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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Constance R. Gary Durham, NC 27701

    Greetings Mr. Perry! Brilliance personified! Film/ Video productions are my passion! My focus was film/video at University of Hartford (1977-79) with an internship at WFSB Channel 3, Hartford, Connecticut as associate producer of religious programs. Mr. Bud Fillippo, former MGM vice-president, who produced James Bond series, taught the art of filmmaking at Duke University (2002-05) in Olli division. I attended his classes in acting, scriptwriting, producing and operated video camera. I am currently in my 60's. I would like to be on your team! Your trailblazing visions have created launching platforms for us in this genre! Yes! Dreams do come true! Thank you so much! God bless you!

  • Diana M Williamstown, NJ

    Hello Mr. Perry, Big fan of your work. I am a lady looking to tell a story about a young girl who grew up with a Mother who was Bipolar " prior to knowing what that was", she was born in LA, lived in So Central, moved to NY, NJ then OH back to LA then to OH, and finally NJ with her Mom, Sister and Brother, Her father, denied her, but was was somewhat in her life. She unfortunately was never given any dreams to follow. She struggled to find her place in this harsh world. Her fondest memory was to watch her Grandmother play and teach Classical Piano, Although she wanted to learn how to play, she was never given a lesson. As an adult, she was given a keyboard for Christmas, only to realize that she too had the gift of music in her fingers and a song in her head that needed a voice. If this story sounds somewhat intriguing, please contact me, I would love to add a conclusion to it. or share another one with you. Thank you for all you do, You add light to my world. A Fan

  • jeremy California

    God morning or whatever time it is where you at lol but im a really good writer and artist and I have a movie I was writing that people said is really good and I just wanted you to read it please tyler

  • Alicia Mitchell Memphis, TN

    Mr. Perry, I respect you so much. your movies have helped me and so many others. You speak wisdom the type of wisdom that changes people lives. I love the messages that are sent in your productions. I often find my self quoting you when helping others get over their past. Thank you Mr. Perry. You are a great Teacher. Thank you, Alicia Mitchell

  • Ludia Cerant California

    Hello Mr. Perry my name is Ludia Cerant, I would to say congratulations for all of your good works and may God blessing you and protect you. Most importantly I will love to say thank you for all your great words everytime I watch one of your movies it give me more strength to go through life thank you so much.

  • Fallon Acosta United States

    Hello Mr. Perry, my name is Fallon and I would be more than happy to be apart of a play, or movie. My talent will speak for itself, once I audition:). You will not be disappointed. Loved you and your work from day one. Please consider me to audition. ♥

  • Eva Howard Queen Creek, Arizona

    Hello, Mr. Tyler Perry My name is Eva Howard I'm in Cosmetology School right now. I graduate in August but I will not have my license until September or October, because I have to wait til State Board fivr me a date to take my test. I eat, sleep, and dream of working with you. I have worked with an upcoming movie, doing a Fantasy Show with our school and more. It would be a dream comr true to work with and or for you. Thanks Eva Howard

  • Tandy Davis United States

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am a fan of your work. I love your films and plays, and Lord willing it would be an awesome opportunity that one day I can experience being apart of your projects. May GOD continue to bless you on your journey!!

  • Tiffany Williams Columbus Ohio

    Hello Mr. Perry, Hope all is well. I just watched your post on Americans living through pay advances and I can relate. I have proposed my Life story to you time and time again via internet and cash advances were a scene in my story. Again I love your work and thank you for the continued sharing of information and knowledge. Have a wonderful day and God bless!

  • Pangit Rosario Correos Norfolk Va23505

    Hi Sir,Tyler Perry, Thank you soo much for giving inspired to all the people in every corner angles on this earth. U are awesome, great Gods blessings to everyone out there.. And im one of those..keep on dreaming and if not happen then mybe when times come Gods my call I cld be very happy to cntinous the dream I have in heaven.. I do hope God will be more creating like ypu with a very good heart..

  • Pangit Rosario Correos Norfolk Va 23505

    Goodmorning Sir Tyler Perry, Im one of your avid no 1, fan. Wishing one day u could try to see my talent. Im jst regular small b***** at Norfolk Commisarry. At the same time flex in Nex Sales Associate.. I keep dreaming hoping coul be an actress,janitress in your facility studio,or jst commercial promo in hair because ive gt long hair. Im separated 11 years .staying hre now in the states of Va.trying to stand on my own.wishing everyday in my life that my dreams come true..i can sing but not like Ms.Celine Dione,Ms.Mariah Carey..but I know I cn sing.. Im currently staying wth my friend sissy,My Ate Terry & Ate Fe.. Im paying $300 a month renting room.. Im trying to stand on my feet again.. My xhusband dnt give me spouse support..but im nt after that anymore. Im jst standing and still hoping ine day I could be more hoping my dreams come true.. Im the person keep on wishing believing in God that one day all of this will come through.. I love all your movies I do hope I could be one of those your a small star participate in your show..pls give me a chance trying my luck It will be a huge blessing to me and to my mommy brother in my country Phils.im sending money to them..my dad pass away 2011. Im survivor in the name of God..many friends in gods spirit.. But I have to get on my feet again.tke out my low self down.esteem. I could not find the right term..forgive me.. But I do hope someday you give me a chance not to be star but at least Im maybe it will start to change my life for tjis small start in to showbizz. But for me this is way huge blessings.i humbly heavenly trying my luck... I know God is always there for me.. Someday I wish I could be in your show..but impossible because im nt capable to afford to go there in your show im tight sending money to my mommy.. I wish u can stop and check my letter to you.i do humbly reslly, an honor that u cn give a chance a small person like me...

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