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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • nkokone sehoole South Aftica

    Oh sorry sir,the competition is on the 04 - 06 December 2015,I have tried to get sponsors from March with know luck so this is pretty urgent.

  • Nkokone Sehoole South Africa

    Hi sir, I'm writing this trusting God that it reaches you,I have an 11 years old daughter who dances ballroom and Latin dance,she is really a star in a making,she has won all the competitions she ever competed in here in SA in Latin,she has competed in Paris World's Competitions last year and managed to reach the Semi finals with her previous partner who is my nephew, however they don't dance together anymore due to the height problem, my daughter is growing fast. Now this year her and her partner have to go compete again in Paris and am struggling to get them a sponsor here,and because they are minors they have to go with their mom's and their coach,which is too expensive for us. All I'm asking is for you to sponsor them God this trip and help in narturing a young talent,I do not expect you to give us money you can book direct for us,the flights accommodation and entrance fee for 3 days and we can make a plan of day to day catering. That is my humble request. May the good Lord continue to bless you and favour me that this message reach,for I knit if it does you will gladly help us.

    • MS. STEPHEN L WILLIAMS Springfield Illinois #2144988

      Hello Mr. Perry I don't even know where to begin but here it goes. I started on a Book 9 years back while serving time in The Mo Dept Of Corrections for a crime I had committed, however Mr. Perry I'm unable to type the material due to a Bone Disease as well as several health related issues as well. I'm not begging or asking for help but in deed I would like to get my Book off the ground and one agent stated she needed $13.000 to even touch my Book which I can't even afford, not working for Burger King. I'm gonna say this and hopefully I'll touch someone's heart. My name as you see is Ms. Steph L. Williams, I'm Transgendered Black and HIV positive that a man I once dated gave me the year 2004, in addition to my health status that changes within the naked eye, it's one diagnose after the other. I'm not asking for money and maybe you can check out my material and see where it can go in the near future which I feel would be a great career move for me due to having such hard times in the work force due to my gender as well as the nature of my skin. Please trust the words you're reading, I will not lie to you, maybe you can develop a project based on what I shared, again Thank You from Ms. Steph Williams Blackmon

  • Tanya Cheattean new orleans la

    My pastor Tyler Perry, love you my brother in christ

  • Pamela Atlanta

    My niece and I so...enjoyed your 3pm Madea on the Run play today! It was an awesome aunt and niece day. Thank you!!!

  • Crystal Lewis atlanta ga

    Ive submitted to you so many times and i cant help but stop. This is my ultimate passion and have a world of experience on stage and on camera! Im now 19 and ive been acting since i was 2. Born and raised in California and now live in Atlanta. I sing and also dance i know you probably get this stories all day but im praying everyday and trying to stamd strong in my faith that one day ill be able to share my talent with the world. Please give me one shot just a chance i wont let you down. This is what i live for! Please.

  • Te'Juana Reeves Roswell, GA

    First let me start by saying I have always loved your work Mr. Perry, but this Keisha on For Better or Worse is Really out of hand. I just watched the episode where she Humiliated Richard, and it made my mother cry. When is enough going to be enough with her? It's not funny to see someone be belittled, and humiliated like this. She wasn't even with Richard long enough to have taken everything he had. They did not have any children or anything. Richard needs to start recording the things that she says to him, and then take it to his lawyer. Can we PLEASE!!!!!! Put Keisha to some kind of end....

  • Shirley Illinois

    Tyler I'm a huge fan and have been from the begining. I love your story of rags to riches; you're an inspiration to many. Love the studio!!!! Keep up the good work.

  • shamecca k dunlap678 United States

    I been looking for firm income that will keep my family grounded because my husband was the sole provider of my house hold he is now incarcerated so now it's left up to me times are hard but god is what helps me hold on and the support of my mother but i don't want to burden her I'm 28 years old with three kids of my own and three step kids who I took care of Stan the age of 19 and with everything going On him getting locked up there mom decided after 7 years now you want to take them which is no problem they were her kids But the way she took them from me is what my problem is how do a woman feel good with hurting another woman who's been there for there kids the way I been as I say to her I did you no favor I did it from my heart I loved those kids as they were my own I have a story to tell that maybe someone is going through or been through I would love to share it with Tyler Perry this ain't all

  • RENEE WILLIAMS United States


  • Ruth Rachel Clay Lake Wales Fl

    just want to know when will you movies be available on DVD if Loving you is wrong. And the haves and the have not. I'm really missing my shows I don't have own. thank you I hop to hear from you soon God bless you Tyler Perry

  • Vienne Lee Chicago, IL

    Mr. Perry, love you studio, hooked on your shows and movies, beautiful surrounding, keep up the good work. May God continue to bless you.

  • Jacqueline Blair Hartford Ct

    I have been a fan for so many years. Mr. Perry just cane to Connecticut and i mussed him. I do stage play here and you and your cast are my inspiration Thank you

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