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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Ann Dorsey Memphis, Tn

    Mr. Perry I really enjoyed the tour...continue to fullfill your destiny. It has been a blessing to me. Thanks Ann Dorsey

  • Cris Houston, TX

    I am sitting here wanting to vent and put things in perspective about my life and I thought to send you a message in hopes you have the time to listen. I attempted to write out my thoughts of my life's journey but my computer crashed and I lost it all. I want to have a voice and speak out concerning the pain that I have been in and think that it would be freeing if you were to tell my story in hopes of that many women would be set free! I pray you find this message and take the time check me out. Sincerely Cris

  • Amanda Tucker chattanooga tennessee

    You are such a blessed man of God, you have encouraged me in more ways then one... Every play and every movie I seen from you, puts a huge smile on my face... I know you get fan mail every day........I am truely a huge fan of yours.... Keep doing what you doing,, God has truely anointed you for a time like this............... I just wanted to say love ya and keep the movies and play coming.......................................

  • Sean Felder HarlemNYC

    Hey Tyler,Sean Felder and independent opearator.Listen can you help me jumpstart my buisness?I sell and promote XS Energy Drinks.Amway Global discriminated me because the corporation didn't want to see a Black IBO gain profit money.They are being sued for illegal pyramid scams ans I'm entitled to a settlement check.Would you like to try a sample of XS Energy Drinks and possibly invest for support?My website(www.AmpUpYourLifestyle.blogspot.com) Youtube(Sean Felder XS Energy Drinks) Good luck man and please support my network.

  • Monique Caldwell Cape Cod, Mass

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry!!!!! I have an important question. I just paid a down payment to John Casablanca modeling/acting school for both my kids to follow their dreams as actors/models. I was told that right now there are not a lot of modeling gigs for their ages (11 and 7). I read a lot about modeling and not to pay anything to pursue it but nothing for acting. I tend to question everything after the fact. I called my Aunt back home in Mississippi and she told me I should look into it more and try to get my money back. Could you tell me what you think about this? The reviews about John Casablanca aren't good and it's starting to really scare me. I was told by the agency that they will be doing head shots and going to classes there on the weekend and this fee is $109 per child not including the $480 up front. Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks, Monique

  • Denise Robinson

    Mr. Perry, I'm contacting you because I feel that you might be able to help our school Arlington Christian School in Fairburn Georgia stay open. The school is in severe financial trouble with the possibility of closing without letting the kids finish out this school term. We are seeking donations to help keep the school open. If you are able to do anything please contact the school. All donations are tax deductible. The school will provide a donation letter for IRS purposes will. Arlington has made such an impact on the students that attend the school. The students are also trying to help do everything that they can to keep the school open. Some of the students actually donated their own personal money to help. The school's mission is "helping children grow as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature an in favor with God and man". We are a local school in Fairburn Georgia. Please feel free to contact to the school to investigate all that I have told you.

  • Leotha Candy Wilkins Northern Virginia

    Hi Mr. Perry, you are a GREAT inspiration to world. I admire you and I thank God for using you in a positive way. I enjoy every play and movie you have done. I have follow you since 2000 and I am praying to God that I would meet you one day. Miracles happen to those who believe in them, I believe in God and he performs miracles every day, Like right now ,I have the opportunity write a comment on your website. This is a miracle. It is not the big things, it is the little things that mean so much to me. May God continue to bless you and use you as long as you have life. 'You rock Mr.Perry'.........................SMILE..............................

  • Emmanuel Ameh Nigeria

    Hello Mr.Perry, Thank you for the good job you are doing out there, I am always happy watching your movie, you are so talented. I am an aspiring Filmmaker Nigeria, i hope to work with you some day. THANK YOU FOR MAKING US PROUD, I KNOW YOU WILL GO PLACES, YOU ARE JUST STARTING. BYE EMMANUEL.

  • V. Ray (Shakey) Howard Corpus Christi, Texas

    Enjoy all of your movies very entertaining and may god bless you for years to come.

  • SAM RAWLS College Park , GA

    Just read that U were looking for extras for this coming monday! I fit the description and have experience! Plus I need to eat! HELPPP! lol

    • Christopher Franks Sr. Country Club Hills,Il 60478 #1788740

      MY BROTHER YOU HAD ME WITH THE YOUR FIRST PLAY I SAW ON VIDEO . So proud of you and your asperations . Never saw so many haters until you started doin yo thang !! May GOD continue to BLESS A HUNDRED FOLD . If thats what you NEED ! I've come thru ALOT of struggle and still goin thru . But as BETTY DAVIS said ( Growin old ain't for sissy's) . I also have . I think the premis for a very educational and extremely funny play. But the people I have in mind to play the various characters might be difficult to get . So I start writing then stop . Im thinking maybe just gettin a dragon computer dictating device . Just to expedite things and get it out of my head . Enough about me . Once again thanks for all your doing and GOD BLESSSSSSS !!!

  • Tara Moses Byron, GA 31008

    OMG.....Mr. Tyler Perry, I just want to say your studio is so amazing....it looks as big as a town...I really pray that I get the opportunity to work with you, and have been such a inspiration to alot of people including myself. I'm currently working hard with MI Talent with my skills so I can earn the opportunity of getting selected for an audition for a chance to be on one of your sets, it can just be a part as an extra....we gotta start somewhere! Thank You

  • Edward Hearns Parsons TN

    I have written two feature length screenplays I would love for you to review and I would appreciate any help you could offer getting into the business.

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