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Yes…the title is absolutely true. One lesson to learn in life: you can’t scorn a woman and think you’ve achieved an accomplishment. It never works out!

Anita Lincoln is a very successful, modern day, single woman living with all the luxury items available. She thrives in life having a great job and lots of friends. She also takes care of family, especially her younger sister, Mona, and Grandma Hattie. Mona has found true love and is getting married, totally funded by her sister, Anita.

But there is just one thing with Anita, she wants a loving man in her life to fill a void. That’s when Jasmine, her best friend and work associate, comes in. Jasmine takes it upon herself to “help” Anita find her man by matching her with someone on the internet. Randy is his name; shame is his game. But all that, of course, is unbeknownst to Anita at the time. He is very charming and loving and supposedly well-to-do.

On a trip to Las Vegas, Randy convinces Anita to marry him and the tides turn; Randy is in charge. But, beware of Randy! And be careful how you handle your business. A scorned woman takes no wooden nickels. Anita is appalled by the circumstances and determined to take her life back. The tides turn once again with Anita making sure Randy never……

The rest of the production is unpredictable and entertaining! Don’t miss Tyler Perry’s “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”!

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  • DeMario Tribett Chicago

    I am just speechless, this play was awesome. It just lets you know how blessed you are, and how good God is. People just don't understand the many test and trials that people have to go through, just to make it through the day. They don't understand how many times God has pulled them out of a situation that they thought they would never get through. He is just that good, I am so proud Tyler. You just keeping on getting better and better. Please keep on inspiring the world with the gift that God has blessed you with. God bless you, God keep you, and God cause his face to shine upon you. Thank You DeMario T.

  • Dedrick Jordan lousana

    I'm still waiting to c this

  • Rochelle Grady Omaha, NE

    Awesome! Nothing else needs to be said. So much growth!

  • Brittany Auburn, Alabama

    This was a wonderful play! Great job Tyler ! Looking forward to the movie!

  • Twanna St. Louis, MO

    This play "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" was amazing and had an amazing lesion behind it. The songs were very touching, that I tired to find the soundtrack. Tyler Perry you have to come out with the soundtrack. Those songs are life changing..... PLEASE!!!!!

  • tebaby Shannon,MS

    Hello Tyler Perry I love all of your plays ,shows ,and movies. They are great but haven't watch H*** Hath No Fury Like A Scorned Woman. I try to watch it but it doesn't work. Also I like your Studio it is nice. Thank you for all the great shows, movies, and plays. I Hope you keep making good plays,shows,and movies.Also tell Patrice Lovely that she is a great actor, real funny,and can sing great.

  • Vivian Goddard Tulsa OK

    Hey Tyler! I hope you get to see this. I Love ALL of your work, and am a Huge Fan. Truly. I am a singer, and not only did I fall in love with the story of "Hell Hath No Fury...", but I was also really, really touched by the songs, and their messages. So I am wondering if there is any way to get a vocal track, or even just a copy of a recorded Version, (if it even exists), to the last song in the play/movie, "Enough is Enogh", sang by, 'The GREAT', Cheryl Pepsii Riley. She is incredibly talented, and I absolutely ADORE the message in the movie, and especially in that specific song. I think it would be a great ministry tool and I'd love to be able to share the message with other people, but especially with women in my generation, (I'm 25), who struggle SO much trying to grasp the concept of How Our Heavenly Father intends for us to be treated by men. My heart can relate, having been through similar experiences with men, and having to learn, the hard way, what I am REALLY WORTH, to my Heavenly Father, and how to know when to say, "Enough is Enough". Thank you for your time, and thank you for continuing to inspire me and lift me up, through every one of your movies, plays, and television shows. They always seem to come available, Right when I need it. :) You're such a blessing to my life, and to so any others. Please continue to keep on leading people straight to Jesus, and know that you are making an impact on people every single day. Thanks so much, and God Bless. Sincerely, Vivian

  • amy

    This movie was such a reminder on my very own life....many tears were shed.my own grandmother use to sit n tell me the very same thing.

  • Skei

    I loved it I did not want it to end literally I can watch it over and over again I'm only 13 and I watch all your shows,play's,and movies I'm a huge fan I am talking about H*** Have No Fury Like A Woman Scorned.... And I love Hattie (forgot her real name) and I love Cheryl Pepsi Riley ...... I love singing along with all the songs

    • Skei #2031105

      Patrice lovely

  • M.H

    Here are my thoughts before I even see the play. So I'm going off your description. A woman so desperate to find love, who is willing to get hooked up off an internet ... They be the most precious gems. Hold on now! Many may do have motives and it's hard to pick them out. That's why I have to pick this play up to figure out if internet dating would be wrong me and right for him. Thank you for making your collections so we can make the right decisions. Love You Perry!

  • fredericia Kelly Winston-Salem,NC

    My daughter ordered our copy last week from Target online, We will be watching it for Thanks giving ..I can't wait!

  • Mary Woods Cullman, Alabama

    On my way to pick up my copy of H*** Hath No Fury and Madea's Christmas!!!!!! Can't wait to laugh till I cry!!!!