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Yes…the title is absolutely true. One lesson to learn in life: you can’t scorn a woman and think you’ve achieved an accomplishment. It never works out!

Anita Lincoln is a very successful, modern day, single woman living with all the luxury items available. She thrives in life having a great job and lots of friends. She also takes care of family, especially her younger sister, Mona, and Grandma Hattie. Mona has found true love and is getting married, totally funded by her sister, Anita.

But there is just one thing with Anita, she wants a loving man in her life to fill a void. That’s when Jasmine, her best friend and work associate, comes in. Jasmine takes it upon herself to “help” Anita find her man by matching her with someone on the internet. Randy is his name; shame is his game. But all that, of course, is unbeknownst to Anita at the time. He is very charming and loving and supposedly well-to-do.

On a trip to Las Vegas, Randy convinces Anita to marry him and the tides turn; Randy is in charge. But, beware of Randy! And be careful how you handle your business. A scorned woman takes no wooden nickels. Anita is appalled by the circumstances and determined to take her life back. The tides turn once again with Anita making sure Randy never……

The rest of the production is unpredictable and entertaining! Don’t miss Tyler Perry’s “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”!

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