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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Jen Baia Cartersville

    I am at the studio everyday and back in the late evening to pick up my son from work, I'm ALREADY a team player and we are early arriving, last ones to leave. I believe GOD wants me on the other side of the security gate, why else would I be here? Everything happens for a reason! Let me in and prove I have a lot to offer. Have a blessed night. I'm so proud for my son and know in my heart, I will work for and with you.

  • Ashanti Henry Chicago, il

    i wanted to invite all to review my brother movie The Robert Yummy Story written by Shaiking Mathis, its a good movie write a review based off your opinion of the movie

  • Debbye Bell Owings Mills, Md. 21117

    Nice, I am so happy for you and wish you continue success and god speed in all your endeavors.!

  • Deandre

    Now I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming again to read additional news.

  • Sharon Jackson, MS

    I still love you baby.

  • Derrick Darden Conyers, Ga.

    Good morning or good evening depending on whatever time you get to read this with your busy schedule. First off thank you for being such a positive inspiration to all people and mankind stretching God's light across the globe a true sign of his wonders. Well Tyler that's my dream to be able to reach a peek to pull everyone up around to the mountain top; I currently just lost two major critical people in my life this year one my Grandmother a Grand Goddess she was and a dear friend to cancer. These two people we're very avid believers in my gifts and talents the Lord has blessed me with such as the ability to bring smiles cheer and laughter through my personality and many voices that I can conjure up at will. From music writing, musicianship, rapping, screen plays and more I'm a j*** of all trades when it comes to entertainment. Now that these major puzzle pieces in my life have been called to the Lord they leave an impression on me to go for my dreams and have always told me to contact you in every way possible my genius shines through me in entertaining others and I would love the chance to prove that you. My friends call me annoyingly positive because I believe anything can happen so I know some day you'll read this and reach out to me. 's a video link just to see me I'm the tall light skinned guy they call Japan

    • jalice westery BHAM #1964388


  • Tami Backstrom Douglasville Georgia

    please excuse all the typos! my dang smartypants phone and I did not go back and spell check befor I hit post.....erghhh! well I think it is still legible.

  • Tami Backstrom L.M.T Douglasville Georgia

    Tyler, I have never been one to express well with worda. I am an xray tech on the lam. I changed fields about 8 years ago to become a massage threrapist. I fell in love with therapeutic massage in such a way that it acrually replaces my love for arr. in October of last year I was chosen to provide in home therapy to a young woman in her home. I am not sure all of the details of her injury, but I believe she has been in her condition since infancy. I cannot tell you the amount of joy this woman has brought to my life. You see I have wanted to give up many times in this life. I have endured many tragedies, death of loved ones and the devil himself has been trying to take me out for years. I am not sure my purpose yet, but I know I have one because in the natural I should be in the ground. The young lady I have been massaging 2x a week since Oct 2013 has totally Changed my life. she is the highlight of my work week. The first time I had session with her she had one of your movies playing. I usually have music I play on my phone for relaxation. Ha, I quickly learned that turning off Tyler Perry in exchange for music was not an option. She is a quadriplegic and I quickly learned that even though she has severe brain damage, this woman is very much in tune with more than you can imagine. When I first laid my hands on her it waw amazing. As I realized the effect the massage was having on her. I began to weep with joy. I felt so honored and blessed to have the privilege to work with this amazing young woman. I know God sent her to me. I get to listen to your plays and movies everytime we have session. As I massage her she usually will fall asleep, but as soon as Madea is about to come on scene, she perks up and laughs and follows along. I know you are a very busy man, but I wanted to contqct you and see if somehow I could get Madea to come see her. I see her every Tue and Thur at 7:30pm. I am having the nurse dress her up and we are going to snap a shot. I would like it send it to you along with my full testimony. I am not sure where to send it? When I think of her meeting you as Madea, I have so much joy well up in me as if it is happening already. I know it's a shot in the dark, but I also know all things are possible with god. I hope to hear back from one of your representatives or even you. I am sure you have tons of request like this all the time and I know you cannot meet everones wants and desires. Please be in prayer with me. Her name is Denita and I will never be the same. She has brought so much joy and insight to my work as a massage therapist and a child of the king. I just want to bring her the same joy she brings me and that Mr. Perry would be you. You are awesome and wish you a blessed and wonderful weekend.

  • Ntsiki SA

    Hi TP I just took a tour of TPS and it all looks glamorous...im wondering where is the cameras, lights, filmstock, edit suites, final mix- I know there is a LOT of action behind these glamorous walls...show us pleeease:-)

  • loislois okoli lagos,nigeria

    Hi Tyler perry, Thanks for the good works.I've mailed you severally but you seldom reply my mails.I long to be a member of your company and I wish you'd give ears to my request. i'm Lois jacobs from Nigeria.I have my experience in photography,scriptwriting and screenplaying. i dont want to be a liability to my world or family. I want to be useful to my generation. Please tyler,give me a chance to show God that i can do right with all the talent he has given me.you're my mentor and I have so much to learn from you.please reply.

    • lois okoli lagos,nigeria #1973350

      its been 3weeks 4 days now.you havent replied me sir... i hope everything is alright with my tyler perry family over there.

  • Destiny Texas

    Hello Mr.Perry my name is Destiny Simmons

    • Destiny Fort Worth, Texas #1963294

      Hello Mr.Perry my name is Destiny Simmons and was interested in my son possibly auditioning for you i know that all it takes is prayer and dedication an also to believe in yourself to make dreams happen. Once you meet him you will know why i reached out to you his personality is bigger than his smile and a grateful and humble child.... I believe in my son and hope that u would too and grant us a opportunity to be in your presence. Michael is 8yrs old and full of life not to mention funny! Please contact me!

  • JaQuaise Ghani Racine Wi

    Dear mr Tyler Perry my name is JaQuaise Ghani & I have been trying to get in contact with you I know you have been really busy but it's about my Acting Career & I live in a small city & I have DREAMS & PASSION bigger than Racine Wi so if you can please contact me ASAP thank you & GOD BLESS!!

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