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A marriage is one of the greatest institutions in the world. It transcends happiness, laughter and the gift of love. Our culture today is designed to create futile circumstances that are sometimes hard to overcome in marriage. The #1 urban playwright in the country introduces his newest stage production, Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor" to profile relationships that put the quest to the test and tells the story of how in the end "love conquers all" (or makes you smarter.)

However, before you get to the end, Tyler Perry the comedic mastermind of this genre presents stories of the essence of marriage i.e. we love, we trust and we get mad and we compromise! Roger Jackson is a hard working good man, an accountant by profession. He takes care of not only his wife Judith but his weed smokin' pop Stanley and her retired bible totin' mom, TT.

The two parents living in the same household do not get along. Judith, the professional ivy league educated marriage counselor gives marital advice everyday. But she can't get her own marriage together! The scene switches to the married couples seeking advice. Shattered, confused and broken. Dr. Jackson has an answer for them all but a turn of events causes the marriage counselor to need some advice once a certain college friend drops by the office! The surprise twists and turns are unpredictable after that. Who are the real marriage counselors? What makes your marriage sizzle or fiz?

Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor" transforms the art of marriage, life and family with this entertaining experience on stage. It is a reflection of what goes on in married life.The 10th production by Tyler Perry is truly a must see event with new extraordinary singing talent that is amazing. Don't miss the 10th stage production! Mr. Perry, a writer, music composer, producer, director, actor, filmmaker extraordinaire has had 9 successful stage productions and 2 collaborations since 1997 and 5 hit movies; and two TV sitcoms.

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    Dear Tyler- The one thing I have always enjoyed about your movies is that you employee "real hollywood actors and actresses" regardless of color. I am not motivated to see this movie for several reasons. 1- Kim K is not an actress 2- Kim K as a marriage counselor? REALLY? COME ON MAN!! You mean to tell me there was no other actress that you could hire for this role. Kim will be fine. Keep our actors / actresses employed!!!!

  • Lorraine Washington, DC

    I am a Tyler Perry fan and have enjoyed all of your work. Unfortunately, I am not motivated to pay money to see the film, The Marriage Counselor because of Kim K. For you to justify that it is in the best interest for the film and she has to potential to be a role model with a " large Twitter following" ? Enough is enough. Good luck with your future work.

  • ITTY Canada

    So because this woman has made some questionable choices in her life, she must not work? @CJ I totally agree with you 100%. Mr. perry as your words in the bible says "THE VERY THING THAT BLESSES YOU, WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU! Maybe it will take someone like you to show her a different path in life, and how to be a star. for all these people speaking negative about you and your choices, there are many more who are with you. I WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU UNTIL YOU DISAPPOINT ME! AND I DO NOT SEE THAT HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON.:) STAY BLESSED

  • KaiLynn United States

    Leave Tyler Perry and Kim K alone.. Y'all sound so petty. Forgetting that everyone makes mistakes in life, and if your hands aren't 100% clean you should not judge anyone. I think it is a great move for Mr. Tyler Perry to cast her so that she can show that she is truly a talented woman beyond everything the media says about her. I will definitely support the film, because with all of his movies, for me they'er about the message, not the actors.

    • Lela Arkansas #1585074

      It's dosen't matter how your are God forgives a person a person know matter what they have done. I believe if you repented for ever it was he will create you a clean heart and renew the right spirit. So what ever it is you hold you head up high and keep walking with Jesus.

  • vanessa ro dallas, tx

    I've been a loyal fan of your work. So I find myself torn after learning you casted Kim K in your project. She and her contrived, fabricated persona and public melodrama -- can't believe you fell for it. And I regretfully will not see this project of yours and will wait for your next one. Good luck!

  • s walker durham

    Mr Perry . I know there is always a reason why you do what you do and casting Kim K It's a choice you make it's your money. You have a message in all of your plays and movies and any true fan know God speaks to you it's not about the money it's about the message God is giving you for his people i am not a fan of Kim k but I know there is something bigger hereat work Do what you do God Bless.

