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  • Yes

    Tyler!!! ***...you can be born into a whole lots of nightmares and GOD can usher u into a dream***... am dreaming my dream Tyler... Am not where i was born to... am not even where i was yesterday...infact !! not just me but my whole family... We are living a dream.... my grand parents lives and living is poles apart from our current state. God is faithful... God is able.... i CALLED HIM ONCE IN A POEM.... THE Director of our Destiny... THE Custodian of Our Future ... I rise... I salute HIM... Eternal God.. who makes impossible possible, breaks limitation and set our STAGE ..... I pledge Allegiance LORD.

  • Monte Dixon Lilburn, GA

    All I can say is....WOW! I'm currently going through a challenging time. I've experienced three losses within the past five months, so I've been doing some self-reflection. However I know that I am right where God wants me. He has called me to the place where I am, so I count it an honor that He has chosen me. He obviously knows I can handle it. Your Inspirational messages have confirmed what God has been dropping into my spirit. Thank you for the confirmation. May God continue to bless you!

    • Kimah Albau #1953373

      Keep your eyes on the prize, not on the pain. He will bring you through. Hang on to Him.

  • Gloria Queens, New York

    Tyler YOU ARE A LEGEND IN TIME, KEEP THE FAITH, YOU ALREADY KNOW GOD IS FOR YOU WHEN ALL ELSE SAY NAY, GOD SAYS YES. And remember small minds can't comprehen big spirits. To be great you have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood. Stay strong I Love You G

  • debbie evans okc, ok


  • Evang. Susan D. T. Corbett Orlando, Florida

    Mr. Tyler Perry: this inspirational corner, has truly shown me why GOD keeps me praying for you. as I listened to all the nay-sayers comments; I remembered when I first excepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life, the first thing the pastor told me was, " there will always be those that will say you can't or you won't succeed; in this or anything else you try to do in this life. but, he encouraged me to believe the report of the lord for my life. I'm not good on the computer or enternet, and its taken me a long time to get on your web sight. I just want you to know I'm praying for you, and would like to encourage you to stay with GOD and continue to allow him to let you be the Blessing you are to so may people! GOD BLESS Oh yeah! I would love to meet, you if you come to ORLANDO. Lets Talk again.

  • Maschil Edwards-Sow Oakland Ca

    You truly are amazing. I don't have many words at the moment to express how I really feel. Thanks for continuing to do what you do best. Meeting you in person i am sure would be life altering. Maschil

  • Ebony S Lawrenceville, GA

    Wow!! What an inspiration you are!! Thank you so very much Mr. Perry from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for people across the world. God's light has and continually shines on you. You have saved, inspired, motivated, and changed so many lives including mines. Thank you Jesus, for Tyler Perry!! The Word says" If I Be Lifted Up, I will Draw All Men Unto Me" and Mr.Perry you have led so many people to The Lord. You are a legend!!! Thank you and keep on being the BEST you that you know how to be. God's blessings to you!! And may His blessings continue to rain down on you like Manna from heaven!!

  • Darnell Weatherspoon Chicago

    Wow, what an inspiration you are! Get you some rest and energize for the next phase because all those negative people are going to ask for your assistance in some form or fashion in the future and you have to have peace to forgive and wisdom to move forward.

  • Raa Philadelphia pa.

    Mr. Tyler Perry, Thanks for allowing GOD to use you!!!!!!

  • regina roberts atlanta,ga

    Mr. Perry I just want to thank you for bringing true stories that are everyday problems and issues in life. I have a 12 year old daughter who has been abandon by her best friend for his journey with a new life. Her father, I feel as though he has really lost his mind. He went from a caring and loving father to not. He would not except calls from her. Well she has this father and daughter dance coming up really soon and it has been paid for but I hate for her to not have a date so this is the question I am trying to ask If you had an invite to come as her date will you? I am asking not my daughter me her mom. The dance will be March 22nd Semi-Formal at Ivy Prepatory Academy in Kirkwood in Atlanta, Ga. Oh yeah!!!! 7:00pm sharp. Signed Off Broken Hearted Have a Blessed Day

    • Cynthia Augusta, Ga. #1932099

      Reading this broke my heart for your daughter! I truly hope and pray that Tyler reads this and takes your daughter in Jesus name.

  • Jennifer Lewis Costa Mesa, CA

    YOU ARE TRULY A GODSENT! THANK YOU! AGAIN... Love you Tyler! <:><

  • Patricia Kampala Uganda

    Hey Tyler, i am a huge fun of yours and your movies do inspire me and many more youth here in Uganda. Keep doing what you do because i believe God uses us in so many ways and trust me what you do yields great results all around the world. Temptations is a great movie and it's an eye opener. We all know about the choices we make in life. It's one of the things we've been hearing from our old folks BUT, it's very easy to forget. In Uganda, the youth are lured by money and all fancy stuff, some have lost lives, dropped out of school, lost their future all in the name of being rich or a celebrity. Do what you you do Tyler, i am your fun all the way.....

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