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When a wealthy family meets for Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate, family arguments, and secrets cause quite a stir. It will take the almighty Madea to save this Christmas and make it into a foot stomping good time. Filled with great music, and enough laughs to fill your holiday season with joy, A Madea Christmas is a must see.

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  • Emma New York N.Y.

    i Loooooooooooove this play, aspecially the songs. JESUS never fails medley...OMGoodness. takes me to church, reminds me when i used to lead devosional service. WOW. Iv'e been singing it every morning on my way to work. things fell apart for me, and this is my testimony.He never fails. Love you Mr. Perry. God bless you for the oportunity you give to so many.

  • MJ Northern California

    We just watched this play on DVD and loved it. And Tyler, just to clarify, The Universe is simply another name for God. And I'm not sure if the New Age mind of thought uses this term, but the New Thought movement does (yes, they are different). If you haven't already, check out Rev. Michael Beckwith or Rev. Deborah Johnson. Anyway, keep up the wonderful work and spreading the word. I look forward to each play and movie that you put out. Peace and Blessings to you.

  • Keena DaSilva South Florida

    This was the only thing my mum wanted for Christmas...we watched it together on Christmas night after all our guests left. It was HILARIOUS (of course)!!! We LOVE Madea and we LOVE your films; the messages you deliver are always so wonderful and inspiring. Your films make me laugh so loud, shed tears, and fill my heart with wholesomeness...you're brilliant; don't ever stop making films. I cannot wait to see more of your plays; Madea's Christmas was the first play of yours I've seen - so far. My mum says watching Madea's Christmas is her new Christmas tradition :) lol - LOVE that idea! Blessings.

    • Marcerl #1609706

      Very good question!

  • Zach Bright Pottstown, PA


  • anita kentucky

    what was the name of the song margaret sang to her daughter after she found out she was pregnant?

  • tonya wise manassas va

    merry chritmas tyler perry i love all of your plays watch them everday am a little down today but looking at your plays makes me feel better think u so much would love to meet u one day keep up the good work love u

    • cardasha 18 ames st #1608723

      He have sum nice movies luv them all

  • Kathy Mannix China by way of California

    Just downloaded from Itunes & watched on Christmas here in China! Thank you for your work. The talent is amazing & you bring tears to my eyes! Loved it!

  • Larry Califonia

    Love it will watch it again and again.great job again mr.perry

  • Gaye Olsen Brooksville, Florida

    Watching the new play for the third time. White people can sing like that too!! LOL Thanks Mr. Perry for all that you give to inspire us and make us laugh.

  • velma Valdosta Georgia

    Black Opera at its best. Thank you Tyler for the oppertunity to witness the miracle of your blessed work. May God continue to bless you now and forever because through you i am blessed also.

  • Linda Davis Hope Mills North Carolina

    Tyler, I enjoyed for better or worse, just hated that it had to end i wanted to see more. I was very encourage with all scene but the last episode they both need to pray, prayer changes things i believe it would have help them a lot.

    • cardasha 18 ames st #1608726

      Me too Tyler have sum very cool movie

  • Natashia Jones United States

    Tyler your plays and movies are really heart felt and inspiring. They deal with day to day life situations and always offer an solution (God). They make you laugh, make you cry, and make you face reality all at the same time. I have no favorite play or movie to choose from because I have not seen one that I have not gotten a message from. Your production is at the top and I love that you try to give back to the community, but I must say Bam is my girl....LOL, this last one Hattie gave her a run though although all of the actors and actresses are very good and play their roles well. I love you Tyler for what you are doing, where you have come from, and where you are going. Peace and Blessings!

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