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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Jacqueline B. D****** Lilburn, Ga.

    Mr. Tyler, I am a big fan and the Haves and Have Nots, my favorite show. Briefly, I am a writer of the VERY successful AMACOM book, THE BLACK MANAGER; MAKING IT IN THE CORPORATE WORLD, which has been as another Bible for many in the workplace. At 72, I have published my 1st e-book, GIFTS. As I watched the opening of "A Winter's Tale", I was reminded of my book. It is rather like this one but different. It deals with how we love gifts without understanding there is a hidden price. I can write fiction also it seems but screenwriting is not my skill. I know you are busy and a lot of people ask you the same as I am. Please have someone take a look at my book and tell you if it is worth your time. At almost 73, however, I don't have a lot of time to wait. Thanking you in advance for your consideration, I am your fan, Jackie D*******

  • Denise Mcneill queens, NY

    Dear Mr Perry, Im writing for my boyfriend, Bernard Corbett, he wrote a play named I don't know why he loves me. Its a very good stage play, and it opened last night at the Riverside theatre in Manhattan. I would love for you to check it out, I want great things to happen for him and I know God is going to do great things through him. Could you please check it out! It will show today as well Feb, 15@ 7:30pm. Please check it out!!!

  • Elizabeth Torres california

    Hi I'm ready to work Tyler , I'm a poet, turn poetry into stories for film or television. Art is therapy, stories you never heard , should be told. God Bless

  • ThisDa Black Atlanta / Pittsburgh Pa

    would love to be emailed given a notice for casting calls or auditions. The link is two my movie RISK thanks.

  • Carlos Ernesto Nhangaba Mozambique

    Hello Mr. Perry! I have been watching some of your movies and I have found no offences, however, they reveal a lot of creativity and boldness of someone who has trusted in God through life long. You inspire us here in Africa especially here in Mozambique. My wife and I have been watching some of your programs to do with social action, it's amazing what you did with fishing school and the house in that neighborhood. I wished we would grasp the same idea in Mozambique to help each other and alleviate those in great needs . . . Keep up the vision. When you are in Mozambique, I'll be the first one to see you. Blessings Carlos

  • Sheneka McCray Albany, Ga.

    Hello Mr. Perry! I love what God is doing in your life and the play's that you bring each year. I love your studio and all of the thing's that you do. You have been a blessing to me and you have inspired me to go back to college and pursue my dreams. Thanks Mr. Perry! I love you! Sheneka McCray

  • Zinhle Princess South Africa (JHB)

    Hi Mr Perry, woow!! Your studio look amazing I will love to work there one day. I am a single mother from South Africa I would love to move to America my daughter she's sixteen (16) and she love acting and singing. I have been thru a lot, my life is a movie itself but thats another story for next time. You're truly blessed I pray that God continue his blessing so you can also continue yours.


    Hello Mr Perry, here in France you represent the success of a new generation of afro-americans filmakers. I was born in France , and we have decided to create the first GOSPEL TV CHANNEL IN FRANCE . I am the program director and producer of many tv shows for the channel . The official lounge of the channel on the national box will take place in june 2014. We really want to meet you about that ; It's gonna be a channel with all the programs you can find else where , fiction, tv shows, information, magazines, primes and so on but with the values of the kingdom . I have been working on the main channels of France for years and am glad to work now for this great challenge . Please could you allow us to meet you even if we have to come to the usa . Know that we are already well known by kirk franklin, donnie mc lurkin, cece winans, marvin sapp because we have contributed to the GOSPEL FESTIVAL OF PARIS and have been working with them for years now. Could you please tell us how we could meet you in order to get some advise from you and eventually have the french people to know your movies through our channel. Thank you to join me on this mailbox: to see you very soon with the direction team . Isabelle VOITIER GOSPEL ONE TV PROGRAM DIRECTOR TV shows producer contact : : 427

  • Denese Hopewell, Va.

    Hello Mr. Perry, I was wondering would you please try to bring The Haves and Have Nots to BET, because some of your fans do not have OWN! I think you could reach more of your fans.

  • JoAnne Hampton, Virginia

    Hello Mr. Perry, I truly imagine that gift(s) that have blessed you with and how you have been using them in Gods way and not men. My family and I like watching Meet the Browns and The Paynes. There are very few family shows that the whole can sit down together to watch and laugh together. They the best medicine is laughter and we would like to know are you going to continue to upgrade the show Meet the browns and the Paynes. These are the only real family type shows that we really watch and totally brings us together as a family. No matter we are doing when Meet the Browns and The Paynes come on we are all sitting together as a family laughing and enjoying the show as well we other. Family is very important to me can you please continue with the show Meet the Browns and The Paynes for 2014! Be Blessed and may God continue to prosper you and your family.

  • Steena Alhambra, CA

    If I was granted the chance to meet ANYONE before I leave this earth, it would be you, Mr. Tyler. You inspire me to be a better person with myself, those around me and more importantly, with our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank him daily for the gift he's given to us, in you ♡ God bless you always!

  • Evangelist USA

    Hello Mr. Perry, I wanted to suggest a movie idea to you because I believe you create good movies like this. There is a young girl by the name of Shana Joseph and she is the author of a new book entitled " A Young Girl's Testimony From Disastrous To Evangelist " and I know for sure her story will do great in a movie form because souls across the world are getting saved just by reading her book. The book is her true life story. In her book you will find a young girl from the bronx Who has come to grips with the dark years of her childhood, having seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Many can relate to a poverty stricken pass as she entailed, from foster home to foster home. Forced to face unpleasant nights and ridicules, packaged as a systematic alternative and dealing with her drug-addicted mother. Living the street life, joining gangs and selling drugs at a young age. Falling in love with a famous rapper and having his baby at age 16. Nevertheless, you will see how things turned around for the best as you will discover when reading this heartfelt testimony. You will see how God changed a young girl from having a disastrous life to that of an evangelistic one, and the impact and effect it has on the youth today. This is only some of what her true story is about. I belive alot of young people lives would change and less tragedy among the youths if it was a movie. Check out her website and read all about her at Www.shanajoseph.org