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  • Margaret Smith ottawa, Canada

    Dear Tyler, I thank God for you, no University in the world could not have prepared you for the wisdom and understanding that you put into your work. God's Divine appointments are not an overnight thing He will let people dream and sweat for many years before He releases us into world. By then we are fearless and ready to face the giants. I can see in the Spirit that so many people went out before receiving a divine appointment, wisdom and understanding. So many people have been successful for a short time and lost it all because they exclude Jesus- the main source.You have put your hard earned wealth to good use. It seems to me that God gave you a gift of giving that keeps on giving and renewing lives including your own. What a awesome God !!!!!!!! Spiritual Mother M.S

  • chris

    Tyler Perry is Real!!!!

  • Carolyn B. Harshaw Roseville (Macomb County) MI

    """"Remember the Song/I AM GOD..... I was there in the beginning And I'll be there in the enddddd I'm all seeing, All knowing, AMIGHTY! I am, I am, I Am God!!!! Just rember who you are...amen We Win......Again and Again and Again.....!!! You know Mr. Tyler Perry" I'm not Famous to anyone except Heaven!!! And that's a good thing and a blessing...amen I'm very disapointed in Church People and they're socall Apostate Christian living...

  • Lucile Wright United States

    Dear Tyler, just want to thank you for your encouraging words. YOU ARE GOD SENT. And I just to thank you for being who you are. keep up the good work. I love you and I thank God for you. God Bless.

  • Simi Nigeria

    Good work Tyler. Don't let the negative talks get you down, you have inspired lives and these lives will forever be grateful. You teach morals and entertain at the same time. God bless you!

  • Leroy Brooks Atlanta

    The Rev. Jerome Tyron said tell Madya he's in The ATL and he wants to have a peace talk with her.

    • Synita Louisville, Ky #1909408

      Thank you for your insight about eagles, you helped me understand my uncomfortable situation better. May God continue to bless you in all you set out to do for His glory!

  • Mary Hill Highland, CA

    Yes God can!

  • Corinne Jones Germany

    Hello Mr.Perry, Just writing you to share with you the true joy of life! Jesus is the true joy of life, he is the everlasting happiness. We should always remember through Him we are able to stand before God in rightousness. We only have to ask Him and He will lead us to the path which will end in everlasting life. This knowledge is the true and everlasting joy. "Jesus Christ, how can I ever thank you?Let me never depart from you for I confess that all my Joy comes from you. Take my hand and guide me torwards the path of rightousness. All praise and worship belongs to you.Amen" God bless you for spreading His Word through stage and cinema.

  • Ina White New Jersey

    Hello Mr. Perry, I'm a single mom/foster mom and a owner of a miniature pinscher mixed j*** russell. I went to school for baking culinary arts, and medical but whine up being a foster mom which I love. I take in newborns to 2 yrs. old. I'm also in other programs with dyfs. Although it's hard its also very rewarding. My cousin and his wife are foster parents and adopted 2 boys. My other cousin also a foster parent a boy and girl. I also found out my grandmother and grandfather who had 11 kids of there own fostered. It's fair to say we have a lot of love to give. I currently have a 2 wk. old that I've had since she was 6 days old born exposed to HIV. She's healthy otherwise and doing well. My foster son born cocaine addicted went with mom at 16 months. Had him since he was 4 days old. I wrote this because with the ups and downs, and the craziness u go through doing this I look at you. You give so much of yourself in many different ways, that isn't anything but love. Your very determined and it shows. I keep doing Fostering because of the kids. My door is open. A couple of times I wanted to quit but something in me keeps me going. You are a inspiration to many and I thank you. I don't know you from a can of paint but I love who you are and what you've become. If I ever got the opportunity to just say hello and give you a well deserved hug I would be so blessed and tingled pink...lol With that said you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this is more then I can ask for. Thank you....

  • Carolyn Harshaw Roseville Michigan 48066

    I'm kinda of tired irretated because computer has issues. But I'm looking into purchasing a new desktop! The Pastor that met his death in Church Revival less tan two weeks ago. He turned himself in to the Law Authorities quickly after he killed the Pastor of this paticular Church.. This is a very unusual incedent, just because the man hot and and killed his former Pastor. There are only a half-dozen reasons orless, why this type of incedent would accure; 1.) Adultery 2.) Drugs 3.) Homosexuality 4.) Money 5.) Possed with demons People better learn how to stay out of someone else's nest and first heed to the warnings of JEHOVAH... This has been spoken /confurme, by many that are used as Prophets In the House of God. Too many Christian / People are so in-love with their Pastors, they would rater die and go to Hell-Fire that Rebuke what is going on in some Church house. This was not pre-mature death ' so please people don't jump on some stupid ban-wagon llike they did with Zachary Timms. Ya'll knew the man was on Cocaine, that stuff had surfaced it's Idenity at least two years before Zachary died.. Alright' the people had better understand the signs and wonders that have been coming to past for twenty or thirty years...

  • ralphmcmullen 10105wessleyprovidencepkwy,lithonia,ga

    Mr. perry this is really a first for me, I am disable vetran and live a pretty moderate life! until this woman I met a few months ago, that has truly change my life anf put joy in it. and I have tried to do the right thing for her and her kids, who at this time is living in a house, that is full of mole! I have taken it upon myself to buy a reconstructed home for us to move into,and I have came of short for the closeing,and I still have faith that god has not put me in this sisuation to leave short of not getting us across the finish line. and this not to put you in any type of situation but this something I know in just doing the right thing, and this choice is definetly the right one, so if you could just give me a call or email in refrence to the closeing which is 25th October! thanks a soldier in need!.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Tx.

    Good Morning Love, Do u remember I asked about us taking cooking classes/course together? What did you decide? Its been a conflict in scheduling. Just wanted to at least inform you of it. Ttyl. Enjoy your weekend.

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