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Tyler Perry's, "I Know I've Been Changed", toured exclusively from 1998 to 2000.

This hard-hitting play used comedy and drama to tell a story of two adult survivors of child abuse who became the people that their abusive mother said they would be. It is also a story of how they overcame through the power of God with a shocking twist at the end.

Mr. Perry plays the lead character, "Joe", in this show. The Washington Post gave it rave reviews, saying that it cannot be compared to anything of it's genre.

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  • mike california

    i dont have this one where can i get this play? or where can i get it at? please let me know im a huge fan i have all the rest of the plays and movies.

  • Ann Caledonia, Ms

    Where can I buy a copy of this play?

  • Shirley Williams Ellenville, N.Y.

    Hello Mr. Perry, I have paid for all of your plays and movies. Whether by Walmart, movie theaters(checking my ticket stub) or right here on your site. I have a new email so I just set up a new account. I have not seen this play and as you can see, allll of your fans would love for you to make it available for purchase. You don't have to go on tour. My suggestion would be to just get the cast and crew together, make it totally private and tape it. Ya heard me? Love you much

  • Cassandra Johnson 300 Silver Tree Lane, Pearl, MS 39208

    Mr. Perry, I have seen everything you have done and always buy both the stage play (if applicable) and the movie to every theactrical and cinematic project you have done. The only thing I have yet to see and experience is the play, "I know I've been changed." I look to being able to see this play one day as well. Be blessed Mr. Perry.

  • kimberlythomas albany,georgia 31701

    I was so excited for the first time I had a front row ticket to see madea gets a job. I never missed a play faithfully.Your plays have changed my life for the good and I knew it would be worth any inconvenience or price. I catch the bus to see your plays and this time I was gonna do it big with a rental car anda front row seat ticket as a late birthday gift to myself.I thank God for you and your dedication to your fans thats what makes you special and apart from the rest. GOD BLESS

    • paula 27107 #1751041

      Where did you go to see play. It was cancelled in my area.

  • Della Louisville,ky

    I need that movie

    • Triniti m. Houston,tx #1744805

      Dear, Mr .Perry I'm 12 yrs old and I'm telling u this and I hope u change your mind about canceling the madea gets a job tour. Ok well first I understand what your saying about he bootleggers and on the Internet and people just paying gem and they just don't know that, but what I'm really trying to say is that even though some people probably spend $100 and more money than that on a tickets they fixit for a reason because they want to see u live and your cast especially madea. Now I know u upset about the bootleggers going way to far with this doesn't mean u need to cancel the tour I mean out yourself in their position and how would u think u would feel if u wanted to see this play really bad and u find out that it just been canceled cause of the bootleggers in the Internet. Don't let them bootleggers STOP u from wanting to see the people laugh and have a wonderful time.. And I'm just 12 yrs old telling u this. Don't Stop Because of some d*** bootleggers.. Keep going.Thank you and God Bless You because everyone that paid really wanted to see this play.. Bye Mr.Perry I hope u change your mind..

  • gregory l miller Marietta ,Ga 30060


  • dana reid concord, nc

    ow that you are going on vacation or just taking some down time, just want to know if and when will you go back and re do "I know I Have Been Changed"

  • Melissa Davis Montgomery, Alabama

    I saw the play I know I've been changed when it came to Montgomery, Alabama at the Davis theatre and after that, I have been hooked on ANYTHING I see that has your name in it! Your work is remarkable and your character "madea" reminds me so much of my own "madea"-really, that was what we called her- and her sister "aunt honey", it brings a smile to my soul to be able to see your character come to life. Thank you for all that you do and PLEASE, don't stop doing what you do!

  • Jacquelyne Stewart Gary, IN

    You should do this play so it can be seen, abuse is going on all over the world.

  • Sidney <3 saint louis, mo

    Hey Mr. Perry! I really wish I could see this play... I've seen all of your plays and movies except this one. I would love to see it and I know there are many others thinking the same thing. So just think about redoing it for all your fans. :-)

  • lisa California

    Since I know I've been changed was never taped Mr.Perry you should re-do that play because,this abuse still goes on.