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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Maquita Gresham United States

    My Big F** Li(f)e...Episode 7 "My Big F** Hope": Written and Directed by Jona Nanette. Director of photography, myself, Maquita LeShea, my first project. No experience.

  • Ashley J Crudup College Park, GA

    Please fix your career page.

  • Ilene Gonzalez Connecticut

    Mr. Perry...you have gifted the world with many heartwarming films...have you ever considered a movie about Ruby McCollum? I just watched a show featuring her case of 1952 when she was accused of the murder of a white doctor in Florida...it would be a great period film dealing with segregation, the plight of women, rape, and even politics thrown in the mix. Please read about Ms. McCollum and give it some thoughtful consideration by the way her story has never been made into a movie...Thank you for your time, Ilene

  • Racheal Uballe Texas

    Mr.Perry, I want to start off with....."YOU R AMAZING" And you and your movies make me happy. Your insight on things such as family,everyday life and first and foremost Your love and faith for our savior is real. I know you are busy so i wont monopolize your time. But want to thank you for all the laughs and tears. May GOD bless you and yours. Happy Holidays,Racheal

  • Sandra Donaldson Maryland

    11/18/2014 Hello Tyler, I have always admired your body of work, you have put out some great inspiring plays and movies that has help many of us. I want to share an idea with you for a project that I have. Without hesitation, I strongly believed that you can put wings to this project. The end result of the project will be remarkable. I know that you are a very busy person, and your plate is over flowing with other demands. However, please take the time to reach out to me and I can give you details of the project. I know you will make all of us happy, meaning your fans to bring this project to the big screen. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope to hear from you someday soon. Please continue making inspirational movies. Peace and Blessing ~SD~

  • clauvens pierre louis orland0,florida

    throughout your movies and plays i have come to consider a career and producing such inspiring stories of my own and i was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to start.

  • Doris Charite Winchester, VA

    This is a great place I have near seen a studio before this is great. It is great to see a black man do something positive with himself. Can you contact me please at the number. God bless you and your family.

  • Delacia Tolbert Albany, Gaa

    You Inspire me to do better and to be better. My Cousin was the former President of Liberia, William Richard Tolbert. He was Assassinated in 1981. I would love to see you do a movie about his Life and Legacy.

  • Sharon Biloxi, MS

    I love you. Have a good day.

  • Karlen Grayson Okllaoma City, OK

    Tyler, I am a fan. Just took the tour of your studio and it is amazing. God Bless you even the more. Your works are truly inspirational. Keep up the good work.

  • Holly Smith Marietta, GA

    Mr. Perry, I am a Theater teacher at a Title 1 school in Marietta, GA. We are doing a unit on careers in theater. Many of my students picked playwright or director because of you! Would you or anyone from your company be willing to come to my school to discuss what you do? I looked to see if your company offers tours of the studio, but it looks like you all do not offer that at this time. I know this is a long shot, but since we are so close in location...I thought it was worth a try. My students would never forget it, and I'm sure it would encourage them to continue their pursuit of a career in theater! Thank you for your consideration.


    Tyler, I would like to see you do a remake of "HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE" or "WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?" casting Lynn Whitfield as Charlotte...she has the voice and the tone and she can go crazy...and can do this character its due... "TYLER PERRY CLASSIC REMAKES ON OWN"...