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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Lisa Dallas, TX

    Hi Tyler! I can't find any information about live tours of your studio in Atlanta on this website so I assume that only virtual tours are available. Could you please confirm this? Also, if tours are NOT available, would you consider posting that on the site? It would save other event planners a great deal of time (and frustration) in the future. Thanks so much and keep up the good work! Love you and your shows!

  • Audrey Atlanta GA

    Good afternoon, first let me say I admire you you are such a good person and I love your work. I have been trying to contact the studio to see if you do tours? My mother is here from TX and she just loves everything about you Mr. Perry She will be 78 in June and her health is not good (not fatal) but not good, she gets around on a cane and moves very slow and her memory is not good, early stage of dementia . All she talks about is she would love to if not meet you at least see the studio before she goes home on Tuesday the 25th. Thank you for your time and never stop doing what you are doing, you are the best

  • Shalibra Frazier Brooklyn, NY

    The play, Hell's No Fiery Like A Woman Scorn, was AMAZING!!! I drove all the way to Baltimore to see the play. Please bring your plays back to NY!!!

  • Linda florida

    Hello Tyler, I really need your help I lost my brother in 2011, and my mother in 2012. She was my everything its very hard for me when I saw that my mother couldn't walk anymore I was so heart broken and she started to prepare me for the day that I will be alone she told me to always trust in the Lord and that I do. We were taught about the Lord at a early age. I'm trusting in the Lord word ask and you shall receive Mr. Perry I need your help I work and I never ask for anything it's very hard I trying to keep my brother's house and my mother house if I give up I feel I lost, she worked very hard to keep things and I am trying please I really need you I find myself crying all the time about my mother I miss her so much and my brother I was with her everyday and it hurt to see her like that I never prayed so hard to the Lord to give my mother just a little more time and he did that and I dream the day she left September 18 2012 I told my sister before September. will you help me Tyler it would be a blessing to hear from you. I have nothing I live from pay to pay check. Thanks TYLER PLEASE READ ME AND ANSWER

  • NEATASHIA TURNER Chester Pa 19013

    I know that this is irrelevant,but I just want'd to and had to say this before anyone one else says it(lol)if they didn't already ,WE WANT A MADEA CARTOON please and thank you Mr.Tyler Perry.

    • Rev. George Brooks Murfreesboro, TN #1936944

      I'm surprise to see that Tyler Perry is finally allowing the public to express themselves here, even though I am sure all comments that are not are not in full accord with Perry is not going to be displayed here. Nevertheless, I love and admire Tyler Perry for having risen to great heights in his field of endeavor, BUT everything done is of the same old style and flavor. And I know for a fact that we black people don't need to remain in slavery and Stepin Fetchit's world, in EVERY MOVIE and TV SERIES that Perry, AS WELL AS OPRAH, presents. We are still being played up as servants and slaves, or clowns, and humble and happy with conditions that existed hundreds of years ago. LET'S GET SERIOUS!!! And present a picture of what black folks need to be about in the future. Which certainly should not be Stepin' Fetchits and Hattie McDaniels. And PLEASE stay out of that dress Perry. --- Rev. George Brooks

  • Patrice Scott California

    Very Beautiful. I need and want a new career.

  • Montrease Smalls Darien ga.

    First just want to say Mr. Perry my family is a Hugh fan of you work god had truly blessed you. You have blessed others. The craziest thing happened a couple of years ago. My son won the Mall Model search in Brunswick Ga. He was so excited. His heart was broken and so was mine. We where struggling to make ends meet. He lost his opportunity because of me. I was unable to pay for the pictures. But I pray and goopd has his answers.

    • Daria Queens NY #1937195

      Hello Monstrease Smalls my name is Daria and I am 16 I wanted to audition for one of Tyler Perry's Productions but the online audition doesn't work I was writing a letter to Mr. Perry to ask him to hold an open casting call so that everyone could audition for one of Mr. Perry's productions. And my mother payed $500.o0 for my headshots so not worth it. The same thing that your going to pay so much money for can easily be done with a regular digital camera and printed out in black and white if your looking for auditions in your area you can go to backstage.com

  • Tiajuana Williams West Memphis Arkansas

    what's funny is, I was in Atlanta and my dream has always been to work with Tyler and I was so close to the doors of the studio I could just scream lol, but the two security officers wouldn't let us in. I have never been so close to my vision and couldn't reach out and touch it in my life! I tell you I was just happy to be in the parking lot. but I did tell them that they would see my face again and I want be begging to come in. GOD SAID IT... Oh yea I was pleading lol but they did their jobs and I was ok with that. The studio is beautiful just like Tyler's spirit. It is a reflection of him.

  • William Todd Conyers, Georgia

    Mr. Perry, my wife and I really love to go to your movies. I am Caucasian (a lawyer) and she is Hispanic (Panamanian and a Spanish interpreter), and I know it is important to you to reach all ethnic groups with your movies (the Single Moms Club does just that). We have never really been concerned about that factor, but it is great to see you trying. That way, more groups will be encouraged to come out and learn something. I don't care what the critics say about your movies--your movies have moral lessons, they are really funny, well acted, and we love the way you bring in actors that we haven't seen in a while and make us remember how good they were (and are). We loved the Single Moms Club! Laughed all the way through it. Now, my favorite is Medea, and I hope that you will keep putting out Medea movies while you are working on other ideas. You are unique in the world of movie making!

  • Karen Alabama

    Hi, Do you ever think or will people ever get to visit the studio, I think from these photos it is awesome , Karen

  • Liz Rodgers Savannah, Ga

    Hi, How are you? I currently attend SCAD and am hoping to intern at your studio this summer. Your work inspires me to not only pursue acting, but to also direct and become a skilled dramatist. As a preacher's kid, it thrills me to view your inspirational work and I'd consider it an honor to work under the Perry Studio brand. I'll be writing you daily in hopes you'll consider me as an applicant. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Gabrielle Brown Salisbury, MD

    Hello Mr. Perry, I just wanted to commend you on all of the great work you have been doing on and off screen. Last night I had the opportunity to take my 10yr daughter to your "Hell Hath No Fury A Woman Scorned" here in Salisbury, MD. It was awesome. And my daughter loved it as Hattie Mae is my daughter's favorite character. I love that fact that you keep returning to my little town of Salisbury, MD. Please do not forget us when your future productions go on tour. I am hoping to take a trip to Atlanta with my daughter to take a tour of the beautiful studio you have there. I pray that our God continues to you bless you as you have blessed so many. Have a Blessed and Prosperous Day! Gabby - Salisbury, MD

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