  • Patricia Potts Crosby Texas

    I Can't wait to see how you will portray Kim Kardashian in "Marriage Counselor". All the HATERS are forgetting what your shows are all about. "Christ" and "Second Chances"!!! I wonder if Kim Kardashian will wind up getting "Saved" and marrying a "Christian"!!! I can't wait to see how you will portray GOD at work in her life..........! NEVER STOP MAKING YOUR MOVIES AND PLAYS...............................!

  • kim scott phoenix,az

    will kim kardashian be in your play if so you made a bad choice to do so kim is a disgrace to women people on the internet are petitioning her and her family off tv they ain't nothing but gold digging women they are heartless people won't go see your play or buy it hope you will do the right thing don' cast her.

  • TM Beverly Hills, CA

    Mr. Perry, I lead a very busy life and I am a successful business owner in the fashion industry. I had to take the time to write about a recent casting decision that just disappointed me. I never write on websites like this because of a busy lifestyle, but I am making the time to write to you now. I've enjoyed your movies through the years, and have shared them with friends and family, thus promoting your films further. The casting of Kim Kardashian is upsetting. I will not support this film because you chose to cast someone who lacks talent except spread her legs, promote her gold-digging family, while being the one of the most narcissistic, self-absorbed, putrid, unethical souls in entertainment. I will join the many people disgusted with this choice and will petition, boycott anything with Kardashian attached to it. Her fifteen minutes of fame were up a while back ago. You just gave her 90 minutes more. Having worked for a major studio in the past, I know this is about money, and box office draw. I'm sure Kim has an audience you are seeking out. I know, this is business. As a fan, this is a bad business decision. Of course controversy breeds curiosity and most likely her stupid, brainless, loyal "fans" may flock to see her. Many of YOUR loyal fans will not because we are fed up with her and her senseless family. Please reconsider cutting her part from the film. This is also an insult to many talented actresses out there where many parts are not available to a very handicapped industry. You lost a fan. I may be one, but it will turn to many.

    • Lanyiah roxboro,nc #1620919

      I think all of yall are very childish....complaining abt someone being in a movie.Many celebs been divorced.and everybody puttin all this doubt on Kim and she has been in movies...Dnt get me wrong i LOVE Vanessa Williams but she's been married and divorce twice and shes in the movie and she is an amazing actress and Kim is really good at acting too.... P.S- Kim's not playing Judith. I dnt think shes dark enough to play Vanessa Williams daughter

  • Tina

    MR. PERRY, DON'T YOU REALIZE you're suppose to fix all of societies problems and that taking Kim out of this movie will stop everyone from getting a divorce and making sex tapes DUH, I thought you were a smart man...LOL.

  • CJ

    I don't see how anyone who has posted all these negative comments about Kim Kardashian can call themselves a true Tyler Perry supporter or fan. Even though that I am not too fond of her either, I do trust Tyler Perry's decision making when casting his films. He has given us quality entertainment for several years and has brought greatness out of some best actors and actresses. For those of you who are criticizing him for his decision, you are entitled to your opinion. However, I would ask that before you start to cast judgement on the decision to cast someone in this movie that you see the finished product first. I will continue to support him because, in my eyes, his record speaks for itself.

    • DJ NASHVILLE #1575786

      CJ I like your comment you made! Mr. Perry - keep doing what you do best!

    • Rene #1626027

      Tyler sent out an email asking for opinions about Kim K being in the move, probably because he knew deep down inside that people were not going to support Kim K being in this movie.

  • Ms. W Texas

    I can honestly say that I am sick to death of Ms. K. Kardashian. I was very disappointed to hear that she would be co-starring in your latest movie. K. Kardashian represents everything gone wrong with our society today. Her motives are twisted and self serving. As much as I love a T.Perry film, I can't see myself going to see this movie. She doesn't play a vain, conniving woman on TV, she actually lives as one in real life. And to add insult to injury, this woman is not a skilled actress, she's not even amateur. I think its an insult to other well qualified, talented actresses (regardless of race) who have earned their respect in the business.... Ms. Kardashian is only a celebrity who's claim to fame is a sex-tape and a laundry list of trifling behaviors. The media has become addicted to this woman's poison. Haven't we had enough of her??? Putting her in your film is such a bad move.

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