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Everyone’s favorite “Southern mama” reminds us why faith and family are so important in the hilarious new comedy Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Neighbors From Hell (The Play). Filled with inspiring gospel music, the newest stage play from blockbuster director, writer and producer Tyler Perry arrives on DVD (plus Digital Ultraviolet), Digital HD, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View April 22.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Neighbors From Hell (The Play) pits no nonsense matriarch Madea and feisty neighborhood know-it-all Aunt Bam up against some troubled new neighbors and arrives on DVD after only one premiere performance weekend to packed audiences in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the first Madea stage play since the fan-favorite production of Madea Gets A Job, the side-splitting performance, taped in front of a live audience, comes on the heels of the recent theatrical release of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas. Not available on tour, the DVD is the only way that fans can watch the always uproarious Madea show her troubled neighbors that love and forgiveness are at the heart of a family, and that their faith will see them through to a brighter future. Tyler Perry stars as Madea, and is joined on stage by Cassi Davis (TV’s “House of Payne”) as the irreverent Aunt Bam and Wess Morgan (Laugh to Keep from Crying).

Madea's neighborhood takes a turn for the worse when a foster mother moves in with her unruly kids. Suspicious activity leads Madea to take justice into her own hands. With Aunt Bam by her side, Madea uses her unique wit and wisdom for unforgettable results.

Featuring moving new songs written by Tyler Perry and performed by the cast, the Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Neighbors From Hell (The Play) DVD includes a behind-the-scenes featurette.

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  • LADY G Earth

    Looking forward to seeing this. "Very long wait" on Netflix.

  • Allanna Lindsay Belews Creek, NC

    This stage play is hilarious!

  • brazil 351 bridge port novel av

    hi i love this movie i keep looking at i love keep make movies and plays so i will keep seeing them

  • Eleanor B. Shreveport, La

    It's a blessing to be a blessing and all of your movies are tear jerking and laughingly wonderful. Thanks Tyler and keep up the wonderful, inspirational work.

  • Sonya Jefferson City, MO

    As a social worker, it was great AWESOME. We need more workers in the field to take a stand and more neighbors to understand it really takes a "Village"

  • Malik Brann west palm beach

    I swear my best part is when them 3 kids singed and the girl with the red hair look like she been through that tyler perry know he something god open some doors for him i want to be in a play like that. I cant wait till the man upstairs open some doors for me ima start posting videos on youtube

  • Julie Nashville

    I have to say BRAVO !! You are the best Mr. PERRY The best! PLEASE continue on with your stories and bless us with you tallent. Thank you..

  • Tyler Fan

    I have been on my own since I was fourteen. I practically raised myself! At one point I had educated myself, labored 2 put food on my own table and put clothes on my own back. I am proud of the many things I learn'd 2 du on my own. (I also needed help from other people). Being born a woman should never stop you from doing what you can du! Stretch out your hand and reach for your dreams! Let the church, and men like Mr. Perry, be the wind pushing your sails higher into the skies...the sky is the limit! I may not be Oprah Winfred, yet as a woman, I encourage you to work hard to help yourself. God does help those who help themselves. May this message inspire you.

  • nakisha john GRENADA

    I really love the message that I have been learning from all of those Tyler perry's movies."it has inspired me in so many ways and open my eyes towords life it self. I have been on my own since I was 14 years of age.and I'm so proud of who I am today.and watching Tyler perry's show just gives me more inspiration to want to share my story and help others who is or was in same situation as me.

  • Teresa Holeman Corona, Ca

    Tyler, I love your Madea Movies. I would love to be in one. I had a Madea for a Step-mom since I was 9. I don"t know were you are doing with this one. maybe a movie. I have some ideas. My "Mama" had a Machete under her bed at night. I don"t know how many times she would say. I"d chop a MF head off if he comes into my Apt. she also stabbed a man the head with a knife. she told my innocent daughters "if a man hits you stab them in the head. My life was crazy. yet I wouldn't't change it for the world.-Teresa I could be the step-daughter from a previous relationship of Madea's who tries to help family, who needs helping. that's my real life drama at 45.

  • Antoine Brookyln New York

    Tyler, i must say you have been working very hard all your life and i have been watching all of your plays and movies and i can say all the parts madea says and i play it over and over because she us so funny keep doing wat you are doing and i am gonna keep watching love you always tyler mabey one day ill act or go on tour with you one day

  • Alexander Carson Allendale

    Love the play and the music. When I heard the music it made me enbrace myself and my christian side. It touched my heart in many ways and made me love god and gospel music! I love your movies and plays and the lessons in them. I would love to come and act on stage one day to let you know. But I will be writing a review on my website about this and HAHN.