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Our story opens very early on a Monday morning, at the home of Grandma Hattie Mae. Hattie has allowed her daughter and son in law to move into her home with their son Wallie. The morning silence is broken by the ring of the telephone. Hattie is afraid to answer. The bank has given her three days to pay up the mortgage, or the struggling family will be evicted. Tensions are rising for Frank who feels responsible as the man of the house. Frank has been out of work for months, causing the family to be supported by the sole income of Rose who works as a maid for a wealthy real estate giant, Louis Willis.

After months of avoiding phone calls from the bank, Frank finally gets a break when Louis hires him to be a handyman at the Willis estate. Rose is elated that her prayers have finally been answered. Frank is cautiously optimistic, but excitedly prepares for his new job as a handyman. That morning at the Willis home, Floyd, played by Palmer Williams Jr., is hilariously negative about Rose allowing Frank to work for the wealthy couple. Floyd is convinced that Louis’ much younger wife, Diane, will snatch Frank right from under Rose’s nose.

It soon becomes painfully clear that Floyd’s madness was not craziness at all. Diane goes after Frank the moment she sees him. Rose is completely unaware of the depths to which her boss Diane will stoop when trying to satisfy her insatiable appetite for strapping young men. While Rose and Frank consume themselves with saving the home that Hattie has lived in for over thirty years, Wallie has been deeply affected by the fears of being homeless. Only Hattie is aware that Wallie has been running the streets at night. It is not until Wallie is arrested for shoplifting that Rose discovers that her honor roll son has decided to walk a different path.

Frank and Wallie finally face off when Frank overhears his son lashing out about how Frank is a sorry husband and father. Wallie has learned on the streets that all men have a side hustle, and are always able to support their families. It is a bitter pill to swallow when Frank realizes that his son has lost respect for him, and blames him for the family’s impending doom.

It is under these circumstances that the struggling family will have to pray for a miracle when their worlds begin to spiral out of control. Hattie, an old woman who has survived a mountain of challenges, finds herself more afraid than she has ever been. Rose, the strong and virtuous matriarch of her family, stands firmly on her faith when she tells Hattie that she has to meet God for the first time. At the end of her rope, Hattie lifts her arms in a miraculous and desperate show of faith and power. It will take both of the women to battle the principalities coming against their family unit.

Meanwhile Frank is put in a treacherous situation when Diane maligns Rose with lies and deceit, while offering to write a check to Frank in exchange for sexual favors. Frank is tested like never before when he is presented by an opportunity to save his family by betraying the sacred relationship he has with his wife.

Frank’s impeccable character lifts him out of the situation in time to discover that Wallie has become a money making drug dealer. When Frank finally discovers the stacks of cash and drugs, he is ready to give everything he has to fight for his son’s life. Wallie has been so brainwashed by the streets that it will take the strength and love of a tough father to win the heart of his son back to the principles he was raised with.

It almost appears that Diane may have been successful in breaking up a happy home when Louis finally sees his young wife for what she is. Troubled by the truth, Louis must make the hardest decision he has ever had to make. Seeing the love that Frank and Rose have for one another, Louis intervenes to help the couple who are about to lose everything they have. In doing so, Louis experiences firsthand the power and the beauty of a family’s love.

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves And The Have Nots” is a powerful story of love and honor told with honesty and brutal truth. The show features powerful new music written by Tyler Perry, and a cast of extraordinary singers and actors who make the evening a heartfelt experience. Hattie, played by Patrice Lovely, and Palmer Williams Jr. as Floyd offer up enough laughs to keep audiences chucking for the rest of the year.

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    chile what?????? mother and daughter OK.... TP OKay! This grabs you fast!

  • Michele United States

    I love, love, love the Have and Have Not's. Right title, right setting, right cast, AWESOME.

  • RShaw

    I couldn't even make it through the above synopsis - was it written by a seventh grader? I would also suggest that the writer learn how to properly use a comma. The writing is embarrassingly awful.

    • Gilliam fl #1834198

      You know RShaw, the comments box is not the appropriate place for you to be a smart ass...

  • Delois JEnnings WA

    Is there a DVD for the have and the have not?

