit. I want you to know that whenever I see your work, I am constantly reminded of my dream and I know each day I am moving closer to it. You are a true inspiration. I thank God for you.

  • Evelyn Charlotte, North Carolina

    I am in tears after watching this clip. Oh God does carry us through. I am a mother of 3 grown children who fell on hard times having to stay with oldest daughter which has made relationship bad. I know that I won't be down always, because I Believe in God and His Plan For Me. Thank you for the HOPE you put in my heart every time I watch one of your movies or a play. I own some and have watched them so many times. Again, Thank you and God Bless.

  • Sydney LA,CA


  • Barbara Gilzene London, England

    Dear Mr Perry, You are an inspiration to the me and the troubled children and the families I work with. We must act as though it is impossible to fail. Kind regards Barbara

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Smile! Sometimes I just leave a smiley face cause of the love. So when u see the :-) I want u to think of nothing but love. :-) oh, this cause for a song. Talk to you later!!! :-)

  • Angela Spencer Freehold, NJ

    My hero! Meet you at the front of the line. Much love, Angie

  • Shawnquita Shedrick Decatur, GA

    Hello Mr. Perry! I have been watching Madea plays ever since I was in middle school! You are a great inspiration and one of the people I look up to. You are a strong black person and I appreciate God for bringing you to us to be a positive influence. I am an upcoming author and inspirational/motivational speaker and I am 20 years old. I get criticized for my belief in God and I still want to spread my word and I don't want to be afraid to launch this movement. I prayed on it and I am letting God get me through it! I am working from the ground up with the inspiration that God has placed in my heart. Everyone deserves to know the powerful works and the love and greatness of our Lord. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease & hyperthyroidism at the age of 16 and I am now 20 still pushing and I have a story to tell through my spirit! I do not know how far this is going but I am working toward greatness and I know God will take me there. My movement is entitled HER. HER is a great movement dedicated to my generation because I see so many of us deteriorated away from our foundation with God. I would love your support as this is a passion from my heart. I want to spread the word of God! Be blessed Mr. Perry all I ask for is a prayer and your spiritual support! Love, Shawnquita. Everyone please check out my websites and also look out for my new book: #!home/mainPage

  • Terri

    Simply, thank you...mighty man of God... For your love, your service, your obedience, and offering to the world (particularly, your people). If you never do anything else, you have done so much... God's best upon you now and forever. Love, Terri

  • Queen Chicago, IL

    I was truly inspired by your message on success. I am learning to respect God's timing because as you said we don't have control of when our dreams come to past. Six years is a long time to put into getting a play off the ground. I thought four years of writing was an eternity however when you have a dream you can't let go without a fight. I applaud you and thank you for being a humble vessel. With all the negativity in the world it's nice to hear your words of wisdom.