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Tyler Perry's, "I Know I've Been Changed", toured exclusively from 1998 to 2000.

This hard-hitting play used comedy and drama to tell a story of two adult survivors of child abuse who became the people that their abusive mother said they would be. It is also a story of how they overcame through the power of God with a shocking twist at the end.

Mr. Perry plays the lead character, "Joe", in this show. The Washington Post gave it rave reviews, saying that it cannot be compared to anything of it's genre.

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  • Vernessa bronx, NY

    I have a complete collection of your movies and plays...all except this one. PLEASE release this one again.....PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Wyma Rodgers Tacoma Washington

    I would like to buy "I know I've been changed" but you don't have it in your store yet. Will you please let us know when you release it. Thank you, Wyma

  • sandra huntsville, alabama

    hey tyler perry i luv ur movies and plays.ihave all of them but i would like 2 have this play 2 . because i dont have it can u please make some more of them i will luv 2 have it 2 cause i luv all ur work and i luv u 2 and the way acts . so u know am a big fan too.

  • tuada

    Tyler Perry you should have this on DVD so that everybody who didn't get a chance to this live can see it.

    • Darriel Ellis Largo, FL #1794987

      I have mosty all your plays and I would like to have I know I've Been Changed on DVD to add to my collection

  • Darlene Green 7000 south parnell avenue apt#201 Chicago, illinois 60621

    I need to now where i can get I know I been changed,the have and have nots play.I have all except those two plays,witness protection,madea christmas, mudea gets a job. My birthday is 2-25. I am unemployed and rasing a son with adhd and bipolar,a ten year old daugther with nobody help but God an public aide and unemployment... My daughter gets upset when i don't have money to get them, cause they take us to our happy place alot watching your plays and movies. Keep up the great work!

  • Alafia Sekese Gynyame Dallas, Texas

    Greetings Sir Ty, You are the best Hallmark Card that I have ever read. I Praise God for your anointing in which God has given you. The power that dwells within you is magnetic, and tranferrable. To sum it all up, here it is: You are, SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICYUKKIEALADOCIOUS, " O LORD, AND HOW WE DO LOVE YOU. Wow! Don't ever change, and a whole lotta thanks for being you. Alafia

  • Keith Killeen Texas

    Tyler my man it's time to make this play available to the world. Never had a chance to see where it all started. Keep up the good work and continue to let God use you.

  • Amanda bush campton

    when is this being released i have almost everything that has been released

  • Keith Woodard las vegas

    Was wondering when this play will be released. I have everything that has been released, would love to add this to my collection.

  • Irene Hysten Topeka, KS

    Mr. Perry, I am a huge fan and I have collected everything you have done that has been released. I would like to add I Know I've Been Changed, The Haves and Have Nots as well as Madea Gets A Job. When will you be releasing them. If you could please email me to let me know I would greatly appreciate it. I have my Tyler Perry nights and I watch all your plays and movies back to back especially when I am missing my mothher who passed away. God bless you and may God continue blessing you in all you do.

  • Debra North Carolina

    Good Morning Mr. Perry...I see so many requests for I know I've been Changed to be released to DVD (NOT BLACK MARKET) (lol). I know it may be a little hard to maybe do with your schedule but could you pray about it and see what the answer God gives you about this release. I purchase all your movies and awaiting for you to please bring this to DVD for all your fans. You keep making and acting in movies and I will keep buy from the stores. Love you for all that you do. I know God has you covered. Have a great weekend!

  • Reggie Killeen, TX

    Tyler, I see that I'm not alone in wanting to add this play to my collection. I see numerous requests asking for it to be released, but no response. Will this play be available anytime soon for us to purchase (non bootlegs of course!)?

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