  • Pennee Florida

    Anyone who wishes to see the haves and have not early and have not already seen it live it will be playing on OWN May 28, 2013 this way you can see it before it comes out but trust me I loved it it well worth the DVD

    • charlene mccray essex md #1827675

      Thx 4 da info been waiting a long while

  • Ian

    You can also pre order it now at Walmart

  • Ian

    The have and the have nos the play comes out at Walmart July 16/2013

  • Evelym vernom south carolina

    The play was great now I would like to buy it

  • James LA

    I just saw a preview of "The Haves and Have Nots", and it came across as really outdated and r***** against white people. to be fair, it is possible that the previews are misleading, previews are often very different from the show or movie they advertize. However, if the previews are any indication of the story, it seems really backward and out-of-date...and r****** The white people are predictably portrayed as (yawn) evil, dumb, corrupt and rich, while the African Americans are portrayed as good, intelligent, daring and poor. The message is clear - white bad, black good. Ignore the president. Ignore the millions of white people who are powerless and unemployed. Just keep living in your weird, revisionist history where everything is just as simple as you want it to be - black and white.

    • LOL LOL #1823689

      I cannot believe the makers of this website automatically deleted the word '******* from the above post, as if it were a dirty word. OMG. LOL!!! How sad y'all are.

    • LOL #1823691

      ^ R-A-C-I-S-T

    • Rayven Cleveland #1824240

      #1 you can't be r***** against white people. #2 the black girl in the show is the one causing trouble by blackmailing the older white man....not sure where you got the idea.

    • Toe right here #1827563

      I felt the same way, yet when I tried to look online to see if I'd perhaps misread the commercial's intentions, all I could find were comments about how one "cannot be r***** against white people". Two wrongs never make a right, and racism is racism regardless of what skin color is involved. I really thought a network like OWN would be moving past these "all rich white people want to keep black people as servants and under their heel" misconceptions, and I really hope I have misunderstood the storyline. If not, then it seems we still have a long way to go to truly make this a united nation. :(

    • Toe right here #1827568

      Yes, you CAN be r***** against white people. When one judges an individual based on skin color, regardless of what that color is, THAT is racism. I have had many, many, MANY people dislike me simply because I am white, which I simply do not understand. How can one be wrong, and one be right? There are bad examples from every corner of life, but we must remember not all people from one group are one way or another. That is what makes this life so vibrant and great, the amazing variety.

    • diva new york #1831298

      ok well thats what we use to say long ago well really now i take your white they had black people looking that way many times i love it

    • CD MD #1834228

      Well...as long as to wish to bring politics in, please understand the history-the Previous administration and the current Congress that's largely responsible for the high white unemployment ( & even higher Black unempliyment). And it w** that president'actions that were ignored. Your current president is like a lifeguard trying to rescue a drowning economy. Enjoy the play; don't get distracted by whited and blacks blaming each other. That keeps the haves about the have nots.

    • CD MD #1834245

      Very sorry so MANY people don't like you, but it must be for a different reason. ANY person can be bias, prejudice,or a bigot. However currently, only whites can be r******* Disregard your right wing talkers as they've distorted the definition so they won't't appear evil. By definition: #1 one believes their race to be superior #2 the others are inferior therefor require a "parental" direction #3 be able to enforce that belief by law by courts and by economics.If anyone's upset about these characters, get over yourself. This is hidtorical n current life which affects generations

    • Gloria Smith Augusta, Georgia #1835649


    • Ernest Durham, NC #1841899

      I consider myself a primetime soap guru......I see a little of Dynasty, Dallas and Falcon Crest....Candice character sorta reminds me of Sammy Joe on Dynasty, Krystles neice. Its just a soap....many on here are taking to the next level....many sopas have the powerful rich family.The Cryers are like the Spauldings on Guiding Light or the Carrington's on Dynasty...but what would really set it off is if you have a staple villian or villainess like Alexis or JR.....that would really beef it up...

  • Robin Jacksonville Florida

    Hello Love your work!!! God bless you!!! When are you coming back to Jacksonville?? Didn't know about the play The Have Not's until I saw it this website a few minutes ago. I guess I will just have to wait for the DVD to come out May God Bless ALL you put your hand to. Robin

  • Lind Raleigh

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry. When will this play be on DVD. I saw it when it came to Durham, NC. Waiting, I love this play. I have every stage plays & movies. No bootleg. I support you 100 percent

    • Z. Asheville, NC #1821648

      The DVD comes out July 16th :) Have a good day

  • Angeilque Wells Illinois

    When do you think you will be in Chicago with a play or Alabama

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