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Truth Be Told

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  • Melika Chatman TX

    Tyler, thanks for being so honest. You are such a blessing. Keep on keeping on. You have found your purpose and I know it was not easy but you persevered by keeping your faith in God and NEVER GIVING UP! There are far more positive comments about you Tyler. There are always going to be haters but you take it in stride and like you said Light will shine in the darkness. You have inspired, employed, motivated, blessed and praised so many people; you are a living angel;-) God bless you&family!

  • ethel mccombs rockhill sc

    I love you inispiratioal page. continue all you are doing. Stay humble, GOD LOVES YOU! BLESS YOU MY BROTHER IN CHRIST.

  • Shania Strickland Deland Florida

    That video made me cry and what you said at the end about "we maybe born into a nightmare but god can usher us into a dream." I am another living witness that says you are the most talented, involved, inspirational and powerful man. You continued on into your dream and so did cheryl pepsii Riley. You both have let me do my dream of singing and theatre no matter how many people have told me no. I know by seeing all of you movies and plays that you are a man at work. Do not let anyone bring you down is what I have learned from you and now I am in theatre and trying to get someone to notice my talent. Even if they don't and my family bring me down I know I have your pays to bring me up and I know I can make it on my own even if I am 15. Keep doing what you are doing because you are strong. I have learned forgiveness, strength, courage, future and life from you and cheryl. I have watched you since I was 2 with my best friend my grandmother. That is all I remember from my child hood and I am glad that you were a part of that memory. I might have to find my dream outside of Florida but I will find it. I would love to see one of your plays one day with my grandmother so we will see. Keep doing what you are doing because you creative positivity in people just like me. Thank god for you.

  • Gloria Jackson New Haven,CT

    Wow!!! The things you are able to do when you put God first!! Amazing... Love it!!

  • Rose Hatcher United States

    Extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary!

  • Rose United States


  • cee odibeli Abuja, Nigeria

    You are my daily inspiration sent by the lord, I want to media mixed with kingdom just like you. I really don't care what critics say, I'm going to work with you soon.

  • Hannah Nigeria

    You know you are doing something when people start talking. Those who don't know how to love will hate and because they don't know what love is they will try to tear down one who knows what live is... Be Strong, keep changing lives. GOD Bless You!

  • Anitria D. Thomas Metairie, La. (Metro New Orleans

    Just wanted to tell you that I belong to the "TRUE ADDICTS OF THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS. Through this little club we get to act like the producers (In our minds puttting captions to the still pics from the show). I have connections now from one end of the globe to another. We tell of our accomplishments, tragedies, births and even loss of love ones. Thank you CAN'T WAIT FOR NEW SEASON MUCH LOVE

  • Richard A. Cross ATLANTA, GA

    I need to see this today. A great reminder to follow one's passion. KEEP SHINING SIR!

  • Karla Davis New Orleans

    Timeless, Priceless, Nothing Less- Truth Be Told: Jehovah is in the fold!

  • Juliana Cheatem IN

    Tyler, always trust God not man. You know where your help comes from! ♡