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When a wealthy family meets for Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate, family arguments, and secrets cause quite a stir. It will take the almighty Madea to save this Christmas and make it into a foot stomping good time. Filled with great music, and enough laughs to fill your holiday season with joy, A Madea Christmas is a must see.

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  • michelle Maryland

    I don't frequently purchase DVD's, but this is one that I really want. I laughed, cried, and reflected. If it's possible - I would like to get the words to the song "Please Be the Man"...if anyone can help me with that I would greatly appreciate it...A Blessed Holiday Season to all

    • Mellody Fort Lauderdale #1599740

      I have been hoping and praying for a CD sound track to be released- just love Tony Grant (Eric) signing to China- and Please be the man is a great song! Mr. Perry, will you be releasing a CD sound track? Also the chemistry between China and Eric was amazing- I just realized that Tony also played in Marriage Counselor- I saw that in person in Miami, and also bought the DVD- was re-watching it and saw that Tony was in it- wow- he has advanced so much since then- what a lovely voice! The entire cast was great- the best play ever with the best songs!

  • Chrissy The Bahamas

    Omg....this play was awesome! I loves the singing and the songs they sung. I watch this play 5 times already :)

  • leeleeb2d

    i thnk the grls should be in mmmore uv ur plays, i love the strippers voice in mary did you know, and i am still in love with the song the other sung to her husband in big happy family

  • Cha'Quetta P.

    I loved Aunt Hattie. I'll think she will really make all of your movies stay number one in everybody's best movie category.

    • psalmist shana rankin honduras roatan, bay island #1598309

      hattie is the best...wish i could be that IN TOUCH WITH MY SEXUAL SIDE when i am that age lmao

  • Karlyn Denver

    I haven't laughed this hard in a very long while. Thank you Tyler, as always I fall in love with your stories the minute they begin.

  • Jamel Cowan Niskayuna, ny

    This play was amazing I loved aunt hattie

    • tatyahna #1597784

      this is the stuff

  • Jamarcus Arkansas

    I really love this play because it taught me as child that i dont have to blame my parents for nothing because they are doing their all for so i need to accept that and stay in my place ! **10 stars**

  • Vanessa Jackson United States

    Truly love this play....watch it over and over again with my girls. Truly need a soundtrack for this one...very touching.

  • Glennelle Matterson New York

    I enjoyed the Play soooo much especially the Old ladies!!! I wish u would do a play surrounding Madea, Bam and the Auntie from Madea's Christmas. I watch them over and over again!!!!

  • Grace Garrett California

    The play was Great!!!! I loved the music and the acting it really inspired me to keep singing and that anything is possible with the lord. Over all I truly enjoyed it!! You as well as all the actors were Great! It's just a warm filled play to watch with the family.

  • jonsha washington fort worth

    i really love all Madea movies shes so funny that when she says something funny she laugh at her own jokes thats funny.

  • Carolyn New Orleans, LA

    Hi Tyler< I just wanted to say Thanks for all the movies, tv series and plays you continually bring to us year after year. I'm just so excited about seeing the new play you release about Madea's Christmas, the only down side is, that I'm unable to find it in stores. My mom had me going to three different Walmarts in one day trying to find the DVD and the same with Best Buy. I was told that some of the Walmarts only had a limited stock and wasn't sure when they were going to be getting any more. Do you know if any more will be released? Also, I can't wait until you do another stage play here in the BIG N.O. hopefully at the newly renovated Mahalia Jackson Theater. Much LuV

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