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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • sandra king dover,de

    What a blessing to see what you have made a reality thus far. I too hope to be a part of that reality one day! Love You...more than a fan!

  • Stacy White Los Angeles, CA

    Dear Mr. Perry, Instead of another season, you should produce and direct a House of Payne Film answering all the questions from the season finale

  • WTB Image Consulting/Wanda T Brown BALTIMORE, MD 21239

    Hello Tyler Perry, I enjoy all your movies, plays gifts and talents that God gave you. Believing one day soon I will get to meet you live in person and get a interview with you. Preparation if the highest form of believing. Thank you for consideration to this matter.

  • Jayla Lee Canton,Oh

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, What the heck!! !!!!!! How you going to end House of Payne like that?! Can we just get one more season of House of Payne, like come on Miranda just left. Did she leave the kids with Calvin? There is so many unanswered questions that people want to know. You can't just leave it like that. I mean come on people want to know what happens... Please answer back, Post note: Whyyyyyyyyyyy????????????

    • Dorris Brown Baton Rouge La. #1732320

      Hello Mr. Perry My Name is Dorris Brown and I am a recovering addict with 7 years clean as of August 8th. I have been so inspired by the work you have done to help our recovery community with your movies and uplifting words. I have come a long way and while I know I still have a long way to go I decided to go back to school for Substance Abuse Counseling. I am proud to say I have completed all my school courses for Substance Abuse Counseling and am currently working on certification . I am working at Living Waters Ministries, LLC in Baton Rouge, La. as an intern. I know you are a very very verrrrry busy man but I am writing in hopes that you can visit our program, to give our clients some motivation to recovery. Living Waters opened in 2006 and it is a family owned and ran business working on a grant. The grant was cut by more than 50% and as a staff we struggle weekly to make ends meet. However we make it work because we all are here for the same purpose and have the same belief so we believe the living water shall continue to flow from within us. We hope that even if you aren't able to visit us that you can at least write us back. Here is our company website, www.livingwatersomb.org PEACE and BLESSINGS

  • Brenda Grimsley Dothan, AL

    Tyler, I've seen a many studios but this far succeeds all of them. I truly commend you on your growth as a director, actor and entrepreneur. Keep the movies and plays coming. I am a fan of yours for life. God continue to bless all your endeavors.

  • Genesis Naugatuck Ct

    Hey Tyler I'd Like To Be An Extra In One Of Your Movies Please Contact Me Via Email ,

  • Jessica Reyerson fargo ND

    hay! Tyler I love ur movies and plays. Are u ever coming to Fargo Nd or Minnesota? I would love to see ur play in person and not on tv.

  • Dyan Franklin Dumas Arkansas 71639

    I would love to gome visit you studio one day.

  • Tatyana Armstrong Richmond va

    Tyler I really love u and I'm 13 and I want to start acting but I really want to start with u I sing a lil and I would just really live to meet u or talk to u u r my second inspiration. And my mom is the first plz give me a call I would love that very. Much Love... Tatyana

  • Sylvia Baker Shannon Miss

    Hi Tyler How do I purchase my ticket for Mobile Al I need two ticket because I will be in the house.

  • Barbara Wilmington, Delaware

    Dear Tyler Perry, I have been a fan and follower of you plays and movies. I love Madea. I've recently lost my job and l have been unable to get your recent movies and plays but you can bet as soon as I am able to get a job I will have them. You are truly blessed and highly favored by God and a treasure. I get so much from your plays and your movies. When you talk to Tasha Smith tell her I am so proud of her and congradulations. Tell her I use to be her neighbor on Atlanic Avenue. I enjoy watching her in everything she's been in. I hope one day to be able to get to see one of your plays in person. Thank you for what you have brought into my life and my marriage. May God always bless you.

  • beth carey nassau, bahamas

    you are an inspiration as to what god can do in our lives if we only believe and have faith. I too was molested at 5 by some j*** my dad gave a ride to right in the back seat of his car. Be careful who you let sit in the back seat with your kids. saw all your movies love the message. keep on blessing us.

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