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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Regina Robinson Cincinnati Ohio.

    i love it i can't wait to get there one day it's Beauitful.

  • Justin McNeil mebane NC

    Hi my dream is to work with you and along side you Tyler. I love your message you send and ultimately the way you move audiences with your great stories. I am a talented actor, writer, director, and visionary. I am looking for an opportunity that I can give my all to and commit to so that I can feed my family. I struggle with bills but the potential I feel and the belief I have will not allow me to give up. I pray that you personally read this and give me an opportunity of a lifetime. Please call me Tyler and I promise you wont regret it... Save my life and give me this opportunity.

  • Juanita Barr atlanta

    I have a great story at only 21 about surviving from racism at age 5, bullying from ( from my own people because I never fit in with them and always tried my best in school while others did things that were not good) 12-18 after moving to an influential white area called Alpharetta from a predominately country area, abuse from my father since a little kid till my 18th birthday that my mother and I were able to escape alive together and since then all the things I have come through that have made what I am today and all the things I have done in college in just 3 years as I strive to become a Nutritionist. I hope to transfer to Georgia State in the Fall of 2016 into their Coordinated Didactic Program. When I get my masters I want to have my own business and work with families since many people in my own race are greatly effected by this devastating obesity crises. I also want each city of low income families to have their own community garden where regardless of income you can get fresh produce anytime for your family and can take cooking classes and learn how to feed you and your family nutritious meals. Plus I really want to work in Children's Hospital as an RD when I graduate since I love kids. Right now I volunteer when ever I can and trying to save up money and get what ever scholarships to help pay for school and hopefully a small pink Leaf car for my tiny self someday. Personally I would love to share my story someday with people as I do not know what I would do without God, the loving mentors I have met in my life which I think could help people with I went through which would teach them to never give up hope. In high school I barely graduated my senior with everything going on and I was told college would be hard for me especially since I have ADHD. But I proved all my teachers and family members wrong!!! I have been on the Dean's list since freshmen year, ended my semester with a 3.8GPA, in Student Government as Court Justice, apart of 2 national honor societies and was a runner up among thousand of students for the Student Service award and Leadership award at my college and received 2 small scholarships this year. I try to live each day with success knowing that I am here for a purpose and God has not brought me this far to give up yet. I will keep helping people, working my b*** off in school and doing all that I can be until I am no longer on this earth to do it.

  • biggest fan 27409

    I hope u really bring back HOUSE OF PAYNE......I lovvvvveeeeee that show....

  • Jacki palmetto, ga

    Contact me if you ever want to do a diary of a mad white woman!!! It involves police corruption, department of family and children services corruption and I have the evidence to prove it!!! I was blessed to see Mr. Perry at the AARP in Atlanta, Ga. I enjoy the fact you are a real person. Thanks for your time

  • AubreyMo South Africa

    wow May God keep TP Empire alive long after Mr Perry is Gone.......in Jesus' Name Amen

  • Sharon Chicago, IL

    I love you baby!

  • Julian Campbell Barbados

    Thank you for the tour Tyler. The studio is absolutely gorgeous! Would like to not only take an online tour, but a physical in person tour! May the Lord continue to bless and prosper all that you set your hands to! Julian Campbell

  • cornelia

    I love the have and have nots,would you please let me no how we can get tickets for the after show season talk show. Thanks so much for the badest show in the south☺☺☺

  • Andrea Atlanta, GA

    Wow, a few months ago when I decided to pursue an acting career I stated "I'm going to be on a Tyler Perry show", little did I know that it'll be the FIRST set that I would be a part of! I thank you all at the Tyler Perry studios for the opportunity that I had and I definitely look forward to MORE. I would even love to work there at the studio rather it's acting or not. The environment was lovely. Keep up the awesome work Tyler Perry AND staff, you all are amazing !!!!!

  • norma's bath and body United States

    And By the Way, I LOVE your Beautiful Studio. you GO!!!!

  • norma United States

    Tyler Perry, I am Soooo o Proud of you! you are truly a Hard working, and DOWN to EARTH kind of Man. I love that. and you give God all the Praise in all that you do! I Just seen a Video of you that was done a few years back on FB about you telling others on how to be a "Success." you said by Gods Grace. and to Focus on one Thing. remember that? Well I have been in Small Business since 2004. and it's HARD work. I still work from home and have Big Dreams. and there has been many times I've wanted to Quit. the Lord has Blessed Me, but Still I am at a Stand Still. I'm asking nothing from you but more Advice. I'm between a Rock and Hard Place. I Cannot quit Now. you are a Blessing! Continue to Be a Blessing to Others! -Norma

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