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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Danielle Moton strongsville ohio

    Hello Mr. Perry I have been a singer since age 2 and i have been doing theatre production and drama classes while attending John Marshall high school for 4 years. I would love to be apart of your company!!! I love all your plays and movies..they are very jocund and nspiring!!! please give me a call or an email so i can inquire about auditioning<3 thanks for your consideration

  • Shanequa Cobb Athens, GA

    Hi! I'm 16 years old and I am, like one of your biggest fans! I Love to write and act, and I have a play that I'm working on, It's called Bad Child and I was hoping you could possibly help me with it, because you really inspire me. I don't know why but I'm nervous while I'm typing this, so if this sounds completely insane to you I'm so sorry; but I hope you see this and contact me by phone or either by email, thanks!

  • Jastin Demiere Lett Gadsden, Alabama

    Mr. Perry, I am one of your greatest fans. I am a young man from Gadsden, Alabama. My town has nothing positive to offer for young people here but I still manage to stay positive and set goals so I won't fall victim to the bad influences in the neighborhood. My mother works harder than anyone I know, yet she still has time to instill values in me as a man. I graduated from high school and is now attending a four year university working on a B.S. degree in drama. You are my inspiration because my life hs been filled with many ups and downs. I never lose faith in God, my mother or myself. I would love the opportunity to work with you as an actor or just to be in your presence with you as a mentor. I could really use the fatherly advice since that was something I have never had the opportunity to get from my real father, wherever he is. He left us when I was just a baby and my mother taught me everything I know. Thank God I turned out to be a respectful person. I hope that my future be as bright and rewarding as yours. You are truly an inspiration to all of us black men.

  • Carl David Blake Los Angeles

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I’m a big fan of who you are, and I love your work. Your Tyler Perry Studios is such a blessing , especially to be located in the great city of Atlanta, and you truly earned the accolades for your amazing success. In addition, thanks for being on Oprah and telling your amazing story and how you overcame your difficult past, as you have been an inspiration to many. I have written one of the best interracial romances ”Second Chance” and would love for you to read it, as you would great in it. Peace and continued success! Warmest regards, Carl David Blake Guinness World Record Winning Director

  • Julia Graves-Milller Trenton N.J. 08618

    Mr. Perry I don't know much about computers, so please forgive me for any mistakes I may make. Again my name is Julia Miller, in December of 2012, I had my nephew to send you a message for me. I'm 54 years old a mother of two and raised 3 children as a single parent. Now I'm a grandparent of 8. I 'm always giving advice to my family and always encouraging them to go for their dreams. My husband is always telling me to take some of my own advice and do something I want to do, go after some of my dreams.I've always had a passion for writing but never had the nerve to step out. During my years I've learned to know GOD as my everything, which kept me in my right state of mind. I just wrote and did my first production of my play The True Meaning of Christmas. I felt that GOD gave me this play to put on for somebody to see and hear. I'm not experience in this filed and it was out of my comfort zone. I felt led to send a copy to you and seek your advice on how to get this message out to people and make it a success. I know you may think I'm crazy and that their are so many people that send you things are ask for help all the time. One thing I've learn and told my children, you got to go out there and get what you want even if it seems impossible, all things are possible if we only believe, and always pray and keep GOD first in what ever you do. That's whats been keeping me all these years. I also have another play called I Forgive You. I'm sorry for taking up your time,and thank you for listening. Some people tell me your crazy, do you really think that man is going to contact you? I told them that it's crazy when your lead and you don't do what the Lord leads you to do and you don't do it. Nothing beats a favor but a try. Thank You Julia Graves-Miller

  • venessa mc freeman houston tx

    I love the tour of the Studio , Thank you

  • Maurice Newark,De

    Hello Mr.Perry I'm 13 and I love your movies they put a new perspective on life and I want to be in one your play movies because I want to become something in life and also your story showed me that anything is possible so I hope you contact me

  • Suzan Nairobi


    • theresa johnson bethlehem pa #1791105

      Hi Tyler Perry Ijust need you to call me my mother needs to meet you at a writter retreat she is so funny . The things she do and say have us on the floor. my sister also. My sister has one leg.She said one m***** dont stop the show. The other morning some one knocked at her door. she jump up for got she had one leg . well when she told me this I was quit until she told me she busted up her self we laught for hour . now im going to take tour .Love you stay Blessed

  • Kerri hall Ocala fl

    Hi tyler perry huge fan of you I have been going to church since I was 6 and every time I watch your movies they get to me and have so much meaning in them and I am 20 now I have had struggles alot lately but I just pray and remember our god makes a way and he is good can't wait to see your new movies and plays you are so funny

  • Val Byrd Columbus, Ms

    Just beautiful, my daughter's show choir will be in Atlanta in May, we would love a tour.

  • Jahkeriah roscoe Indianapolis 's

    hi Tyler Perry I'm really a big fan I love these movies that u make and I wanna watch one of your movies I wish I could be in one in your movies

  • dayonna walker flint michigan

    i am 8 years old i truly admire you i really wish that i could get a opportunity to audition for a play or movie so that i can try to pursue my goal in life. ilove you and i want to be a success like you love you.

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