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The year is 2003 and the class of 1953 is having their 50th reunion.

Mabel (Madea) Simmons and Downtown Leroy Brown are old classmates. The setting of the play is the hotel where Madea and all of her classmates are staying.

This play is filled with great singing and lots of laughs as Madea and Brown go at it. Watch the drama unfold as they take a trip down memory lane.

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  • Anthony Morrism Liverpool uk England

    Fantastic dad's all ordered can not wait for them to come just love madea her fab advice changed my life

  • Joseph Boone Lexingtonsc

    Very good I would give you ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⚫️⚪️

  • James Baton Rouge,LA

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE REALLY MADE ME LAUGH LIKE EVERY OTHER PLAY/MOVIE

  • althea ga.

    where can buy madea class reunion at

    • Candace Malone Oxford,Mississippi #1954313

      Yes would like to know where to get madea class reunion from myself I have not seen it

  • BeeJay south africa

    i like the character of Leroy Browm

  • Monica mcguire Atlanta,Georgia

    Tyler,thank God for bootleg,this is the first one that I bought,so the bootleg man introduce Madea to me,cause I never heard of you at that time.Now I know how important it is for us to go to the movies.You have people you have to pay.Let me ask you a ?How can they sell movies in the flea markets?.Are you getting any money from the flea markets?

  • Moliehi south africa

    I've not seen this reunion film.

  • lameka greensboro

    i love thoes movie

  • Ora Richman Marion, Arkansas

    Tyler, Madea's Class Reunion is close to my heart and I love it! Please make a movie out of it...I believe it would be a hit. Love you!

  • Deonte seay knoxville,TN

    Just got this on dvd about 3hours ago

  • keith cash brown mia,fl

    i had the pleasure of working this entire tour as part of the crew,production mgr,stage mgr and carpenter. i was on the stage evrynight during the show in case anything would malfunction during the performance,and if you have the dvd you will see me on the night we filmed the rotating stage got stuck and he(TYLER PERRY aka MADEA) called me out from behind the set to ask what happened.i enjoyed the experience working with Mr.Perry tremendously.i watch the show every night from the side of the set,i think we did the show like 300 and somthing times and i promise you every night there was somthing new comig from the mind of Madea lol.looking forward to my next opportunity.....keep supporting

    • Jolene St. Louis #1878423

      You might be able to help! I'm trying so hard to directly quote Made a in the restaurant talking to Stephanie about bitterness. She says something about it only hurting the bitter person. The other person is living life and you're up all night dwelling on them

  • carolyn cannady monroe Lal

    Luv all oshiwur movie and plays a shownd u 2 can't wait for the new

    • Baudelaire Jean Baptiste Boston,ma #2200145

      I like your all movies great job and I would like one day to become an actor because that is my dream for one day to get hired from to help me out to reach my goal

    • Baudelaire Jean Baptiste Boston,ma #2200146

      It's me again here's my facebook page text me or inbox private for any questions my facebook page is moun isit to... Or you can give me a call

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