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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • PFL Bennett New Rochelle, NY

    My husband and I were in Atlanta during the week of July 4th and came to your studio in hopes of being able to take a tour. Not only were we directed to the wrong location in downtown Atlanta (10th Street location), but when we finally found your studio, we were stopped at the gate and told that there was no touring of the studio at that time, perhaps in the near future there would be. Please note that we made several calls to the phone numbers listed on your website to no avail as well (no one answered the phones, and there were no voice mail recordings). Because we have seen everything you have done; from the first play to your last screen production, we were totally disappointed (sponsored bus trips to all of your NY Beacon Theatre and MSG productions), and surprised that someone of your caliber did not at least have someone answering your phones to give your fans information about the whether or not you conducted tours of your studio. Giving us postcards (your security officer at the gate) that said "Welcome to Tyler Perry Studios" did not suffice. Perhaps your next screen play should be "Stopped at the Gate".

  • R. V. Clark Va

    Me and the wife wil be arriving in Las Vegas on Oct 26, we want to come to your show. What time will it start at PlanetHollywood? we will be staying right across the street from P.H. Will there be an opporunity for VIP seats? we will like to meet you in person?

  • Evangelist Cheryl Brooks Dalcoe North Hollywood

    My first time viewing your studio. It's really nice. More than a blessing. To God be the Glory.

  • Beatrice and Gregory

    Tyler or should I say Mr. Perry, I feel like I know you , my son and I have been following your work and we love Madea, but please make a movie or play where Madea Goes To Church and get saved. That will be the frosting on the cake. Please,, choose us for extras so we could shout down. Everyone is waiting on Madea to get saved. Well could she at least start going to church and cause problems. LOL !!! Baby steps, LOL !!

  • Bernell Gentry 1154 dale circle Harrisonburg VA 22801

    I would to tour your studio I peason

  • Jessica Cobb county

    "Hi Mr. Perry. My name is jessica jackson and I was woundering if you would help me to start my movie. I have a great movie in mind and I know its going to sell. Ive been trying to get some help, but I know the lord will make a way out of no way. Please help me I will be greatful and will appreciate it alot.""Thanks!":);)

    • rick 1154dale circle harrisonburgVa 22801 #1728223

      H*** jessica please dont send tyler anymore messages like this thank you

    • SHELLEY STEWART New orleans #1728427

      Why not,we as people need to learn how to give people a chance,that's why we are so far behind as a people.

    • iloo Washington, DC #1728713

      Why would you tell her not to send him anymore messages like the one she sent? I hope you were just kidding? He got help by asking someone to help him also. Gone Jessica; ask all the questions you want.

  • Lc Weathersby Corpus Christi, Texas

    You are truly blessed, the studio is amazing; I believe I have watched this video approximately 10 times and it is still amazing. May God continue to be a blessing in your life.



    • Christie Hughes New Orleans #1728000

      Hi Mr. Perry, I would love for you to watch my pilot wearetheseries.com Me and my best friend put on a great show all about New Orleans. I wrote it, directed it, and produced it all in three days. We also love to do characters just like you! We would love to meet with you at your convenience. Love, Love, Love everything you do. If you want to see the one hour show the password is weare504! Would love to get your opinion. New Orleans has great tax credits and they are filming everywhere. We would like to get in on the action with you!!! God Bless You and Your Family, Christie Hughes

  • Denetra Jackson Garner/Raleigh NC

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry. I submitted a video to your talent search. I did not win but I have hope and I look forward to the day when you will call me. I am so ready for a life changing breakthrough to happen for me and my family. It seems like every since my daughter had been sick with having seizures, we have lived paycheck to paycheck and I am not looking for handouts, just looking for a change in me nad my family's life. Take care and be blessed in all that you do!!

  • Alphonso Irving Savannah,Ga

    " HUSTLE HARD ," can be summed up in three words Money,Murder, and Mayhem! This screenplay is the hardest urban gangster film written since early nineties hit movies New J*** City! This story is a powder keg of T.N.T. waiting to explode on theater screens across the nation. Hustle Hard a hard core street tale that depicts the rise and fall of one of Atlanta's most infamous drug organizations. It's about five childhood friends who emerged out of Atlanta's most notorious project. W h* rise from small time street hustlers to muscling control of the city's drug distribution from the Mexican Cartel. This films is sure to be a box office hit with the urban hip hop audience! Please if anyone who have read any of my synopsis and knows Mr. Perry tell him to get at me! Desperately seeking an agent...... Patiently waiting to blow$$$!

  • Alphonso Irving Savannah,GA

    " ENIGMA, Every Quest Begins With A Question" Enigma is the exhilarating tale of one girls search to solve the "Enigma" of her existence. "Who am I and Why am I here? We all at one time or another have taken a long look in the mirror and asked ourselves that timeless question. This is the question that catapults the story's main character on her magical quest down the road of self discovery! Mr. Perry we as African Americans have been excluded by Hollywood in relation to African American fairytales, mythology and sci-fi. Enigma is sure to a classic Black fairytale! Holler back! All I need is a agent!

  • Alphonso Irving Savannah, Ga

    " JINX, What Goes Around, Comes Back Around!" My screenplay includes many of the elements of supernaturalism that have become popular in recent years. However, I take an entirely different approach which has not been previosly explored: The relationship between the supernatural and slavery! JINX is a gruesome horror thriller with more twist and turns than a roller coaster as it rockets towards a suspenseful , mind boggling climax. JINX is the story of making wrong deeds right and reaping what one sows. Beware of who you might have wronged , What goes around comes back around ten fold. You have been warned. Please take heed!, trust me you don't want to become JINX! Mr. Perry I will appreciate the opportunity to submit this screenplay for evaluation by your story department. However, I am having a problem finding a agent. I will greatly appreciate a helping hand! Holler back, and thank you in advance!

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