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MADEA IS BACK and she's like the matrix reloaded! Following a short rest, Madea returns to center stage! After all the runnin' from the popo and all the arrest warrants she ripped up, the pistol-tottin' queen of brash is locked up. In MADEA GOES TO JAIL, you will see a side of Madea that you have never seen before; and the results are perhaps well you'll see! Tyler Perry has created yet another masterful and continuing storyline for his audiences. The production offers an interesting twist on "patience" and centers on love. MADEA GOES TO JAIL . . . they finally got me!

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  • Kenya Mccloud Sierra Vista az

    Just wanted to say that I as well as my mom an a friend of my attended your Phoenix show, at the Dodge Theater & it was FANTASTIC!

  • Loveeebuggg_ AC , NJ

    This is really my favorite movie , I know all the words I can act it without having to watch it , thanks Tyler Perry , you really out did yourself with this one

  • Brandy Williams Oklahoma City

    I love any play Tyler Perry make. I would live to see one in person i would love it even more if u came to OKC.

  • Sponge bob square pants

    I love tyler Perry's Madea goes to jail the play it was wonderful thanks tyler perrys

  • Ayanna thomas

    Hi tyler perry i in love your show your too im which your move

  • Tiffany Pitts Cuthbert Georgia

    I just want to take the time out to say thank you. The messages you put in your plays/movies has had a huge impact over my life. Especially "Madea Goes To Jail. The segment where Madea is talking to Sonny about relationships. I was going through a terrible time in my life where I lost everything. I was in the worst relationship ever where my boyfriend at the time (a Minister) was taking advantage of me when I had nothing and two kids to raise. I watched Madea Goes to jail about 3-4 a day and had my DVD player set on that one segment. The more I watched it, the stronger I became. I left that situation without looking back. I gathered up enough strength to leave and here I am today happy and back on top and with someone who's very successful and adores me and my kids. I appreciate you for who you are and what you do. From time to time, I'll pull out my DVDs and watch them just look back on how I got over. That's was nothing but God and you! Thank you!

  • Maima Minor 1639 68th NE, Fridley MN 55432

    Can you please put the play on demand? Thanks

  • santessia Kansas city

    Yeah I used to watch this play when I was little Had me a little sad that i couldn't watch it because it was a charged :(

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    My favorite character is Jeremy.

    • clara austin/TX #2056010

      i love Tyler's shows and movies

  • KIARA home


    • clara Austin/TX #2056007

      hello i am Clara and i am 11 years old and i love your acting it seems like its actually real

  • Kennady Austin,TX

    What's Toni's real name

  • Liberty Phoenix Arizona

    The funniest of the stage plays in my opinion. The whole thing is brilliant but there is a moment when Madea is called in from the yard and Tyler is 6in taller than the door frame... I just die every time. I was a stage tech.. I know they built the door too short on purpose, but its the brilliance of the comedic timing even when its an unspoken joke... Just perfect timing.

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