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When a wealthy family meets for Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate, family arguments, and secrets cause quite a stir. It will take the almighty Madea to save this Christmas and make it into a foot stomping good time. Filled with great music, and enough laughs to fill your holiday season with joy, A Madea Christmas is a must see.

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  • Christy NC

    Hi Tyler, I bought "A Madea Christmas" and once again, it did not disappoint. Thank you for your messages and your plays. My children and I laughed until we cried. I LOVE your new character Hattie, she is HILARIOUS!!!!! I would love to see even more of her and Madea, and Aunt Bamm in the future. Also Tamar Davis has the most beautiful voice, just incredible. Anyway, thanks again for all that you do and for your wonderful movies, you are such a blessing to all of your fans. Be Blessed.

  • Chaz H Columbus, OH

    I purchased a copy the day it came out. On Thanksgiving day my mother and I watched it. We haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!! I wish it would have came to my home town so we could have seen it live.

  • Christine M Bethlehem, Pa

    I bought my copy this weekend, and watched the play last night. Once again Tyler, you put together a FANTASTIC play. I laughed, I cried and the story line hit home for me. I can apply so much of what the play has to say, to alot of what I have been feeling and going thru. Thank you for sharing your talent, sharing these great folks with us, both new and old characters, and for you coming into the "spot light" when you did. I've been a huge fan since your first movie release. God is good for allowing it all. God bless you and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. xo, Christine

  • Anonymous Ethiopia

    Fabulous play, as always! Madea TOTALLY ROCKS ;o) Please release the soundtrack ASAP!

  • Andres lakewood nj

    currently watching this play i love it the music is very good and we need a sound track for christmas ... i cant wait for a movie i love collecting and having all the plays and the movies thanks for all the laughs

  • Ari Thompson Tallahassee, Fl

    Congrats Shannon Williams...FAMU Alumni :-). Stay blessed!

  • Mellody United States

    O.K. So I have watched this movie 11 times since Thanksgiving day. First I rented it on Wednesday; then I raced to the stores to purchase it on Friday- all sold out, even online- Blockbuster video only has 2 on the shelf, and everybody is begging for more. Finally on Saturday, I found a Blue-ray cop, a single, last copy at Target- so I bought it for $16.99- on sale. I could have bought it on this site, but I wanted instant gratification! Well today is my friend's birthday, and I surprised her with a regular copy for $13 on sale at Walmart. She is watching t right now, and couldn't even spare a minute to chat with me on the phone! Anyways, I went hunting for a sound track to this play because I have been searching for Christmas CDs and although I ended up buying one by Yolanda Adams- it's not working! I need the sound track to this play Mr. Perry! I am telling you, I watch and re-wind, watch and re-wind until my Blue-ray DVD is not working so well- it's supposed to be a Smart Blue-ray- so the box said when I purchased it, but my 7 year old told me that it seems to be not so smart- laugh out loud!!! I watch this play while as soon as I come home from work- instead of the news, or music on the radio, I put in the DVD, and even if I am not watching it, I can hear it ministering to my being- I just love it, and by the way- ERIC!!!! oh how I love his voice- that's why my DVD is broken! I keep re-winding to the scene with him singing to China! Oh save me from my desperation Mr. Perry and release the sound track ASAP- for the Christmas! If I could listen to DVD in my car, I would! But I can't so I need the soundtrack. I would love to see the character ERIC in one of your movies- he is so awesome in character, and I love the way his emotions shows and reflects in his expressions- I think I am in love- to the chagrin of my husband! lol. His fault for driving me all over town hunting down this DVD. Mr. Perry, I have always been a fan of yours- I even went to see you in Sunrise, FL when you visited that Church during the 2008 elections, but I have risen to another level, I am now your number one fan among many others I can imagine. lol. I can't say enough about this play- one word to sum it all up- satisfaction- I am totally satisfied. Hey fans, be sure to watch the bloopers, and the message from the cast about Christmas.

    • Zakieus Simn Hatsville, SC #1609547

      I love the Play

    • Ruth Springdale, MD 20774 #1632628

      I agree. WHERE IS THE SOUNDTRACK??!! Great show, Mr. Perry. Keep it going! We love you!!

    • Sam Taylor III Slidell, LA #2046357

      I saw the comments regarding the soundtrack to this play but did see where one could purchase it. Is it available anywhere. Please advice. I believe that if you do put it out, a lot of folks will appreciate.

  • William Craig Fort Worth Texas

    Can You Make A Madea's Christmas Movie

  • Samantha E. Memphis, Tn.

    Hey I am a 12 year old girl name samantha. I love your plays and movies you make!

  • kathleen dallas

    Mr. Perry, is there a sound track available?

  • Lancie Adel, GA

    Mr. Perry, I simply wanted to thank you for all of the amazing work you've done with your plays over the years. Truly, these are your ministry - you reach those who wouldn't otherwise get to hear about God. Saturday night, I watched "A Madea Christmas" with a few friends of mine - and one friend (who professed to dislike Madea, and professed that while he did believe in God, he felt church was a waste of time) really got a message from the show. By the end of the show, he had laughed more than he had in years, and really complimented the show by saying how much he agreed with Madea's views on Christ, and "If only preachers said it like this in church..." It opened the door for me to talk to him about your play, "Madea's Big Happy Family," and my own personal experiences with it, since I come away with something new each time - a new message that I needed right at that time. Again, I say that these plays *truly* are your ministry. Thank you so much for writing about the (mis-)adventures of Madea; thank you for the laughter you've brought into my home. I look forward to your next work! May God continue to bless you abundantly.

  • Michelle Cincinnati Ohio

    Tyler, I loved the play. I could not stop laughing. Hattie is off the chain. Keep the plays coming.

    • dorthy las vegas #1591761

      hattie and medea is off the chain