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Tyler Perry's, "I Know I've Been Changed", toured exclusively from 1998 to 2000.

This hard-hitting play used comedy and drama to tell a story of two adult survivors of child abuse who became the people that their abusive mother said they would be. It is also a story of how they overcame through the power of God with a shocking twist at the end.

Mr. Perry plays the lead character, "Joe", in this show. The Washington Post gave it rave reviews, saying that it cannot be compared to anything of it's genre.

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  • Vauntez Purnell Hammond, Indiana

    When will this DVD be released. And are you going back on tour with this?

  • Cheryl Burnett Shafter, California

    Good evening Mr. Perry...Pray you had Blessed & Safe 4th of July. Celebrated my 4th by hAving my own *Tyler Perry Marathon* added Aunt Bam to my collection today. I need the following dvd's (I know I've been changed, Have not,Laugh to keep from crying,Madea gets a job) for my collection and I will continue to add as long as God continues to bless you with the wonderful gift He has given you. Continue to *BE BLESSED THIS DAY & ALWAYS*

  • Tina Independence MO

    Tyler do you have I know i've been changed, The have and have not, and Madea get a job on dvd. i am a big fan and i have of your other plays and movies. I would love to add these to my collection

  • Tracey McDonald Indepenence

    I am a huge fan of Mr. Tyler Perry's movies and plays can I please get a price on this Know I've Been Changed and can u please mail me a list of all ur movies and plays thank u very much Tracey McDonald 17263 Hwy 40 East Independence La 70443

  • keshia United States

    hi tyler, when r u going to put i know i've been changed on dvd

  • king charleston sc


  • Patrice Baltimore,Md

    I really want to buy this play will there be a place were I can purchase it.

  • Jacqueline Kelley Atlanta, GA

    I saw the play at the play house downtonw atlanta, I enjoyed the play very much. I also enjoyed seeing tyler there that I had not seen in years. A girlfriend of mine at the time had got tickets and i kept saying this play sounded so familiar but could not pick up on it till we got there and I saw tyler perry who came over to me with a big hug and smile. This man is very talent and I was grace to have been in present before. We had lost touch was all and when I saw him, it was like wow you did. Keep on doing the dawn thing.

  • Angela

    Hi Tyler I have every play movie you have on your sight except for the new one comung out i know ive been changed or any others if there are any prior to i knoe ive been changed around same time ad i know ive been changed or after i know ive been changed so could you would you please let me know how where any info ax to where to purchase to get what i do not have in my collection including the tv shows by which none oc them are at all boot leg YAAAAAY ME yeah no boot leg i xo not like at for nothing regardless of who what it is .. So like could would you get that info to me i would really & greatly appreciate it. THANX TYLER IN ADVANCE IH YEAH I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR VOICE IN PERSON :)) CONTINUE DOUN WHAT YOU DO,,,... BE BLESSED LOVE YOU

  • Ms. Sunshine Maryland

    I have been waiting to purchase this since you started selling the plays. I have to admit this is the funniest one ever. WHEN WE WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE IT????

  • kizzy

    Ok I taught I had all your plays but I never seen this one and I cant seem to find it any where. whats up with that???

  • David Stevenson Jr Winston-Salem NC

    How can I buy this play. Never seen it before but i heard it is an awesome play

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