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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Aniyah Williams New london, CT

    Your movies, play, everything AMAZING someday i hope to work with you!!!!!!!!! I am only 14 and i am thankful God put you here on this earth as an example!!!!!!!!! God Bless You Mr.Tyler Perry!!

  • Margaret L Lively Indianapolis, In 46268

    Mr. Perry. I am soooo proud of you. I am an 80 year old lady of color who can appreciate our men of color doing great things as you are. My husband and I never miss any of your movies. Also my whole family. Your Studios are just out of this world. I enjoyed walking through it with you.You have no idea how many people around the world are praying for you.I admire you for what you are doing. I wrote a book about my life. A country un-educated girl picking cotton in Mississippi. I would like to send it to you. You might like reading it. May God continue to Bless you. I know He will because I pray for you too. Best regurd Margaret l. Lively

  • babra Colorado

    This is ausome may the almighty continue to bless you

  • Joetta Thomas Orlando, FL 32828

    Wow!!!!!!! The studio tour was fantastic!!!!! can't wait to see it in person. You are truly an inspiration to me Tyler and you are sooooo Hot! and good looking too! God has truly blessed you and you are giving back in his name as well. You leave me speechless and that is hard to do. I pray that our paths will cross one day!

  • cortney cleveland oak grove, ky

    we are introducing automobile wheel lights. www.clevelandnightvision.com saying thanks to you an all for being here.

  • MICKEY United States


  • Antoinette Davis baltimore

    hello I recently wrote a book entitled "Let the TRUTH be Told" I wanted to mail the book to you however I could not get the information to do that. I have sold over 100 books thus far and the book went on sale 02/15/2013, it is on kindle, Black and Nobel .com Frugal book store in Roxbury , MA and A quiet place book store in Baltimore. It is the 1st series of 3. I have been ask did you send it to Tyler Perry, The answer was no, because I didn't think it would make a difference. Well I'm stepping out on faith here and asking you to please read the book, I would love to have your opinion on the book. I plan to make it a play in 2015 with the grace of GOD it will happen, coming at the lyric theatre in Baltimore. I have imagined that.

    • Kim #1808961

      God bless you my sister God can do anything and it will happen for you! I am trusting Him for my own resort museum. I need sponsors, investors, etc. I am believing God for my miracle as well. Bless you your sis in Christ, Kim

    • Joetta Thomas Orlando, FL 32828 #1808962

      Hi!!! Keep up the good work! I would love to write a book about my life one day! Keep the faith all things are possible if you only believe. Hopefully you will look me up when you work on your play. Acting is definitely in my veins! Good Luck & God Bless!

  • Tekeisha Dixon Atlanta Ga

    Hi,Mr. Perry,,my daugther Adayia loves your tv shows,,she is always telling people at the shop that I work at that she is gonna be on your show..She is only ,5, but has a big personality.I would love the oppurtunity to come out and talk to you,,im sure she would be so excited,,,She sae you at your movie premier at the Amc in cobb..She wanted to meet you,but you was very busy...I've submitted her head shots..I am her mother and can be reach at anytime concerning my baby...We hope and pray you will consider meeting my baby. God Bless, Adayia Toni & Tekeisha Dixon

    • Joetta Thomas Orlando, FL 32828 #1808967

      Hi! can I get the info from you on how you submitted the headshot or pictures. I am trying very hard to break into the business also. Any info would be well appreciated. I am sure your daughter will go far, especially if that is what she wants to do. I have come to realize that we cannot live our lives through our children but to let them live their own dream. My daughter had the opportunity at one time to join the Blue Apple Players, a acting troupe that was destined to have a lot of potential leads for actors but she was too shy and did not participate in the audition even though I worked with her to perfect her performance. She was just not interested. She would have cast easily for the part for she was what they were looking for but she did not have that passion as I have had all my life. It was a hard lesson to learn but I did learn. Make sure that is what she wants and not you . . . . .

  • swagger

    nice work

  • Gavin LA Ishmael 13203 Kensington Trace Lithonia Ga 30038

    Mr. T Perry My name is Gavin and I am interested in working for you and your Company. I have been out of work for 9 month and have full out lots of applications, Please give me a chance, All so I will send you my résumé ,Thank you. Gavin L.A. Ishmael 13203 Kensington Trace Lithonia Georgia, 30038 Seeking a position with an established company, where I can utilize my skills to the fullest with the opportunity for growth and achievement. EXPERIENCE 9/2002--10/2012 Loomis Co-Atlanta, GA • Function Cash handling, ATM Service, Armed Truck Driver, Warehouse and Forklift Operator. 2/2011—8/2011 Norred & Associates Atlanta, GA Function Security & Investigations. 4/2001—7/2002 A.F.L Network Services Duluth, GA Function Installer: Wire wrapping, stenciling, lacing, framing and terminating on OC48/FLM 2400,OC3 FLM150, OC3 DDM2000, OC12 DDM2000, litespan 2000, power(BDFB),multiplex, timing, DSX3, DSX1, 89 Block, CG-399 Block TSI Block. 8/1998—3/2001 Tell Tech Miami, FL Function. ​Installer: Wire wrapping, stenciling, lacing, framing and terminating on OC48/FLM 2400,OC3 FLM150, OC3 DDM2000, OC12 DDM2000, litespan 2000, power(BDFB),multiplex, timing, DSX3, DSX1, 89 Block, CG-399 Block TSI Block. 8/1989—11/1992 Ellis Communication Inc St,Lucia West Indies. • Function Assistant Installer: Motorola Repeaters, Satellite Dishes, Communication Antennas, Surveillance Systems, Maintenance and Repairs. 1992—1998 Florida Worked different part time jobs until I was able to get back into the Technical field. EDUCATION 1987—1991 Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, New York. High School Diploma: Mathematics, English, Discovery, Science and Geography. 1987—1991 New York Transit Police Department, Brooklyn, New York New York Certification for the participation of School research program. 1982—1986 Wingate Seminar Ice Program (Advance Studies) Freshman’s Leadership Club Certificate for Outstanding Service and Conduct. References at your request

    • ResumeRenovationsStaff CT #1808849

      Dear Gavin, I do not represent Tyler Perry. I am a freelance resume writer and DO NOT recommend that you post your resume on this web page, since it contains personal information. There is a separate link for you to send your resume to Tyler Perry Studios. If you already sent it and didn't get a response, you may need to streamline your qualifications and resend it. Also, your objective needs to be more specific. I suggest you rewrite that part and specify the Job Title or Position that you are seeking. There are probably some good resume writing services in your area so I think you should check them out. Hope this helps. Resume Renovations Staff

  • Kimberlyn New Orleans

    Mr. Perry, I am traveling to Atlanta this summer with some area high school students for a college tour. The group of students I work with are 'at risk', therefore with limited resources and support to reach higher education. I am sure you are aware of the crime, poor education, poverty and instability many of the children in this city face. As the Program Director, I increase their self esteem and give them courage to dream for a brighter future while assisting them academically. As we are finalizing the plans for our trip, I would love for them to tour or visit the Tyler Perry Studios. Please consider this request for I know this would encourage our students even more.

  • Cedric Johnson Louisville, ky 40210

    Mr Perry or who ever is in charged in replying back to these comment, I have just finishing up on my script base on my book, Juding God, that will make a great an entertaining movie, while a few Hollywood producer are interested, this move is made for you to do, trust me you want be disappointed, please make the time to see me.