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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Latrina Simmons Atlanta,Georgia

    Hi, Mr. Perry I am of huge fan of your work. My kids and I have seen everything you've done. Their favorite is "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" the movie. I would love to be apart of your acting family. Everything you've done I can relate to, whether it was me or someone I know. I have four kids that age in range from 7 to 14. Two boys and two girls. I let them watch your movies, plays, and tv shows because it's reality. I try to teach them that things like that happen everyday. My oldest son just graduated from middle school. These days that is rare. Teenage boys his age are either dropouts, in gangs, or in the system. I'm a single parent but I have the help of my sister who helps me keep him in line even though he's a good kid. I know that going to highschool is like going to another world. It's alot of pressure to be a good parent and instill values. I also know how hard it is to be a kid, also. Well I just wanted to tell you about my family so keep doing what you're doing no matter what. Our black men and women need all the positive role models they can get. THANKYOU! :-) :-)


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  • Alfreda L. Collins St. Louis, Missiour

    Mr Tyler Perry I remember three years ago you said you was looking for new faces. I summited my video of an old lady called Ms Ona Sims and I also summited one with rapping and doing stand-up. I was chosen to be apart of your audition camp . Meanwhile I've written numerous messages. Those messages explains everything aboutme and my daughter. Please respond and read messages God Bless.

  • Branden Jenkins 1552 Anna st orangeburg sc 29115

    Hey mr Tyler Perry you is my favorite actress I have almost all of your movies and I look at them over and over. When I look at your plays it remind me when me and my cousins make a play up when we was little about a girl that leave with her grandparents and her mother was on Drugs and she never Met her daddy. With dat been say I more little plays we use to do too. I wish one day that I could help my family out because I know we need. I tell my dat I wish I one day I could meet you in person and I wish I could be in at less one of your plays or movie. Thank you for read these I really appreciate it.

  • Eleanor J Johnson Shoreline, WA

    This is such a beautiful studio, who wouldn't want to be a part of this? You can see God in all of this. What a gift that the Lord has bestowed on this powerful man of God. A beautiful show of what God's Grace is all about. God Bless you, Mr. Perry.

  • Barbara Williams philadelphia pa

    Thanks for the tour it's a beautiful setting

  • Rita. Kendall423 United States

    beautiful studio

  • Sally Brown Mississippi

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I just got through reading some of the comments on your website. It seems like people are always asking you for help. I started not to write you because, my problem seems so lame. I am a terminally ill cancer patient. I love all of your movie & plays. They all have a lesson to learn. I have been called Madea so many times. She always can get the job done. That's Me. I think the cancer has made me rethink a lot of times. My life is running out & I have to finish the job. I would love to tour your studio but seems but it is always closed to the public. I would love to meet you too. This is my bucket list. You are such an inspiration to everyone. I just can't say enough on how you have touch so many lives. Like Madea's Big Happy Family. I also Love The Haves & The Have Nots & House of Payne. Where did they go ? Need a reunion. I do hope you read my message. If I never get to meet you , thanks for all the laughs. When I'm down , I can just watch one of your movies & feel better like The Neighbors From Hell. Thanks for all you do. Good luck in everything to do.

  • Pamela Trimmer Roanoke Va 24017

    Dear Mr. Perry. I am writing to you about my son. He's been through somethings like we all have, but he hasn't been able to find work like talking about, but my son is 24 and very, very smart and has some college and etc. but he is very funny and alot has told him you should be a comedian. anyway I wanted to know how he could land on one of your plays, he would be great, I am 100 per cent right on that, but the problem is getting to you and having the money to do what he would need to do, could you help him in some kind of way to come to your studio and try out in one of your plays, we are all a big fan of yours and we love you very much, can you contact me and let me know what you can do if anything to help him. I have sent in my mailing address and my emailaddress. I will wait to here back from you. Thank you. God Bless. Oh by the way my son's name is Cedric Trimmer.

  • Pariss Acworth

    Dear Mr. Perry My four year old daughter won a contract from c2c live That's out in barrettparkway and I was wondering if there's a way That you can help me have her become successful She had to perform as song sand she sang My God Is Awesome and she walked the run way. She's able To go to different angency nation wide. If there Is anything you can for me to help I would appreciate That you give us a call she always Says she wants to be on tv Thanks

  • Charmaine Draper (Saint Louis Mo) saint louis mo

    Mr. Perry ...you are the greatest of all, I have watched every movie you had something to do with. I am your number one fan....however I am planning a trip to Atlanta .. and I wanted to visit your studio.. called to see what I need to do.... but was told that I can't tour...I was shocked .. I almost said put Tyler on the phone....LoL.. Couldn't think of a reason why not...so I thought I would post a comment, in which I never have done this before..Mr Tyler Perry why I can't visit your studio.... I promise I want break nothing...call me !

  • Alba Henderson

    Wow!! The Dream Studio!! Just awesome.