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The year is 2003 and the class of 1953 is having their 50th reunion.

Mabel (Madea) Simmons and Downtown Leroy Brown are old classmates. The setting of the play is the hotel where Madea and all of her classmates are staying.

This play is filled with great singing and lots of laughs as Madea and Brown go at it. Watch the drama unfold as they take a trip down memory lane.

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  • Destiny atlanta,ga

    I love all of his movies and i have all of them even the plays . i love mr.perry's work!!!

    • miracle tolentino apia/samoa #2103897

      hey what is a najo?????? i remember this helo mmmooowww

  • Eloise U. S. Virgin Islands

    Madea's Class Reunion is my number one all time favorite Madea's play...followed closely by Whats Done In The Dark and Madea Got A Job.

  • Miles Long Beach ca.

    Anyone who reads this message should agree that Tyler Perry should do his other character Dr.Willie Leroy Jones again in a new play for those who don't know dr.Willie Jones is from Madea's class reunion.

  • Nicolene South Africa

    This still one of the best stage plays i have ever seen, whenever i am watching it feels like i am part of the audience watching live.

  • Kathy Lewis Norfolk Virginia

    Dr.Perry I must say that you are a Man with many talents, and I just Love You so much. Too many times we see Men not using their God given talents, and I thank you for allowing so many of them to have a Chance.I would truly love to meet you one day for that is a Dream of mine, I know you are always Busy, but one day I will see you face to face. God Bless You and Thank you for aloowing me to Laugh Again, Kathy Lewis, Norfolk Va!

  • faith johnson

    hey tyler i like madea class renion

  • Tasha Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

    I just wanted to tell you that Class Reunion was one of my Favorites and I hope that you turn that into a movie soon I had the play years ago and somebody stole it from my house I have been looking for a copy everywhere and can't find the play no where but That was my personal favorite I was dying laughing, I love all your work, I would like to konw is there going to be a new season of For Better Or Worst I love that show and have been checking for it ever since it went off. <3 Tyler Perry<3

  • Sherry Monticello, AR

    You are one of a kind. I really enjoy your plays because they gets into the heart of we as African American. When I watch your plays, my days sometime seem so long, even though I know that there are twenty four hour, but I sit down with your plays and watch them, God lets me know I am not by myself and that know matter what happen this day He will be there and Tyler plays can lift you up and keep you in check with your life. You keep up the good work and let God keep on leading you in whatever you do. I wish my Mom could have been her to just watch one of your plays and I know she would put herself in the life you show us everytime you make another movie. I am going to try and get all your plays but I know it will be in God's hands, because I looking forward to put my life in every play you make. Keep up the good work and may God continually bless you..

  • Rhoda Brooklyn

    I would like you to come to Brooklyn and do the play" made a get a job. make it work please before I die . call me at grant me that wish thank you

  • Kamodjia Mansfield, Ohio

    MR.PERRY please make Madea's class Renuion the movie and can i be in it LOL im just 13 and my friends at school say imma class clown and i keep people laughing...i could cast in class renuion...Madea's Little Nephew who goes to visit his mom with madea...but its alright if you dont bc i have madea everything and i will see you in the future mr.perry... make madea's class renuion the movie 2013 or 2014

  • Julia Bronx, NY

    I have this DVD and I watch it over and over and over and over (you get the drift) again. No matter how much I watch it, it seems like the first time everytime. My goal when I start working is to get every single Tyler Perry DVD that I don't own, which is only a few. Thank you Mr. Perry, for plays and movies that put my life into perspective. When I'm going through, I can count on Madea to get me out.

  • julie mcdowell oxford nc

    I love all your movies and plays, i love how how you give your all in all your plays, and i've learned a lot from your plays from this play i learned that you have to for give and be free

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