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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • joann mason atl ga cobb

    hi i love you god is blessing you and i can get a shout on when i which you our Sunday me and my 13year old my thing is i will love to see your first move i no i have been change but i no you been change i will love to get the play's you did here in 2013 Sept and will love to come to your studio i love Willam Parker jr i saw him i love that man but i love all your cast so how can we come to your studio and give me the name of the plays GOD BLESS

  • vanessa rochester ny

    You can't give up making movies yet my daughter Amanda has a life story to tell you plz o beg u Mr. Perry

  • MIKESHA J. ROWE downtown los angeles


  • jonti chicago, il

    Hey Tyler!! My mom and sister and I see your plays every year. Your newest one H*** Hath No Fury was AWESOME!!! The cast is so talented and blessed!! Keep coming up with great plays and movies with a great message!!

  • Sandra Phoenix, AZ

    Dear Tyler, Saw your talk show with Nia Long on 3/12/14 talking about new movie "The Single Moms Club". Me, Sister her husband and son when to movie to see it on the day it open 3/14. We want to thanks u for making this movie for single moms. All women's out there who single mom needed this spot light it is hard being one person but a mom with no help or support sometimes. I don't have kids but I feel like I was a single mom helping my cousin rise her two kids, it was hard juggling between jobs, she work in morning and i work evening i would pick up kids after school thank god we work for same company different food court in airport. Giving her kids before starting work but kids had to wait for her to get off in next 3hrs at job. Thing work out, Life is hard being one person working but with kids it is harder!!! Thank U, Nia Long and All cast who played in movie beautiful jobs! Love the movie! It's really touch my heart made me laugh and cry specially Coco Brown and Terry Crews had me laughin through out the whole movie. Can't wait to come out on dvd goin to be first to buy it. Thanks Tyler Perry! We keep on support u always keep on doing good job. Love Sandra Bullock in AZ. P.S. Can I get a picture and autograph of U and cast of The Single Woman Club. Please! Address Sandra Bullock, 8130 W Indian School Rd Apt. 2133, Phoenix, AZ, 85033

  • Jennifer Raleigh NC

    I love your work I think you are amazing. My mom is more addicted then I. I was wodndering if you could find Thelma from Good Times and put her in one of your amazing creations. I think it would be great to see some more of the sitcome stars from the past. Mr. Perry I think you can do it. Good Times, what's Happening and any others that you can find. I even miss Bill Cosby too. Bring back some of the old heads. If you need some regular people I know some of them too.

    • Dorothy chicago #1941616

      Mr. Tyler Perry I do agree with one of the other comments it would be nice to see some of the back in the day actors in your plays.

  • Tracy Ross Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Wow Mr. Perry you are amazing and inspiring especially to my son who's name is also Tyler. As a single mom your inspiration to my son is a blessing. My Tyler (14 y/o) is a black belt in karate who can perform many gymnastic flips etc. If you need to use that type of talent in any of your productions be sure to give him an audition. He would be so honored. You can check me out on my Facebook page. I am an official fan of yours. All the best always...Loads of Love for you.

  • Meme Haile Baltimore Maryland

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry. Just let you know that I love all your works! God Bless you!!! Please I relly need your help???

    • Natalee newark new jersey #1941978

      Hello Mr Perry, you are so talented i loved all your movies and play. may God continued to blessed and keep you under his wings.

  • Sheree scates Tennessee

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry. I love the plays you done earlier in your career. I love how you went back and turned them into movies. I admire how you helped the young lady produce the movie "peoples". I would like to know do you receive scripts or have contests to help others trying to make it in the industry. If so I am very interested in signing up. I love to write plays and scripts for movies. I live in a small town and have written and produced many plays for my church and community but I would like to go further a with my dream. I'm not looking for a hand out only a hand to help me get to where I'm trying to go. I want to achieve success and I'm willing to work for it. Why not ask you someone who has made it.


    Hello Mr Tyler Pery: Im a young lady who lives in south africa pretoria. im currently at home cause i cant continue with skwl due to finance as my mom is raising me and my 2 younger brothers. we live with my aunts in wich they want us out of the house as we r on the verge of living on the streets for my mom dosen mke much. i have an internship at a travel company whr dey give us pocket money bt its not enough for me to help my mom out. but im very happy that god continued to keep us together for now.. as for my moms mother is also being chased out of the house and they slave her out and shes only 85. we keep our streagnths by watching ur movies it helps us aprreciate each other for there is always a GOOD GOD.. THANKS FOR ALL THE MOVIES AS WE RELATE TO THEM AS A SECOND BIBLE.. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

    • PAULETTE Harvey, LA #1940872

      HEBERT I am interested in emailing to you an essay of a firsthand account of my trip to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s funeral. It is entitled "LEST WE FORGET APRIL 4, 1968". I am a retired Orleans Parish public school Social Studies teacher. I have already emailed it to my friends and I thought that maybe you would like to read it also.

  • Audrey Tallent Chattanooga TN

    Dear Tyler: There is a book titled"Of Friends and Family" written by Rick Tallent of Texas that would make a good story for your studio. It has received a 5 star rating on Amazon.com. Several people who have read it say once they started reading it they could not put it down. Would you check this out. It really would fit with the type of productions you are doing. Thanks

  • Bobby McGirt Host of The McGirt Show United States

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry I appreciate all of your wonderful Talent/Work Best Wishes always feel free to stop by the McGirt show anytime to promote/share updates with fans @BlogTalkRadio.com/THEMCGIRT

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