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The mood around the hospital is that strange things happen when the moon is in full effect. According to this story, everyone has a song and dance to tell but is everyone telling the whole story? Always remember, what's done in the dark will always come to light!

Nurses stationed in the Emergency Room were talking in hushed tones about their state of affairs. Witty combinations of characters dramatize issues and situations that can relate to you. The colorful and spontaneous work of Mr. Brown is back to prime time theater with his lovable daughter Cora who always shows her best side. Then there's Kerry, head nurse and assistant to the chief of staff thinks she has it all - including Dr. Paul Bowman. She struts around like the hospital is a wonderland for her. And, we must mention Nurse Trudy. Can she step out of "self" long enough to find romance? Brenda and her tall talented son have to deal with all the epics of a tired deadbeat father. In one way or another, the hospital staff all has secrets that are revealed.

What's Done in the Dark stages high spirits and great triumphs. It is a story of suspense, health issues, and sensitive emotions. Despite the best efforts to keep matters quiet, staff members realize that being silent is no way to find out the truth.

From homelessness to a box office phenomenon, Tyler Perry has staying power for the next generation in theater, film and TV and has a proven track record to validate it. For this production, he has assembled some of the best performers from his past productions and some new additions. The creativity is extraordinary and unpredictable.

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  • cambrickadavis athens georgia

    i love this movie its too funny.

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I saw this play live in 2007.

  • Isaiah Williams Aurora Colorado

    I saw this play live in 2007

  • tiana philadelphia

    I have watched this play a dozen times and it never gets old not the actors or the message that it tells you because I know it's true because my own business manage to get out of the dark through noone elses fault but my own and I did the time and still doing it and I haven't even begun life yet at 19 yrs old. All I can say is what is done in the dark will come to the light eventually if not now.

  • angela deione crennel college park, ga 30349

    I have been wanting to see this play and all I get to see is the preview of it, one of these days I will get to see it.

  • maurice onyango Nairobi Kenya

    This is one of the best plays i have watched in decades. The only problem is that i cant get it around in this part of the continent if i would be assisted on how to get it.

  • mensah naa dedei deborah accra-ghana

    i really love your movies and any time i watch them am filled will joy

  • mckaelatatman new tazewell,tn

    i love your movies text me sometime love mckaelatatman but u can call me mickey mouse.

  • Deloris Gatson pickens ms 39146

    I love all of your movie good deed Iwatch almost every day for 6 weeks, it makes me laugh it makes me cry.

  • Catherine Brooklyn, N.y

    The song Chandra Currelly sings (Jehovah Jireh) blesses me each time I hear it. I wish it was on a CD so I could hear it anytime.

    • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado #1910764

      I like the tick tock part

  • Felicia L Montgomery, AL

    I always laugh so much when I am watching your movies and plays, please don't stop.

  • LaTonya Holmes Little Rock, AR

    Hey Tyler, I am wondering if the musis from you plays and or movies can be purchased as single tracks on any online music site. The reason I ask is because my Aunt would like for the song Jehovah Jireh sung by Chandra Currelley to be played at her son's funeral. I have been searching for it via your site, Amazon and iTunes and unable to locate it. I would greatly appreciate any assistance that your staff you provide. I just want to make this as easy as possible. Thank in advance LaTonya Holmes

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