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A marriage is one of the greatest institutions in the world. It transcends happiness, laughter and the gift of love. Our culture today is designed to create futile circumstances that are sometimes hard to overcome in marriage. The #1 urban playwright in the country introduces his newest stage production, Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor" to profile relationships that put the quest to the test and tells the story of how in the end "love conquers all" (or makes you smarter.)

However, before you get to the end, Tyler Perry the comedic mastermind of this genre presents stories of the essence of marriage i.e. we love, we trust and we get mad and we compromise! Roger Jackson is a hard working good man, an accountant by profession. He takes care of not only his wife Judith but his weed smokin' pop Stanley and her retired bible totin' mom, TT.

The two parents living in the same household do not get along. Judith, the professional ivy league educated marriage counselor gives marital advice everyday. But she can't get her own marriage together! The scene switches to the married couples seeking advice. Shattered, confused and broken. Dr. Jackson has an answer for them all but a turn of events causes the marriage counselor to need some advice once a certain college friend drops by the office! The surprise twists and turns are unpredictable after that. Who are the real marriage counselors? What makes your marriage sizzle or fiz?

Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor" transforms the art of marriage, life and family with this entertaining experience on stage. It is a reflection of what goes on in married life.The 10th production by Tyler Perry is truly a must see event with new extraordinary singing talent that is amazing. Don't miss the 10th stage production! Mr. Perry, a writer, music composer, producer, director, actor, filmmaker extraordinaire has had 9 successful stage productions and 2 collaborations since 1997 and 5 hit movies; and two TV sitcoms.

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  • True Fan

    I support all of your plays, and all of your movies, but for obvious reasons, I will not support any movie featuring Kim Kardashian. Considering all she has done for the almighty dollar, I rufuse to contribute to anything she's a part of.

    • Ms. E us #1570469

      People regardless of what she has done, what about forgiveness. "He without sin, let him cast the first stone". We've got to learn to forgive one another, just as God did for us. Be blessed Tyler Perry and let the lord order your steps.

    • cc DC #1608839

      You and anyone else that hide behind theology have be hoodwinked, bamboosled, had, perpurtrating a fraud and don't even know it. What a sad world we live in when millions have been brainwashed in to this god and jesus propaganda. what a sad world we live in, just sad !

  • LuvinLola

    Talentless, money grubbing Kim K will be in your movie. I will NOT support it. Worst!

  • asrimya DC

    Kim Kardashian will be in the movie. SO I WON"T BE IN THAT MOVIE THEATRE. Put my money somewhere that's worth it.

  • Sheryta Spears Myrtle Beach, SC

    Hi, I am trying to find out where I can submit a song to be considered for the new movie soundtrack, 'The Marriage Counselor." The name of the song is "Stay." Thanks.

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