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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Priscella Husband Hattiesburg, MS

    OMG, I totally LOVED Single Moms Club. Good Deeds used to be my FAVORITE film but this movie Stole My Heart. AWESOME-TOTALLY-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job as usual Mr. Perry. Being a newly single mom, I took my children Jasmine 21, Jamie 16, and Jessica 13 with me to see this movie and they all said the same thing. Mom how did you meet Tyler Perry cause he must be talking about YOU in this movie (Nia Long-writer). I Loved It, Simply Loved It ; ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for acknowledging Us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank montgomery Fajardo,Puerto,Rico

    I am from. Atlanta Georgia I came there when I was about 19 year old I work there until I was 22 then I move to New Jersey and work there for 28 years for New Jersey transit then I retired from there and then I move to Puerto, Rico. In 2012 . And I have a apartment in tn. In Smyrna tenn. I love all of your shows and movies. Thank you so much

    • lorece Frazier Frederica Delaware #1934299

      I enjoy watching the haves and have nots i can not wait until it come back on in may

  • tina devaughn dallas,tx

    I see so much of myself in you its amazing!!!!

  • Rev. Larry Fryer Hudson Memorial CME Church, 2 Taylor Street, Augusta, GA 30901

    Mr. Perry, I have prayed to God that he would order your steps. So many of our young men need to see someone who has gone through the fire, but they have come out "as pure gold". You set a standard for survival and success. I have had dying young men in my arms, funeralized many of them, help many get out of jail and begun a better life and brought hundreds to Christ. You make me feel God to know you are a child of God and set that example at the work place, so that others will see the Salvation of the Lord. God bless your MINISTRY.

  • jr porterville ca 93257

    could you please contact the Galaxy 9 Theatre here in Porterville Ca 93257 all have them show your movies here! i have to drive 30miles to another town just to see your movies when they should be shown here in my town! i have contacted the management to no avail maybe you or your studio contacting them will help the phone number is !

  • Clara Brickley New Orleans, LA

    Tyler, thanks for sharing. The studio is quite beautiful. God bless you always.

  • marlena eupora


    • marlena eupora ms #1933654

      evans. I have a eight month old baby that u need to see u and act in anything u have next and I am a day hard fan of yours

  • Shay Bell meridian,Ms

    The studio is amazing and I would do anything yo visit in person love Tyler thank u and God bless

  • Gladystwo New York

    What a beautiful studio !!!! Good luck

  • Imani NYC/NJ

    Dear Tyler, Tyler Perry Studios is simply a dream come true for all of us. The world was waiting for you and here you are. I always said that once, our "Black Men" get in the game and begin to chart a new course for our future, it was going to be different, dynamic, progressive and overwhelmingly successful - and that is what you represent for all of us, Tyler. Just wondering if the facility is designed to accommodate short term lodging - and if so, what is the cost of the accommodations? As far as I'm concerned we were a wounded people who never received an apology, reparations, or therapy. You, Tyler is just what the doctor ordered - speaking truth to power - helping us heal! Thank you. Peace, Love, & Imani. God Bless You, Always.

    • quantilicia omaha,nebraska #1933947

      thank you for everything your movie is amazing you are my inspirationtyler perry

  • Cherry Southaven MS

    Tyler I would love to get a personal tour of your Studio one day! It is beautiful. I never had the time nor the courage to write until a few years. ago!! :0) I'M A. SCI-FI FAN! My dreams are vivid and in 3-D so I write about my what I've dreamt! And I've had some goodones! ;0)

  • Connie Taylor Marietta, GA

    Hey Tyler, that studio is a masterpiece, now what if someone wants to tour it in person?

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