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Yes…the title is absolutely true. One lesson to learn in life: you can’t scorn a woman and think you’ve achieved an accomplishment. It never works out!

Anita Lincoln is a very successful, modern day, single woman living with all the luxury items available. She thrives in life having a great job and lots of friends. She also takes care of family, especially her younger sister, Mona, and Grandma Hattie. Mona has found true love and is getting married, totally funded by her sister, Anita.

But there is just one thing with Anita, she wants a loving man in her life to fill a void. That’s when Jasmine, her best friend and work associate, comes in. Jasmine takes it upon herself to “help” Anita find her man by matching her with someone on the internet. Randy is his name; shame is his game. But all that, of course, is unbeknownst to Anita at the time. He is very charming and loving and supposedly well-to-do.

On a trip to Las Vegas, Randy convinces Anita to marry him and the tides turn; Randy is in charge. But, beware of Randy! And be careful how you handle your business. A scorned woman takes no wooden nickels. Anita is appalled by the circumstances and determined to take her life back. The tides turn once again with Anita making sure Randy never……

The rest of the production is unpredictable and entertaining! Don’t miss Tyler Perry’s “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”!

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  • Terrell Carroll Newport News Va

    Dear Mr Perry Here's just a idea to throw at you a hilarious film soul be madea's class reunion the movie with aunt bam, hattie, madea and me Brown I hope you take this into consideration Thank you

  • Ren'ee Ontario, CA

    Hi Tyler.. Just want to say that I've enjoyed most of your plays, movies and TV Shows.. I have yet to catch one of your plays Live, but I have seen most of the videos.. And, tho You will be very close to me this time, in Riverside with Your H*** Hath No Fury play.. My budget will not allow.. I know that U will slay it tho, because you normally do.. Much Love and you are well appreciated for all that you do, from inspiring to employing far and beyond. Blessings Single Mom... :).. (P.S. Single Moms Club Was an eye Opener) Enjoyed it..

  • Katrina Jenkins Los Angeles, California

    Hi Tyler, I've been trying to slow down to hit the message board for weeks now. First off "The Have and the Have Nots" was a cliff hanger. I can't wait to next season. Love Thy Neighbor ended well too. There is nobody like Mama Hattie for sure... But you have to admit, gun and all, she's got your back. I see your coming to town with another play. The word is out and we shall pack the house in Cali. just for you. You know we love you out here... Also I wanted to say I enjoyed your speaking moment where you spoke on being points of light. It's one of the reasons I teach for a living and enjoy it. You have to see the potential in someone and nurture it. Giving back is always a win win situation. Stay beautiful and keep smiling. (love it btw). Soul Food: Phillip. 4:8 Your girls from Cali,

  • Dennice Yonkers, NY

    Mr. Perry I can't wait this is going to be my first play that I have actually been able to go see. After, getting laid after from job of 21 years and like millions of others our lives changed. It's been ruff and I must thank you for that special message that you always leave us with. I'm sure that your messages not only helped me cope but I'm sure it helps a lot of other people. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Brown Sugar huntsville, al

    I think Black people and anyone that wants to join should have a day of silence for the young men gunned down by the police. Protest will do no good without repercussions and these cannot be violent. A shut down of Black spending for one day. No activity at all. No driving , no buying anything. Turn cities into virtual ghost towns. Certainly everyone will not be able to participate but if given enough notice many will. the power of the black dollar needs to be felt. Then America and the world will listen to Black people with respect. I do not have the reach but there are those who might take the idea and get it out to the public. I myself only want the country to grow but the harming of young men and aiming guns at children because you have no respect for a people cannot continue.

  • Roxanne Minnesota

    Mr. Perry, Please, please, please bring your plays/tours to Minnesota. I have been to all your plays that have been here and would like to see more. I saw a post about a tour for a play Madea on the run starting in January 2015. Is this true? I haven't been able to find any description about it or where you'll be going. I did see information on your tour for H*** hath no furry... will you be coming to Minnesota on that tour? Lastly will you be making a DVD for these two plays?

  • Lamar United States

    It sounds like you put your foot in this one too, TP! God bless! We're raising money to take our stageplay on the road as well. Please share if you can!

  • Anna Barnett Fresno,CA

    TP sooooooo happy you're coming back to Fresno!!!! Just heard on a radio announcement, I'm getting tickets now!

    • Anna Barnett Fresno CA #2001930

      One more day!!! Can't wait.!!! T you are traveling with your group aren't you?? Not sure if Madea is in the play,so I hope you will be there!!!!

  • Carolyncarolyn


  • Brenda Qadir Painesville, Ohio

    Sounds like this is going to be gooooooooood! The best to you Tyler!

  • Annree Douglas Chicago

    Hello Mr. Perry, I'm Annree and I'm writing on behave of my beloved cousin Antonio Wiggins he doesn't know I'm writing you, but he is an unknown talent. I have great faith in his God given talent, he began singing when he was 5mos. old yes Mr. Perry 5mos. He also take care for his blind mother and have been a constant joy in her life as well as mine, we have tried to keep him encourage in his gifts, I know you may have a long list of people writing you and this maybe just one on your list but please take less than a min. too check out my cousin on YouTube under Antonio Wiggins on my page Annree Douglas. PS I have all your plays and never buy boot-leg. Mr. Perry no matter what I will always be a fan you are the reason I became a fan of plays and I thank you :-)

  • Meleka Buffalo ny

    This was a wonderful play I truly enjoyed it

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