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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Shirley Gayden Minneapolis, MN 55430

    Hello Mr. Perry..I am grandmother to two very ambitious young ladies.. Antonia and Olyvia...and I do all I can to help them achieve their dream.. because that's what parents and grandparents are suppose to do right? Olyvia goes to a school of performing arts..and she really love to sing..she is 15 years old and sing with three of her friends that are just as talented and go to the same school..they sound really good together.Antonia is 18..just graduating..and planning to go to school for accounting.i am doing all I can to make sure they stay on the right track..if you can help in any way..we would be eternally grateful.oh yeah forgot to mention one more little talent Olyvia has is that she knows how to talk with a British accent..I love to hear her do that.thank you Mr. Perry..I am recovering from two broken legs..but plan to visit Atlanta soon..my sister lives there..thanks again..

  • Minner New mexico

    Can we your in person

  • Kaison Porter Smyrna GA

    I am an actor! My friends have been driving this into my head for my entire life. My personality is unique and my humor can create joy within anyone, according to everyone I know. Although I am very passionate about acting, it is second nature to me. Due to this, I would never see acting as a job or a career – I am performing every second that I am alive. What is driving me right now to finally take the next step is due to the previous challenges and obstacles I had to overcome through the grace of God and my faith in him. During my senior year at the HBCU Virginia State University I was blessed with two beautiful girls Kai Monet and Park Baltimore. At that moment I didn’t know much about being a father, but I always knew how to display my love and care for what I am committed to. Having these two blessings showed me how to appreciate life and how to endure anything. God delivered these two beautiful girls for me so it can provide me with even a bigger boost of motivation to continue to follow my dreams. Every day I write down in my notes “My goal I feel good about myself”. In five years I will be an accomplished actor. Also, with all due respect, when it is all said and done I will be known as one of the best actors of all time. This is my third year in my five-year goal and I a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I am the perfect candidate for your company, not because of my passion to act or because of my undeniable confidence, but because it is in God’s plan. I am no stranger to hard work, I’ve worked since I was thirteen years old, and therefore to earn an opportunity with your studio will be greatly appreciated. This letter to you wasn’t the easiest to write. I just know that I must take advantage of the opportunities put in front of me by God. If I don’t try, I automatically lose. This is not my entire life story. My life story is still unraveling as I progress through my pathway to success as an actor. All I want for you to get from this is the undying feeling that Kaison Porter will work exceptionally hard as a student. My name is Kaison Porter. I am 25 years old born and raises in Mount Vernon New York. I have my Bachelor degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Drama. I will become one of your most memorable students. Thank you Mr. Perry

  • Ernest Smith Hampton VA

    Congrats on all your success, I'm a film maker also, except I'm just getting started. You are an inspiration to a lot of film makers, Keep up the good work.

  • Ralph l Graves-McGee Ypsilanti mi

    Hi Mr. Perry I'm a big fan of your work love all yours plays an movie inspired by your work I wanna start write a play called why me I follow your ever move if the Lord can turn your life completely around i lnow God is gd my wife love all shows movies an plays as well I wondering are you come back to Detroit so I can bring her to see you Ralph

  • MISS P. cols., ohio

    Hello Mr.Perry: Im still enjoying all your movies and plays. I need a favor though...I need help because I'm in betfacilities.ween jobs...I need a vacation...I haven't had a day off whether I'm paid or not...Im tired...I would like to take a tour of your

  • Lavern Cameron Fredericksburg, VA

    Mr. Perry, First I appreciate all you are doing in the genre of entertainment and as a business owner. I know you probably get thousands of request asking for help. I am a recent published author of a book titled Living Courageously - Embracing your Truth formerly titled Accent from Obscurity. My request is to simply have someone on your staff; a producer or assistant to read the work. The book is 139 pages and is a very easy read. The book primarily focus on the dark past of my mother and me and how the darkness of our lives did not abort God's purpose. In all our challenges, bad decisions, etc...God brought forth greatness in my daughter being crown Miss America in 2010. If they feel it's worth your attention than I would ask that they share it with you. I am as prepared for you to not see this email but praying that you will. I will be sending a copy of the book to your studio with attention for it to go to your producer or assistant. I have a dedicated web-site at www.accentfromobscurity.com Thank you, LaVern Cameron Inspiring Extraordinary Living

  • mary Ann ohio

    Dear Mr. Perry, Let me begin by saying what an honor it is to be writing you ! Whether this letter makes its way to your desk or not, the admiration that I have for you and the way that you have molded your career makes this quite a nerve wracking thing for me to do! growing up with an out of control imagination has given me an outrageous bucket list! I want to sing a duet with Bret Michaels, even though I can't carry a tune in a bucket ... I want to ride a bike from the east coast to the west.... Even though I don't presently own a bike ... I want to be the girl in the guns and roses video Sweet Child O mine to just one person before I die even though I don't have eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain .... I want to found an organization to teach children, educate teens and broaden the horizons of women who have lost hope in their vision as well as mentor and give a hand up to men who are freshly out of prison and starting over because it's difficult to stand back up when so many things can aim to keep you down ... I want to swim with the dolphins , but only somewhere like Sea World ... Not in the ocean because I don't want to meet up with that one shark who thinks he has to put his n*** in our business .... And I want to overcome my life long battle with being overweight and unhealthy and save myself from sickness and premature death and at the same time prove to women who are stuck in a body they don't like, like I have been that it is possible at any point .. Any age ... Any station in life ... It is possible to OVERCOME the addiction and I want to show them by filming it and allowing them to watch for themselves and I would love to do that with your help because I want it to be a fun experience, not a complete drag !! Please excuse the run on sentences, I'm a girl ... When I get excited it's difficult to shut up or take a breathe ... I'm not a tough as nails business woman, I'm not a woman who's sole purpose in life is to make money and I'm not one who thinks being famous would be the coolest thing in the world , I'm a mommy and a grandma who has set horrible health examples , I'm a friend who doesn't want other women to hurt and fear and dislike themselves , so while I don't know the rules, as far as contact goes ... What I do know is that exposure is the one way to reach as many suffering and stuck women as possible .... And that's where I need help .... Working with you would be an incredible pleasure ... Thank You for reading these words and contemplating these thoughts and feelings . May God continue to Bless you ! Respectfully, Mary Ann

  • martise wilsonn

    I love the movies you made and played in like made a witness protection program and the other movies like Alex cross I wish I can meet you in real life and tell you the movie you played in was very good I need you as made a to come down here and teach these boys to pull their pants up

  • shiann oklahoma

    Hi Mr. Perry I was wanting to no if you can help me become an actor I love all of your movies and my dream is to act for you one day. I dream everyday about becoming an actress and I love what you do for a lot of our black people. I am 23 years old I have 4 children but I believe that anything is possible if you work hard

  • Brenda Hights San Antonio,Tx

    I know you get plenty of people asking for help, but I'm not asking for myself. My sister in Settle WA is in end stage Lung Cancer. She just lost her husband two months ago, who was a Army Vet. She has a little money from his death, but not enough to get her home back to San Antonio, Tx. There isn't any family there so we need to get her home now because her cancer has become worst. She is fainting, getting confused, very weak and her lungs are so bad that she wasn't able to fly or take the three - four days drive home. Her name is Judy A. Abram. please, please can you help me.

  • pamila Yucaipa, CA

    I was visiting Atlanta. Really wanted to see TP studios. I understand the rule no visiting by the puplic. Maybe in the future you will consider public visitation. Thanks for the video tour. Keep doing what you do Mr. TP. Love it. Love your speech at at the commencement.

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