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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • loretta brice 4600 b hardy dr suffolk va 23435

    Dear Mr Perry I will like to talk to you about a project that I have been thinking about, well more of a dream of mines. This dream is very important and the reason I chose to talk to you about it is because most of your plays and movies have some kind of drug related, and recovery. Please contact me if you see this message. If you think back to when your sucess was a dream than you will remember what it feels like to have a dream. I know with help from someone like you my dream can come true. I am one of your fans that buy your movies and plays from the stores not the streets like you ask. Now I am asking you to just give me five minutes of your time. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • Maliza Gaithersburg, MD

    Maliza is my name and i would truly enjoy appreciate and love to work with you as an actor! I've been acting for years... I've played a few devastating confusing and painful roles in my life, thanks to god i have discovered my role and only act part time. 19 years on this earth doesn't sound like much, and this age range is usually ignored but i have rotated lives. i have lived and am still recuperating from my poor decisions in the past. by that i mean although there are addicts around the world, handicapped, the lonely, and sexually abused and more... i would love to be used as a representative, symbol and/or addition to your show/film/play about the dying youth now. Finding myself was the hardest part of my life, i then realized that to understand myself i had to face one of my biggest fears, god. long story short ever since i made the decision to fall on my knees after the numerous times of falling on my face i have finally found a safer place, a peaceful mind and determined and motivated soul. my dream is to save change and/or inspire a life, it's my purpose; i know so. i am sure you have met and read plenty of thousands of tragic stories both ridiculously cruel and amazingly beautiful, but from the view of your work you haven't yet reached that "next step". i love your work and you have obviously done an amazing job, you have given me the feeling of love family and unity with your cast when i most needed it but i would love to work with you to reach another issue that most people do not recognize. i am referring to youth and the influences and damage the adult world and lack of parenting education has thrown at us/them. My life itself is just a collage of many short dreadful stories ; i am no better or worse than anyone but myself. i would truly love an opportunity to audition for one of your shows! or work with you period. i hope to hear from you or your staff soon! please and thank you for taking the time to read this. Let's spread the word and widen the eyes of the world to another memorable and vital picture! the dying youth... Much love! keep it safe!

  • Denise Jackson San Leandro, CA 94578

    Great studio thanks so much for opening up your studio to alllow us to view it as well as your home I have watch all your programs and movies you are doing a wonderful job my Black brother keep up the good work. I remeber when you first came out you said you would never take your plays and make them a move what change your mind? Reaching out on facebood and allow us to feel apart of you I feel this is a great thing making us feel apart of your family. Thanks so much, Denise Jackson

  • Rev. Shirley Scott United States

    Simply awesome, you are quite a visionary; my prayer is that more young men will follow your example. We Pray Gods continued blessings upon you and your business endeavors!

  • Scott Brandon Charlotte, N.C.

    Tyler my entire family is very proud of your accomplishments. The studio from on line is excellent and we give God praise for you. Keep up the Good work.

  • Anthony Smith Atlanta ,Georgia

    Hello Sir , My Name is Anthony Smith , and I am an aspiring writer. I have been working on a list of projects that I have either discontinued or lost confidence in. I would like to submit a script to you for some advice on how to improve . Thank You

  • Wyvonnia Newnan, Ga.

    Hi, My children will be here for Christmas, because I host our family dinner at Christmas, and I'd like to know if you have tours for visitors? If so, when and how much are they.

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  • fatmata denicia dolley Syracuse NY

    Hi Mr. Perry I'm very much interested in actingin your industry. I do not have no experience, but I am willing to learn and work with and others in the industry if you givethe chance to. I have passion for acting and modeling. But modeling dream almost died when I finds out the mostly deal with tall models. Please Mr. Perry help me out I know by grace of you will consider my request. God bless you Mr. Perry I'm already in your industry by faith. God bless the person who will pass this message to Mr. Perry.

  • sherry Bryant Texas

    Dear Tyler, I love you and all that you do. I am in Texas and willing to relocate to Atlanta. My background is in the area of helping others. I have personal asst. Experience and I am a hard working, God fearing woman of God. I am willing to follow directions and do things your way. I pray for new open doors in areas that I once feared. I am asking for a chance. Thank You for reading my post. I'm ready. God Bless Sherry Bryant

  • Jalen Lawson greensboro,nc

    seeking internship with your company. I'm a sophmore a Bennett College in Greensboro,NC. My major is Journalism/ Broadcasting. My G.P.A. is 3.2 . I have a wbsite so you can see ome of my work. www.wix.com/jalenlawson/jlawphotos Again, Thank You for your time! Jalen Lawson

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