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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Gilberto Oquendo Stamford ct

    first of all God Bless you Tyler Perry. I have always been a fan of you watch all your movies and I have seen the way god has worked and bless you through out your career. I had my own portfolio years ago in Manhattan NY international faces but they took my money and never called few moths later I read in the papers that they had been scamming people out of there money. Well I believe I have great talent to perform as gay, homeless person e.c.t I am a 46 Year Old male Hispanic who is very funny at work out going energetic I play softball, baseball football and love motorcycle riding with my pastor. I would love to act or do any commercial acting for you I know you are a man of god and that is why I am asking for a hand life is getting very hard out in the world your help is very much appreciated. Thank you and may god continue blessing you through out your life and career. Sencearly Gilberto Oquendo

    • diamond 22406 #1967544

      hi i am diamond i am a lilttle girl with a dream to be a star like u and i been doing my best i love your movies even some of them was made when i was not born i just want a chance to be one can u make it happen

  • Charles Raluombe Johannesburg, South Africa

    Hi Tyler Perry, My name is Charles Raluombe, 27 years of age, all the way from Johannesburg South Africa. I have a very beautiful story that I would like you to read. It's actually a real life story about myself and three other people, something in the line of my current girlfriend, my baby mama and the baby mama's new man. I'm busy building a website for it i.e www.4seasonsoflove.co.za. It would actually be much easier if I could email it to you, any form of contact would be highly appreciated. I just love how things unfold throughout the whole drama - Please hit me up /

  • Tyana Dallas ga

    In need of help please share with your fans. Don't wanna end up without a home. Thank you

  • Lakina Smith Fairburn GA

    Dear Mr. Perry, I am writing to you in reference to my son. Who has been in and out of the hospital most of his life. He just had another surgery this last Thursday. He will be 15 this Tuesday the 17. And he wants to meet the Great Tyler Perry.. If you could find the time, To meet my baby boy for just a couple of minutes, He would be so honored. God Bless! The Mither If A Very Special Little Boy (My Hero).

    • Tyana Parker Dallas ga #1966435

      God bless you and your son, I pray and hope he gets better n hope Tyler can meet him. Good luck.

  • bridgette atlanta,ga

    Mr. Perry, I am writing you for financial assistance, my husband just got laid off from his job and we are in need of a blessing. I am a minister in my church,full time;God set me aside to use for his glory. I attend Power Action Ministries where Apostle Geraldine Newchurch is my pastor,come on out one Sunday at 11am or Friday night at 7:30. Back to my situation,we have no income,they are giving him a hard time getting unemployment and he is having a hard time finding a job,please help us. Every bill is due. The Bible says,we have not;cause we ask not. I don't have a pride spirit,we need help. I am a praying woman of God,trying to hold my family together,but I am getting discouraged. I gave you my daughter email address,cause I forgot my password to mine. But thank you for reading my letter,even if you don't respond.


    I love you, Tyler. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for the tribute to Maya Angelou. I am so sorry to learn about Ruby Dee's death. Thank you for honoring her at your studio. God will continue to bless you.......

  • Denise Weatherspoon Osyka, MS

    Thank you for standing firm on your faith in God and bringing Christ to this big stage. Love you and all that you do. I pray your strength in The Lord. You are a favorite in our house. Even my eight year old niece quoting Madea..lol


    I just want to say thanks for all you do. You don't realize how important your characters are and how they affect the lives of many people. When I was going through a rough patch in my marriage Madea brought laughter and joy and also wisdom to a crying heart. My son was 3yrs. old at that time, and he quoted a line from Madea. It was " Hold your peace, and let the Lord fight your battle". And that's just what I did. Thank you. And may God continue to use you through your talents. Hopefully, one day God will bless my writings to do the same. Continue with God, and he will continue with you. And maybe one day our paths will cross. I pray one day soon, God bless you.

  • Newsome Newz Jacksonville Fl.

    My God continue to bless you Mr.Perry! I really mean that. I wish i had away you can hear my music, I'm sure it would be a blessing to you and maybe it would open a door for me I'm not asking for anything but a listening ear. Your in my prayers Luv ya! Newsome Newz

  • Mark Leisching sout africa

    please come and visit south Africa, please come and do a stage play in south Africa. your visit to south Africa is way passed due. God bless you always

  • hpatmi RkCQVDfBAoTi

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  • Terica Mobile, AL

    Mr. Perry; I admire you and all that you've done, you're presently doing and all that God will continue to allow you to do by blessing you to be the blessing that you are. Since day one of your stage plays until this very point; I make it my personal mission to seek out your movies, plays & shows; I love them all and not just because of the laughter, but the real-life issues that you address that others would dare touch on. Now, to my second reason for this post; I need for you to steer me in the right direction as to who I should allow to assist me in my writing skills (gift) being that God miraculously drops inspirational and "real- life" issues (story lines & scences) into my mind, soul/spirit almost everyday and I feel that they are od such relevance and great maginitude that someone with your experience and expertise should handle. I'm presently writing books and one has already been accepted by a publisher. I romise you that I'm not seeking self exposure or gratification, but just a chance to learn more and maximize the gift that I know had to be God-given and inspired. Continued to be genuine, true, blessed and highly favored. I pray that I will hear from you and/or your management soon. P.S. He also gives me lyrics to songs as well, but I don't know a thing about music other than I love it. Smile!!!

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