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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Sheila Mohammed Powder Springs,Ga.30127

    I have put off living this dream so I could be a Great Parent. I have accomplished this goal, my boys are thriving.Now ,after being diagnosed with cancer last year I had to put my Faith to work. God showed up and we showed out. I worked everyday wearing my chemo pack to work and to practices, trainers, road trips and games with my two sons(baseball mom). I Beat Cancer and now it's time for me to Jump! I am in great shape physically and spiritually and my testimony is Awesome! I have a great since of humour , style and years of management experience. I'd like a new job. Closed mouthes don't get fed. A New Job in the film industry, Yes I'd like that vey much Mr. Perry. I'd also like to be acknowledged that you received this post. Time is valuable and short I know.

  • Tony Johnson Pasadena, California

    I am sending this note to Mr. Perry as I need a black film director for my feature film entitled, Forbidden Flesh in pre-production. It is a historical drama genre set in the middle of 19s. I will be very much pleased to contact Mr. Perry or his representative for this matter. Warm regards. Tony

  • Vinson Gibbs Jackson Ms

    Mr.Perry I am excited to share the story of " The Bradfield Will" Set in Ms post slavery of a wealthy slave owner who live a beautiful slave immense wealth because he fell in love with her after purchasing her at age fifteen , she take her wealth and power and brutally uses foreclosure to ruin the slave owners financially by foreclosing on loans and change the politics and educational opportunities for exslaves and something changes her life.

  • T. Kim Samples Atlanta, GA

    Hello Mr. Perry: I was born to be behind the scenes in order to enhance the team. I AM THE ONE TO MAKE YOUR TEAM COMPLETE. I have applied numerous of times since 2012 and I am not giving up!!! I am positive that you will not regret my awesome enthusiasm for this business and I am a sponge to learn more. So when you or the appointed person reads this, know that T. Kim Samples will be a part Of this team! Next In Line!

  • Carolyn Stroman

    Hello Mr. Perry, I am writing you because my son has some great movie treatments but he just writes them and never does anything with them. I have told him that he should try get in contact with someone like you but he just says he will but he never does. He is in grad school and works two jobs and never has time. I know as a mom we as mothers want the best for our children, and live whatever they do if it's positive. Well in this case I believe that my son Jeff's movie treatments are really good, and not just because I'm his mom. One of my worst fears in life is to burry my son but my second fear is to see all his talent go to waste.

  • Denise M. McNair Hollywood FL 33021

    I'm coming to Atlanta Ga for my Birthday as my twin and I will celebrate 43 years on the earth. My dream has always been to meet you and tour your studios!!! Make my dream come true!!! I don't want money or anything from you except to meet you!!!

  • Lynnette Edwards Pineland SC 29934

    Hello. My daughter is in college and she is in need of financial assistance. She has gotten some help through the school but we don't have enough. I am a single parent with other children and paying about a $1,000 a month is hurting me financially. Please if you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ty Georgia

    Hello Mr. Perry! Thank you for all the can't wait to hot sizzling tv shows! As an African American female, I raised my son in a single parent household. Lord knows that was not an easy job. At the young age of 3 or 4, I instilled in his head, that he was not going to be a thug or a drug dealer and that he was going to college, poor little thing didn't know what any of those words meant. By the time he was in high school, I was 48 and I had never gone to college, so I had to practice what I preached, I went to a two year college and graduated. I am proud to say that he stayed out of trouble, which was not easy to do being raised in Milwaukee, however he went to college, made the dean list, graduated and currently is employed. Lord knows the struggle has been real for the both of us, we both now are bombarded with student loan debts. I have been paying on mine since 2009, and have barely put a dent in them. My life will be so much easier if I can ever get rid of this student loan debt. Thank you for listening. God blessed you!

  • Tasha Robinson Maryland

    I came from Maryland and was unable to tour the studio. I was told they never had tours. I am so confused and paid uber for Nothing. Please update your website of you don't do tours. Thanks

  • Rosalind Morton Mclemore Currently Sumter S.C.

    Dear Tyler, I was one who went to your original plays that toured from city to city. I enjoyed your biblical story lines and the awesome singing. Many saved people enjoyed them. I had a near death experience and I wrote about it in my book, A Message from Heaven-by Rosalind Morton Mclemore. It is about how I went to Heaven and talked with Jesus and how he gave me a message for His people. Please take a look at it, I would like to see you continue with the gospel messages, in which my book is one. It is being published by Westbow Press a division of Nelson and Zondervan.

  • Margaret South Carolina

    Mr. Tyler I love watching Have and Have Nots I am a fan but it is time for Candy to get caught and the crier

  • Kim A MKE

    Mr Perry I've filled out numerous applications praying that one day you give me a call or shoot me an email. I am sure you've received many job requests but I am one that will not give up and will continue sending emails and making post with hopes that you stumble upon my name and call me. I believe dreams do come true, Until then May God continue his blessings upon you. Respectfully, KimA

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