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The Stage Play, Madea's Big Happy Family, was written, produced, directed by and stars Tyler Perry.

The story focuses on a middle-aged single mother named Miss Shirley (performed on stage by Chandra Currelley-Young), who has just received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. With the help of Madea, she assembles her grown children (and their significant others) for one final reunion, during which loyalties are tested and unpleasant truths are spilled.

Everything that happens as a result of Shirley's major announcement will either bring the family closer together or tear them apart forever.

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  • JazmineJernigan Aberdeen Ms

    madea big happy family and the show was great in the time of trouble.

  • Kye Echols

    I love the person who sings heaven waits for me so much God bless her!!!!!

  • Susan Reynolds

    I love this movie and every other Madea play/movie. I love the advice you can get from these experiences. I grew up watching Madea and it has made my life 10x better because of the advice you have given me.

  • Terri Payne Covington , Tennessee

    Hey Tyler. It's Me Again. I love this movie so much. You have great songs that I love and amazing people that can sing. This movie gives people moviation to learn from there mistakes and do what's right.

  • Arthur seattle wa

    nice thank you for the tour, can I be in one of your T.V. shows, movies or plays?

  • Jessica Mississippi

    I am so in love with this play I can't hardly contain my excitement! I have watched this play at least six times in a row of first purchasing this movie. I am in love with the whole concept of the play, the songs,characters and everything about the whole play! Well done Mr.perry thank you so much for allowing God to you, to pour into his people through your plays and movies.

  • ILuv Washington Charleston South Carolina

    I love this movie, I know very word from the back of my hand. I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you are doing for everyone.

  • Shelly Godfrey houston texas 77060

    I love the play and movie, I like the name of the song. When is going up to heaven in the play and singing at the funeral. It remind me of my mother. Thank you

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    My favorite character is Dr.Wallace

  • Marissa Martinez Houston TX

    Where can I get the song heaven waits for me

  • Becky Stedman Los Angeles, CA

    Where can I find "Heaven Waits For Me"??? Its not on iTunes. I want to purchase it

    • edward maryland #1957464

      get on youtube heaven wait for me

  • janice smith decatur, ga

    Love this play as I do all the others. I always look forward to your next project. Thank you for the messages you put in all your work. I pray through the laughter and tears everyone learns something.

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