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When a wealthy family meets for Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate, family arguments, and secrets cause quite a stir. It will take the almighty Madea to save this Christmas and make it into a foot stomping good time. Filled with great music, and enough laughs to fill your holiday season with joy, A Madea Christmas is a must see.

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  • Rodeshabrown Nassau

    Hi this movie is so funny please man

  • Zaunnette Mobile, AL

    I loved the songs in this play. No one has the arrangements that you have. Do you have them available on a soundtrack?

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    My favorite character is Eric because I act and sing like him.

  • malissa nash kansas

    Hi tyler, I was just wondering when will you be coming to Kansas again?? its been a while and the people here would really love to see your plays, on a constant basis... we always have to travel to see your play:( thats not bad from time to time but it gets to be a bit much... we love you!! you are awesome and you make many of us laugh especially when we need it... so please, please, please COME TO KANSAS!!!!!!!

  • Marlene Tucker Duluth, GA

    I attended this play and found myself videotaped at the very end saying "we love you Tyler". Yep, that was me in the beautiful sparkling blue shawl at the every end of the video. I can truly say I am now checking off of my bucket list that God allowed me to have the opportunity to work with Tyler Perry ..... two for one. Now that I've recently also had a chance to be on the "Have and Have Nots" as an Extra...I am getting closer to my goal of playing Marlena...Madea's Long Lost Sister...after all we have the same features! It is no mistake that our paths have crossed. I will always bring a much needed annnuertin to the set and plenty of laughter! That's right....a much needed "annnuertin" LOL!!! Love ya Tyler!

  • stanmeisha Port St. lucie

    Madea is the funniest in made as Christmas

  • Johnnie Bessemer,Alabama

    Mr.Perry my mother is 80 years old and she love everything you make so please keep making them We love you down south

  • Wendy Alabama

    Tyler, thank you for bringing Madea to life once again for Christmas!!! I got hooked on her with "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". Madea is who I want to be when I grow up.:-) (I am 52!) God bless you for bringing laughter and smiles to so many people.

  • Robert Thurmond 35 Groover Circle cacye sc

    Mr Perry I am so happy that madea is come back to the big screen in your brand new movie A Madea Christmas Good bless. And keep up the good work may your Movie be a great one you will be in my prays From Robert O'neal Thurmond

  • Kathy Greer Phoenix Arizona

    Your plays are hard to find this is the only one im missing "A Madea Christmas"...

  • "Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas: The Movie"

    MADEA WILL BE BACK IN 4 MONTHS, WINTER 2013!!!!!! Tyler Perry is returning back to the big screen reprising the Pistol-packing, no nonsense Grandmother when she helps out her best friend to visit her daughter in a small rural town and things they didn't realize unfolds especially secrets!!!! The cast is Tyler Perry, Anna Maria Horsford, Larry the Cable Guy, Tika Sumpter, Eric Lively, Kathy Najimy, JR Lemon, Jonathan Chase, Chad Michael Murray, Alicia Witt, Lisa Whelchel, Noah Urrea and SWEET BROWN! Ain't nobody got time for dat!!!!! Look for the trailer coming soon!!!! In theaters nationwide December 13!!! Let's make this #1 at the box office for Mr. Perry!!!!

  • miracle blackville sc

    this is very cool and I luv it so much