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"I want to invite all y'all to the family reunion. Er'rabody is comin'! You see, what had happened was my sister died on the same weekend that my granddaughter was suppose' ta get married so we had a funeral, a weddin', and a family reunion all at the same time. Talk about savin' money! I paid for it all with just seventy-five dollars. I was so glad that Irene died, although she did owe me twenty dollars.

"Mr. Brown, my neighbor, says he will see her in that great gittin' up mornin'. I told him to let me hold twenty dollars 'til she get back. When I said that the whole family got mad (like I care anyhow).

"God knows I hope I don't go to jail this time but if my granddaughter, who is sixteen, walk up on me one mo' time like I'm in a trainin' bra I will be forced to shoot her and her momma.

Y'all pray for me 'cause this here family is so screwed up I might have to do a drive by on the whole family although Irene (bless her soul) already dead so she won't even much feel it."


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  • william hartman austin, texas

    I saw this play when it first came out I'm still laughing its my favorite . I went to see you when you came here at the Frank Erwin Center still laughing.I thought it wouldn't be another funny person after Martin Lawrence but you made me out a lie keep up the good work and God Bless.I do miss House of Payne though but I watch the dvd's all the time.thanks brother

  • marquaylan statesville

    when are u having a new play

  • Latesha Estes Chicago, IL

    Dear Tyler Perry, First, I would love to say that I have been blessed to see every last one of your movies,plays, and tv shows that you have created . Your work will always be remarkable and unforgettable . In saying this, I would LOVE to be apart of one of your projects . I am a 18 year old lost actress who can't find her way into the lime light where I belong. Even if I cant be apart of your team , I'm still writing you today because I am looking for a since of direction . If you can help me in any way, shape or form , that would be great. I'm willing to leave Illinois with NOTHING to chase my dream. I know god did not bless me with all this talent for no reason , i just do not know where to begin. I was once told ,"A person wakes up with two options; to get up and chase their dreams, or to go back to sleep and keep dreaming!" Mr.Perry IM TIRED OF DREAMING , I am ready to run! Sincerely , Latesha S. Estes

  • Michelle Jones jonesmuchelle Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    I love the play and movie of Madea's Class Reunion.

    • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado #1923375

      I don't think there was a movie for Madea's Class Reunion.You must be thinking of Madea's Family Reunion.

  • Ashley Birmingham,Al


  • Tina S.C

    When I think about your play's I think's about my diyfuunction family like my frist curszing have three children by the othere frist curszing and the mother are sister Mr Tyler I love my mother famliy but there are so mine thing's wroung in my family so yes when I look at ur play's I cry too . saying I love you Tyler. P.S THE HOUSE of Payne I love that show you see I you to do Drue at the age of sixteen - twenty years old I stop after my son lung collapsed and a h*** in his heart I never did drue again . so you don't need a drue center all you need is God and faith that all you need. well talk to you again see you. sincel Tina

  • sylvia louis miami

    when i think about this play i think of how i felt the first time i watch it i had to see it again and again i cried so hard that it release some of the thing that i was holding on in my heart about my family and God bless Tyler for this play Love and family is real and we always making mistake why i writing this comment tears are still falling from my face. God has people in this world that can express what you been through are what you may face in your life.....

  • christopher cain Fayetteville N.C.

    can you send me a copy hahahaha no seriously!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  • Anerin Defang Salem, OR

    We have this movie!! At first, in the beginning of the movie i was alittle disappointed kuz it was a PLAY..but then, throughout the WHOLE MOVIE, I enjoyed watching it! I love it when Madea makes fun of Mr. Brown's neck!! hahahahahhahhah :D dat always cracks me up. Her jokes that she uses on Brown, i use them to my sisters and they laugh because they KNOW WHERE I GOT IT FROM..hahahhahha... I really love your Madea Movies :) Stay Blessed :)

  • Augustus Houston TX

    I was on a trip in NC and got a chance to see this in person i loved every minute of it

  • hogue virginia

    Tyler Perry take a moment and pray that Gods' hand remains in your life. You are about a great work for the Lord. God's people are obtaining great insite to life and living through the intellect that you have laid before them in these plays and pictures. Dont allow anything to obscure your view. I was blessed to learn that you are getting married. I pray your union in the Lord and Him alone. Keep your perspective in focus always. I condemn not just writing to encourage you in Christ Jesus and Him alone. Gods' blessings be continually upon you for the life that you live. I did see your play a few weeks ago in Roanoke and was blessed until the show thereafter. As some other Chrisitans comment that it would have been a blessing to have had more gospel selections sung at the end. Think about that and bless us in the spirit as well. AMEN WITH MUCH AGAPE

  • Kate Brown Tucson, AZ

    Absolutely LOVED "Madea's Class Reunion" DVD, play. Going to purchase it ASAP! Wonderful work! Well-crafted, excellent writing, direction and acting! SO FUNNY, wise and wonderful (again)! Thank you Tyler Perry for your magnificent work, that only The Creator, our Heavenly Father, and you could put together! Thank you so much!...Kate Brown

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