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Yes…the title is absolutely true. One lesson to learn in life: you can’t scorn a woman and think you’ve achieved an accomplishment. It never works out!

Anita Lincoln is a very successful, modern day, single woman living with all the luxury items available. She thrives in life having a great job and lots of friends. She also takes care of family, especially her younger sister, Mona, and Grandma Hattie. Mona has found true love and is getting married, totally funded by her sister, Anita.

But there is just one thing with Anita, she wants a loving man in her life to fill a void. That’s when Jasmine, her best friend and work associate, comes in. Jasmine takes it upon herself to “help” Anita find her man by matching her with someone on the internet. Randy is his name; shame is his game. But all that, of course, is unbeknownst to Anita at the time. He is very charming and loving and supposedly well-to-do.

On a trip to Las Vegas, Randy convinces Anita to marry him and the tides turn; Randy is in charge. But, beware of Randy! And be careful how you handle your business. A scorned woman takes no wooden nickels. Anita is appalled by the circumstances and determined to take her life back. The tides turn once again with Anita making sure Randy never……

The rest of the production is unpredictable and entertaining! Don’t miss Tyler Perry’s “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”!

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  • Keisha McDade Oakland,ca

    Another spectacular play! My husband and myself took my grandmother because we are all you #1 fans (but granny LOVES you Tyler!) the singing and acting was awesome! You have a very talented casts and I can't wait for the next play! Although, I missed Madea, granma Hattie had us in stitches ! Thank You Tyler for sharing your grate ness with Oakland! I love you!



    • Mary Jones Richmond, Ca #2004218

      Happy Birthday Tyler. Last night I went to see "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned at Oakland Parilment Theater. It was funny and powerful. I enjoy every minute of it. I recommend for everyone to see it. Oakland, Ca loves it

  • Michael King United States

    to all the real men take your lady she will enjoy herself this play was outstanding im from NY now living in CA. BRAVO BRAVO Mr. T.P.

  • alicia wesley

    Very good play.. good cast ... good message.. Keep the good work...Mr. Perry.. My sister and I enjoyed the play very much... God Bless You on all of your projects.....

  • Ervin Roquemore Oakland, Ca.

    Hello Family!!!...Checked out ''Hell hath no fury like a women scorned'' last night at the "Paramount Theater'' in Oakland, Ca. My girlfriend and I truly enjoyed ourselves!!!...The singing was great!!!...we felt like we were at church one moment and the next, falling out of our seats laughing!!!...Cherryl ''Pepsi" Riley and the entire cast did a great job... and ''Momma Hatty'' was a scene stealer!!!...she had us in stitches!!!...I recommend everyone go check out this Great Play!!!....I have already told all my family and friends to go check it out...Great Job again Tyler Perry!!!

  • Rochelle Fairfield

    Loved the play. Left and called the friends who didn't go to tell them to go see it!!!

  • Markenna Williams San Jose, Ca

    i went and saw the play Wednesday night in San Jose, Ca. It was the first time Tyler Perry play came and I enjoyed it. I would like to suggest the next time you come to San Jose that you advertise it better. It was not well advertised and I believe the attendance would of been greater. I heard it was coming to Oakland over and over and not much about San Jose showing.

  • Christine S. San Jose

    Thank you for bringing your play to San Jose Tyler Perry! It was fantastic. The music and acting was superb. Can't wait to see your next play.

  • Yvonne Carey San Jose, CA

    Hello from San Jose! My colleague and I went to see H*** hath no fury last night at the Civic Center and sat front row and enjoyed every single bit of this play. It was well thought out, provided a message that all women should heed and the singing....loved it! The only thing missing was you Mr. Perry :) Thank you for doing what you do best. God Bless.

  • Dina Vallejo, CA

    Hello Tyler, last night my Sister and I went to the first Bay Area showing of H*** Hath No Furry in San Jose, CA. All I can say is WOW!!! We had a blast. It was a great show. A little familiar though with an episode of Love Thy Neighbor but still a great play. Made me think about the mistakes I've made in life and not truly realizing the part that I played in the consequences. I had no one to blame for my mistakes but I can truly know that it was God alone that brought me out. Thank you for coming to San Jose. I live closer to Oakland but......It's Oakland!!!! I said this in a comment I made before. I want to enjoy the play in peace and not have to bring a "piece" to enjoy the play. Best wishes. Oh and by the way if you every need anyone from the Bay that can bring it to the stage and make em laugh HARD???...Hit me up!!! Blessings!!

  • Buddamae San Jose, CA

    H*** Hath No Fury Like A Womam Scorned is spectacular!!!! I enjoyed the play tremendously and the Actors were fantastic. Thank you sooooooo much for bringing your play to San Jose, CA. and please continue to do so. We love you, your movies and plays.

  • Debra Cunningham New York

    Thank you Tyler for all that you do!!!! I need to know if you will be going to Philly and when? I going to see it in New York but I'm in Philly as well and will go again.