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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Knotasha Dean Greenwood, MS

    Wow!! I must say that it is amazing how GOD is using you. Most people do not get the chance to tell their story, but you somehow you tell stories we all can relate to. I am greatfull that GOD is allowing you to live your dreams and be a living witness of what HE CAN DO! I hope that you find more stories to tell and continue touching lives. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to tell my story, maybe not to the world but to someone and it will change their lives as well. LET GOD'S BLESSINGS SHOWER YOU!

  • cheryl roberta, ga

    Hey Tyler, you are awesome, and have a great career. I have noticed, on the show,house of payne, the front door of the house, does not match the inside door. In ella's house. From the outside, the door handle is on the right side of the door, but on the inside the handle is on the right. that needs to be fixed. I hope u read these messages. Take care.

  • mary ohio

    i would just like to say that it is wonderfull love the tore through it all keep doing what u do

  • Gale Boudreaux Little Elm Texas

    I have to say beautiful and breath taking. I am from New Orleans and sometimes to see the bigger picture can be a little hard. Thank you for thinking outside the box. Gale Boudreaux

  • Dione potts clinton township michigan

    hello mr.tyler perry I love your tv shows,plays,and most importantly MADEA!, god bless

  • Stephanie Roberts Stockbridge, Ga.

    Hello Tyler , I love your studio and I'm so proud of you and your success. I would like to make a very very very special request. Is it anyway possible for my daughter to have her wedding in January at your chaple studio. She is my only daughter and I really can't afford to give her the fairy tell wedding I would like for her to have, so if you could grant my request it would be a great blessing. You are invite to come of course. Thanks in advance for even considering my request.

  • Taylor Allen Harrodsburg, Kentucky

    Hello Tyler you are a very insperation to me. I would like to ask you to come and visit here in Kentucky Show a play or even come and talk to us young people and guidence in the right direction. If you would please look in to this and Thank You Taylor God Bless

  • Paulette A. Williams New Orleans La.

    Hello Tyler, I Want To Take Time To Thank You For The Opportunity That You Gave My Daughter. May God Contuine To Bless You And Ur Staff..

  • Miss Milano The Netherlands ( amsterdam)

    First i wanne thank you for the good movie´s that you make. I really feel you in the movie Good Deeds. How is it possible that you really take the daily situations that every body have been trough an make a movie about it? I hope that the people wake up now in the world and that they know that everyday some people fighting for making the night. Respect I hope you can make a movie for our children something like dont do drugs , stay on skool , becarefull with the loverboys e.d. So that they know and see what can happend , because they are young and naief. You really have the power to do that. God bless you And thanks for making Good black movie´s again ,if missing that. From the other side of the world Greetings and big up to you From Armanda Milano

  • Darshell Jacobs tucker ga

    Tyler Perry I heard about what happen to you when the police officer pulled you over, I've been harassed by the police recently because I was a victim of a scam I'm a house wife I do work on computer like surveys and I received a check now check wasn't good so I never received any money never signed check and store clerk told me to leave, so I tryed to make a report about where it supposedly came from 3 days later I'm being arrested with a high felony reminder I've never committed a crime no background I have a 2,10 yr old daughters I ain't got no time for crime!!! Gospel song writer/ singer.. so I went to jail for almost 24 hrs git out and a police officer came back to my house yesterday arrested me left my kids in front door of house didn't ask if there was an adult there I didn't have shoes on he running me down concrete steps so I tell him I was scam and I have proof plus I have took care of warrent and he put me in car look in computer NO WARRANTS for me I was hurt embarrass my kids seen there MOTHER being treated like dirt.. I've only live here 4 months..I came here to PERSUE my dreams of being apart of your stage plays and my husbands believes in me so we moved here.... I need help to fight this case I don't have an attorney as of now wait I lied I got God... So I'm praying to be bless with one in the physical Tyler Perry Can you help me I don't want anything free i would do charity work if needed ,nursing, homes, etc.. I'm under major attack and I need finances for attorney... I pray you read this and have compassion

  • Shaunta St. Louis

    It is truly a blessing that he came this way and keep up the good work

  • sekeithia b locust grove, ga

    I know there is a God, because had made your dream come true. I know my dream will come to past as well. Be looking out for Blessed By Association Salon real soon. God Bless you

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