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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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    Looking good Perry. I hear u on vacation while we po BLACK HERO' S out here trying to help save others. By the time u make a another movie. I have done saved 10 crackhead' s make that 15 because I got to go read to the kids at head start program and u know half of teachers smoke crack they got them toodlers in training. That's y I'm a broke and laylow BLACK WONDERWOMAN. SO I'M ASKING U TO CALL UP YOUR GIRL TO HELP ME, THESE KIDS AND CRACKHEAD'S HERE IS PIMPIN ME OUT. SUPERMAN LEFT ME AND NOW I'M SCARED TO SAY I LOST MY MO JOE. I NEED TO GET MY GROOVE BACK ( STOP LAUGHING, YES WONDERWOMAN TOO)BLACK WONDERWOMAN. LOL HELP PERRRYYY CALL MA TO THE D FOR ME.

  • James Jackson Miami FL

    Wow that was a great tour I wish i work there.

  • jimmy kabulyeni zambia

    this is something thanks for what you are down to the poor pipo may God Bless you.

  • James Wolf Jr Atlanta

    The studio was AWESOME! Thanks Tyler!

  • ronnie plummer Live Oak, FL

    Hey they Mr. Tyler Perry I have really enjoyed every movie an play you have done. But i must say my favorite is the tv show The House Of Payne. Im a young recording artist I write my own music (RAP) I also come up with movie ideas. I started on my own book but i can come never come around to finishing it. I would love to audition for a role in anything movie, play and/or tv show. God bless you an everyone around you an keep up with the good work. Oh yea tell LaVan "Curtis Payne" Davis im his biggest fan..YA HEARD ME..

  • LaDwanya Roberts Atlanta, Ga

    Just wanted to remind you guys that I am patiently waiting for an employment opportunity. (like the rest of Atlanta, lol...) but seriously I would love to sit down with you guys in person to discuss my attributes. Peace and Blessings

  • SHYLEEN ENGLAND Harare, Zimbabwe

    Hi Tyler; I have just been watching 'Good Deeds', i think for the 10th time and has just been wondering, is there gonna be 'Good Deeds 2?' why, because i just want to know 'if you found it, that 'was waiting for you out there'. i really enjoy the movie. i even have it on my laptop, whenever i have the time anywhere, i can just watch it!! Shyleen

  • marvell tucker chicago il

    let me tell u something mr tyler perry i not mean or am i crazy. im just a tired business man with an idea that can help both of us. i might sound crazy because we know u really dont need me but i can prove u wrong w** a 5 min meeting. ima business man i know money dont move you so i cant buy u nothing but wat will move u is helping. i know a way u can help without giving money. cause ima real business man and money dont move me. my dream is wat move me and by doing my dream is wat move me but i cant live without trying. i got some ideas but by time u get this u will hear me ask u and if u tell me no thats cool cause ima go to the next person but by me coming to u first and u hear my ideas u smart u will see my vision but u human and a no from is cool cause u could have said yes i can live w** 50/50 chances. i dont need no handouts cause im so sure my idea is great i quit everyway of income cause money dont move me. its helping now let me help u w** a 5 minute meeting. so im coming so tell your security cause watch out for a young hardworking man who tired and wanna make it. and im on a positive note. so if yo security put me off yo property. they just putting u off yo property. cause im go make it just like u did.

  • Marisol Miami

    Hi Tyler I don't fly because am scare but I would love to personally see you in person and enjoy one of your plays this is one of my dreams to meet you. You're an amazing person I thank God every time you come up with a new movie or play am so looking forward to seeing the new movie Witness Protection it looks awesome!!!!! am also looking forward to your next play because am going to do everything possible to drive up no matter how many miles to see it and of course you. Love Marisol

  • BETSY FLOWERS newport news

    god is truly blessing u keeping doing what u doing and stay blessed luv ya

  • Tina Indianapolis

    WOW, Awesome! I am always so impressed by worked that you do, and how you have allowed God! to mold your life. You are the "Miracle on 34th Street". God Bless, Tina

  • Sharon Mitchell Auckland, New Zealand

    That is just absolutely unbelievable Mr Tyler.....& 2 top it off you have a Chapel!!! May God Bless You With All His Greatness! I hope one day I am able to visit! In my language "Nga mihi nui kia koe me to whanau"!!! (Big ups to you and your family)!!! -Shaz, -Auckland, New Zealand x**

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