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Tyler Perry is back with his latest stage production, " Diary of a Mad Black Woman ". He stars in this play as Daddy Charles and also as Madea.

Rather than taking a negative look at the male-female relationship, this production attempts to address, in a comedic manner ( for entertainment purposes only ), the underlying issues faced by many women, irrespective of their individual ethnicity. This is a wake-up call to relationship assessment.

Forget about the traditional stage plays that confront the issues of drugs, violence and poverty. . . step into the lives of an upper middle-class black couple, Helen and Charles McCarter.

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  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    My favorite character is Orlando.

  • Angelo Johannesburg, South Africa

    where can we find tyler perry"s collections and old plays in RSA ...

  • Katherine Mccoy

    Loved It!!

  • Robin L Pulley Newark, NJ

    I love the original version of Father Can You Hear Me from the stage play sung by Tamela Mann, Curtis Blake and Marva King. I listened to it on You Tube and it was different. Where can I get it?

  • Isaiah Williams Denver,Colorado

    I just watched this.

  • MrSteveAwesome Washington, DC

    I saw this Stage Play in college back in 2000... I watched it three times in a row!! I could't stop laughing!! Very hilarious! Every character is memorable! Great job to the cast and crew!!

  • LaToyaqlong Birmingham

    Hi are you Mr.Tyler Perry,I love your movies in your TV 's show I would like to be in your TV'show or movies you do a good job keeping the World happy in gives us a good time watching your show thank you in have a blessed day.

  • jalisha thomas jeanerette la

    i really love your movies, they are very fun and hilarious!!

  • Denise Michelle Cooper

    My absolute favorite.

  • db

    this play is good

  • jennifer fulmore United States

    keep up the good tyler is bless u with all your movie i like all your movie

  • SUSAN LYNN PRATT pawnee oklahoma

    Susan, (i love your movies, very much, you do have the down to earth ppl, that, are doing, well) my desire is i would love to have a small part, in your plays, its a strong feeling that i would do back flips, if i could meet you, itz' great that you got this, calling from our lord i wish i could be in your next play, but we are poor ppl, and yet my husband works his A** ooff.f everyday, even if he is at home he isn't resting at all, i am scared that he is not going work his kids rite out of his life, he knows the kids, timmothy joey pratt, he is 18 years old, and his sister loves your movies, and the plays. every now and a again, we start to act out your plays, and movies, but really like the play (madea goes to jail), we sing with them, we say the words from the movies, ((shocker, shocker, susan pratt, THE MOM, AGE 38, and a daughter that is 15 years of age, almost 16 yrs old. we sing and we talk when funny lines come up on the mivie AND I KNO THAT EVERYONE PROBABLY ASKED YOU THAT ALOT. I PRAY FOR ALOT OF THINGS, A LOT OF THINGS. WOULD LOVE TO GET A LETTER FROM YOU TYLER, AND AS MADEA..... PLEASE WRITE ME BACK TOO, I AM PRAYING FOR ALL OF THE UNLUCKYIEST PPL, AND PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN, PRAYING FOR THEESE CHURCHES TO FILL THEESE CHURCHES, AND MY ONE DESIREIS TO MEET WITH YOU, MY DAUGHTER DOES TOO. I AM JUST RAMBLI NG ALONG. DOING GREAT, DOING, REALLY GOOD, AMEN TO EVERYONE AROUND YOU. (((((I HAVE AN IDEA?????? WOULD YOU MAKE A CONTEST, TO C IF US AND POOR, COMOM, FOLK PLAY ,THE GAME, AND WIN A PART IN ONE OF YOUR PLAYS, OR MOVIES, MYSELF, AND DAUGHTER, WOULD BE OVER JOYED, THIS MAY NOT GET US IN, BUT, A AM WHITE (CAUCASION, MY DAUGHTER IS CAUCASION, AND 1/4TH PAWNEE INDIAN, AND SHE HAS PONCA BLOOD TOO. NOW WE LAUGH B-CUZ SHE WOULD B SAYING, I AM HALF HILLBILLY, AND I AM HALF INDIAN. SORRY FOR WRITING THIS LONG OF LETTER. GOD BLESS YOU EVEN MORE WEITHER ITS WITH THE SHOWS YOU DO, GOD BLESS YOU WITH ANYTHING THAT COMES ALONG. BLESS YOU, AMEN

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