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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Tiffanie Atlanta,Ga

    Hello Mr. Perry! My son and myself absolutely LOVE all of your works from your tv shows to your plays. My son pretends to be Mr. Brown on a daily basis. Consequently, he was chosen as a finalist in the SHINE talent competition and they will be having a showcase on March 23 here in Atlanta. It would be great if any of your reps could come out and see these talented kids, especially mine (Naivion Stephens) :)Thanks for all the laughs! God Bless!

  • Coy M. LaSister St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay, Florida

    Mr. Perry...I love all of your films and wish you continue success for all you do to help African American actors and artists achieve their dreams. We here in the City of St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay, Florida are following our dream to create a new music venue through the historic preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of a 1927 Mediterranean Style Architecture Historic YMCA Building and establish a sustainable music education program for in-school and at-risk youth. We would like for your to consider using the Historic YMCA Building as a possible location for your upcoming movie and films and help us to raise additional funding to make our dream for this building and community uses to benefit all residents and visitors to the City of St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Region. Please contact us to explore how we can work together and help advance our respective interests. All the Best!

    • tyler Raleigh NC #1800928

      hey tyler perry i love your work i'm a big fan and i was just wondering if i could meet you and show you that i can act

    • tyler Raleigh NC #1800935

      hello tyler perry i'm a big fan and i was just wondering if i could meet you and show you that i can ct my adress is 3129Dog wood drivwood drive and if you fecide to vist raleigh be sure to drop by so i can show you some of the acts of yours i like

  • DaNisha Williams Cleveland

    Hi Tyler just stopping by to spread peace and love! I really adore all of your work, your such an inspiration to my life as Im sure many others as well. I pray one day I have the pleasure of doing work with you or even just to get feedback.

  • Coop United States

    Blessing brother....keep your head up...we are pulling for you and Madea....Love everything...and Madea gets a job gets 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up.....GREAT JOB...

  • Anthony Monjaro Nigeria

    Hi T. Perry, Just wanted to say, you are a true inspiration. I am an actor and film maker based in Nigeria (Well just moved out here from the UK) and my goal is to build a similar dream here and using your reality as my guide. So hopefully you will be hearing from me in the future. I look forward to that day. God continue to bless you, keep you and inspire and protect you.

  • Deborah Sims United States

    This studio seem like it has a feel of home away from home , I like the Ideal of you having a chapel in the midst , The more I'm starting to learn of you I'm amazed but I've always heard bits and pieces of your kind heart and you seem grounded your fame has not change you if you and I know you know where I'm coming from GOD Bless You Sir Tyler Perry !!! Oh I started writing and almost posted the comment before I ask the question what I really had start writing for ,Can any one tell me what City is Tyler Perry studio located in, Thanks

    • Coop United States #1800440

      Southwest Atlanta, Georgia

  • C-Production Missouri

    Hi Mr. Perry god bless you sir, I enjoyed all of your plays. You are truly bless by god.He has given you a gift that no one can take it away from you but god. Thank you so much for listing to the voice of god. With out a vision the people will Parrish. Mr. T. Perry by any chance do you think one day you will own your own Radio Station just as well as your TV. Station. Why not have your own radio station when you can share some of the music that your cast written to sooth the heart of the people. I notice you often share toward married couple what about single and also our youth of the day. Mr.Perry you ever need a person to come and work at your radio station I am availabel I have volunteer for twenty year as a gospel annourcer for a radion station in missouri KJLU-FM radio station. Thank you so much for reading this email. God bless you and your family and cast. Thank Ms.Casandra


    Dear Mr. Perry: I hope all is well with you. Your personal life story has been an inspiration to so many including us, here in this small community of St. Croix. Your story serves as a motivation for anyone who thinks that he or she cannot make it in life. We all love you and appreciate you for your strength, perseverance, persistence, ambition and most important of all, your love and consideration for human kind which is exemplified through your plays and movies. I have often made reference of you to my students, especially, when they are not applying themselves to their best potential or they exhibit very low self esteem of never becoming successful in life. I am a high school business educator at one of our public high schools (St. Central High School) here on the island of St. Croix US. Virgin Islands. I am also an advisor of the Future Business Leaders of America organization, as well as the school's Entrepreneurship Club. I am in the process of scheduling a trip with some of the members of both organizations to tour Atlanta, (April 21 - 28, 2013). I have often dream of meeting you one day, and the students are quite exited about the possibility of meeting you, therefore, I am kindly asking you for a brief moment of your time. We would be honored if we could meet with you even if it was for a minute while we are visiting. We are aware of the fact that you are an extremly busy person, but I hope that you can make our dream of meeting you become a reality and a rewarding experience as well. I have never tried to contact any celebrity before because I've often thought if I ever did it would just be a futile effort. However, meeting you will definitely be a trip my students will never forget, especially, since the majority of them have never been out of the territory before. We all have a purpose in life, but I believe people like you are placed on this earth for a bigger purpose. I also believe that you are one of GOD'S angels placed on this earth, (despite what you have gone through to get to where you are), to be the strength for the weak and the hope to the hopeless. I am anxiously awaiting and praying for a response. Thank you in advance. May GOD continue to bless you and keep you in good health. Respectfully yours, Julice Joseph

  • karen hannibal missouri

    Dear Tyler, I am a 22 year young lady I have watch all your plays all your movies speaking of which I have all of them as a collections... Your movies and plays has truly blessed me and some of your characters reminds me of my grandmother... I really want you to keep up the good work.... I pray to God that one day I can be in your plays

  • Thomasina Daniels North Las Vegas Nevada

    I think you are doing an awesome job keep up the good work. I have an idea for a new play or story daddy's little girls 2.what you think

  • Angela Hatfield Burlington, N.C.

    Hi, Tyler, I'm from Burlington, N.C. I think you are amazing. You have a great Gift and you have blessed my soul through doing what you do. I haven't been many places in my life but to be able to meet you and to tour your studio, is one trip I would love to take. I've been a "home" girl, stayed in the house, but at 14, I found out who God was and I've been with him since then. I'm so glad to have been introduced to a true man of God...although I haven't met you yet, I know you, because I feel your spirit. If I never get that chance, I will keep hold your Spirit within my heart ...muah!

  • Tyla fayetteville, nc

    I am loving the facility.......... May GOD bless you even the more. You are very anointed and greatness will follow you all the days of your life.