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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Jock Pleasure Mc Payne Scotland

    Dear Mr Perry,The House Of Payne ,in particular Ella Payne,has inherited Smailholm Tower in the Scottish Borders,from her ancient black Scottish Warrior Woman 'Felisha'PringleMc Payne who was a Flesher I arrive ,knocking on the front door in Atlanta,to the shock of Curtis,and the Family and transport them to a surreal episode of a Black Braveheart episode of House of Pain..and a 'real life' battle against The Beast O' Bamburgh...who represents all... Debt... (see .www.youtube.com/jesserae1 Jock Pleasure Mc Payne

    • Eugenia James Richmond,In 47374 #1789803

      I have enjoyed watching your plays and movies. You are a very good actor and producer. There is some of your music that has uplifted me. I just buried my father on Jan 16, 2013. It going to be one at time. He had diabetes and other complications with his health. The movie has a really special song that helped me to be at peace with his death. It is called, "Heaven is waiting for me" Your new movie is going to be great. Temptation"A Confession of a Marriage counselor" it looks like it will be a hit too.

  • Luis Ortiz philadelphia,pa

    Mr. Perry i am throwing a fight against cancer fundraiser for a friend that was just diagnose with pancreatic cancer. She is a very good person always willing to take the shirt off her back to help others and all i am asking is if you are willing to donate to help towards her recovery even if its just a shirt with your autograph that we can raffle off. if you would like to learn more about the fundraiser plz contact me back on my phone. thank you for your time

  • Mike Mod Bergen County, NJ

    Mr. Perry, Just want you to know what an inspiration you are to myself and I'm sure many others as well. I've enjoyed many of the characters you've created and still can't believe you came from such humble beginnings. I was watching you on Oprah and heard you were once homeless. You are proof that we must never give up. I would like to ask how you were to get your work looked at for the first time. I myself have written a comedy and am having a terrible time finding an agent to read it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Sincerely yours, Mike Mod



  • Phyllus Waco, TX

    love studio tour, can't wait to take tour in person.

  • Loretta Johnson Tyler, Tx

    Love the studio...

  • kaitlyn flat rock mi

    hi tyler perry im doing a project on u at school will you emil me back...thx love your work

    • Deborah Benjamin Omaha, NE #1790217

      Hello Mr. Perry, Your studio is beautiful.


    Hi Mr Perry, I enjoyed the tour so much I wanted to ask if I can bring some children and their parents in person to visit the studio. I am assistance director at a Resource Center in Decatur where my church just open on site at a apartment complex. This is a low income neighbor and we are trying to bring resource on site to them. If they can come for a visit this would mean so much to the residents. Thanks

  • Timajin Ali Philadelphia, PA

    Hi Tyler, I am the author of the Land of OZ: Generations. The Land of OZ: Resurrection and The Dragon. I dream everyday about Madea being in the Land of OZ, fighting with Dorothy to destroy the evil the threatens this beautiful world. My writing skills are magnificent and I can write a movie for you to star in every year. I promise I can make you richer than you are now. Please recruit me and put me on your team of writers and I promise I will not let you down.


      You seriously need to stop smoking week Timaj Ali! Don't you know you can't use other people copy right material without the written permission of the screenwriter who wrote the wizard of oz and if the person is white which they are. They will never let uncle Tom house n**** Tyler Perry destroy their work. And Tyler would have to pay them which will never happen and for you to even not have enough ideas to even want to copy off of somebody else work then promote it to sorry non talented Tyler Perry shows your level of intelligence! Get a life a****** and if you are a writer which I know you ain't. Do some research before you decide to steal someone else work. Write a story on it then present it to your m***** devil Tyler sucks Perry! TYLER PERRY SUCKS!!!!

    • Sheyla Concord, NC #1789419

      go on Amazon.com and type in tarajin ali's name in and see what you get. You were unnecessarily rude.

    • sheyla Concord, NC #1789423

      Sorry I mispelled his name Timajin Ali

    • ikeyz Newark NJ #1789963

      Now don't we feel stupid? You know, it's one thing to be "militant" and Ignorant. But to be Militan ,"Ignorant, And stupid, That's a WHOLE new level. First of all, what props you think yu are gonna get bashing TP on HIS website? Really dude? Let me guess, the WHiteman holding you back? He's the devil? it's a conspiracy against the blackman? GET a Grip. That's so 90's. Wake up and Man Up. Haters will always bash another's man success, Especially when they Wish they WERE him. Go somehere and suck your thumb youngin.

  • barbara grant atlanta ga

    i really enjoyed the tour but can i come visit in person and meet tyler perry himself he is a wonderful person and i have a madea. i am on dialaysis at this present time i be sick a lot but i just want to meet u before i leave this earth

  • michelle Abner orange park fl

    The tour was nice.GOD is so so good to have you make movie to help our faith and pray more and forgiving others that what I get out of it.I thank GOD helping me I had a child at the age 17 years by my husband now.We got marriage when I was 18 years that was may 7 1988.GOD gave me a blessing a husband that loves me for me.It will be 25 years we been marriage.Thats a blessing for Seth and I we have each other.The things GOD for us.KEEP YOUR EYES ON GOD he know that you will put his name out there.thats the reason you made it because you doing his work he.We will all ways be praying for you all.

  • Ami Kabah Arizona, pheonix

    Hi my name is Ami Kabah and it been my dream to work for Tyler Perry because he is the best movie created ever. I’m 16 years I love to act I have always wanted to be an actress. I think I will be the good for the show love thy neighbor show because I’m good at acting. I know to want to do this I know I can do this if you guys can please give me a chance I wouldn’t let you down. Please call on or and Email me at you for your time

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