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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Anike Bay Chicago

    Tyler,I love you dearly . . . You're truly an inspiration to me,and One day I'm going to be just like You . . . A successful filmmaker! Watch and see :-)

  • anna ?

    Wow!!!!!When can I move in???? I think you have enough room for my friends, family, and a few pets. Just joking :). It is very nice. Keep up good the work.

  • Alicina Dallas,Tx

    All day on Sunday I kept thinking; if I could be you for a day what a load off it would be. Just once in my life I would love to experience no worries on bills, school clothes and etc. You are truly bless and I look up to you, don't get me wrong, not like God but where I am striving to be. Be Bless

  • April P. olive branch ms

    You are truly blessed with such amazing talents. During my prayer time I kind of invisioned you writing producing a gospel cd with you speaking on it.Not sure if you already have or not but keep on proclaiming and promoting GOD kingdom would love to one day meet you

  • Mable Wesley Lynchburg, Virginia

    Mr Perry I would like to know what the cost would be to ask you if you would visit our academy in Altavista, Virginia. 3777 wards Road . The name of our School isFaith Assembly Christian Academy we are a none profit and we do not charge the parents but the expense do come out of our pockets we can not afford to pay our teachers at this time the cost is 2,000 per child we are asking if you would come and help us raise $10,000 to sponsor five children. We have a total of 15 children. we are in need of supplies, computers and a van. I pray that God will guide this letter to you. I have never written to any celebrity before in my life. Please don't consider this as leaching off you I am desperately and prayerfuly asking for your help so that we can continue to be a blessing to the children. Thank you for your time. May God continue to bless all that you do.

  • nicole lashawn flourry United States

    Hello mr.perry my name is nicole ! I just wanna thank you so very much ! For your inspirational play & movies ! & i say this because i am a single mom of 3 & now a grandma to a 8 mnth. Old baby girl !mr.perry if it wasnt for the man above i wouldnt know where me & my babies would be ! Month after month i struggle to pay my bills ! I struggle to get what my kids need ! But i know that i serve a mighty god & where theres a will theres a way ! & when i get down & dont know where the money gonna come from to pay this bill or that bill just watching your plays or movies ! Listening to the gospel & the songs ! Just reassures me that i serve a very mighty god & he will work it out for my family ! So i just wanna thank you for your godly heart ! May the lord continue to bless you & your family & cast !

  • tamika comick houston,tx


  • mariah Hutchison Wichita ks

    I would love to be in one of your movies..

  • Brandon CSmith Fitzgerald, Georgia

    I would love to be in one of your movies or plays

  • Tracy M Tennessee

    Hi Mr. Perry, I've been a fan of yours since I having the opportunity to see my first play of yours. I would love the opportunity to meet you one day. I've already put it out in the universe and I believe that we will. May God continue to bless you.

  • gwen washington roanoke, va

    Hey just want to say thank God for all you do. Love all your moview and plays and happy to say i am a big fan and i no God has more in store for you. Tyler Perry keep doing what you do cause God got His hands on you.

  • callie stephens philly

    o cause when i did call the studio the lady who answers the phone up front was nasty and hung up shux i know you pay them alot of money to be nice to your fans on the phone I invested alot of money for your house of payne series and your movies for her to be to soo nasty she sound young on the phone like a young women voice