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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • victoria white miami,fl

    First of all i thank god everyday for someone like you.Because you are a true blessing for me. I learn a lesson for you everytime. Am a writting and i wrote a play. Ipray that One day tou will decide to read it. Thank you and again.I pray GOD keep on blessing you and your famliy and cast. p.s. My lil girl say hello she send every thing you put out till it wont play no more yes.We have to pay new dvds now

  • Melisa Faulk patterson La.70392

    Would love to go to Atlanta to see u and ur studio but with the economy like it is some people won't never get the chance Lots Of Love. I watched just about all ur movies ur have made KEEPUP THE GREAT WORK. Can't wait to see whats next.

  • Katherine Wallace Washington , DC

    TP, Im so glad I finally get to see you live. Friday is taking to long. So Ill see you Friday at the Verizon Center Concur Level.

  • Pamela Smiley Brooks Alabama

    I wanted to say I love your work. I would also like to inquire about an opportunity with your company. Not looking for any handouts but an opportunity a career. I recently completed college with University of Phoenix with a degree in Accounting. I also have other experience and really just need work. I am looking to be apart of a company in which the sky is the limit so I decided to start here. I was told "You have not because you ask not" so here I am. I am not even sure if you'll get this but it is worth the try. Thanks Pamela Smiley Brooks

  • LaShunn Atlanta

    Love your work!

  • Lauren chicago

    Tyler perry I hope you make it far in life you are a inspiration and a blessing

  • Shirley Sesler Morganville, NJ

    Mr. Perry you are such an inspiration. I love everything that you have put out there and I know that God has many blessings for you. I wanted to let you know that you really started the fire at Whitney Houston's funeral. Your delivery and your words was so powerful and I could have sworn that I was listening to a preacher. I can see why God has blessed you so abundantly. Mr. Perry you not only have a talent and gift to be creative and do what you do, but you also have an anointing on your life. It is strong, it is powerful and it shows. I wish you all the best, and I do pray that you can use some of my original music in an upcoming production. I did fill out the required for to present to you. I just love you Mr. Perry and I am so glad that God has used you as the vehicle to make others believe that all things are possible, especially through Christ Jesus. I will continue to support your gift and continuously pray that God continues to do new works in your life and to keep you safe from all hurt, harm and danger, so you can continue doing what God has blessed you to do. I pray that you and your family are blessed.

  • Quenisha G Louisiana

    You have given so many African American the opportunity to DREAM AGAIN!!! Right when we lose hope, God brings exactly what we need through your films. I'm so blessed to be apart of this life knowing that I could go see a movie where their is Beautful African American people no matter the sizes playing parts other than slaves or something to degrade our image. As an actress I CAN STILL DREAM knowing that as long as Tyler Perry making movies I still have HOPE!!!!!! Tasha Smith told us in class to DREAM BIG and that's exactly what I plan to do. If it's God will i pray i will work with you some day and I continue to pray for your safety, healthy, and success!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  • eboni sandiego,ca

    What an amazing studio, Hey Mr. Perry how are you? I strive to work with you one day, I sent my resume and and head shot into TPS a few years ago before I left for the navy and now I will be getting out of the navy to follow my dream as an actress. After many prayers, I know the lord is keeping this on my heart because it's meant for me. I'm looking for the best acting schools to attend in order to achieve a B.A. of arts focusing on acting. I've been leaning towards New york film academy in Hollywood, Do you have any suggestions? Have a Blessed day.

  • Debra Armstrong Compton, CA

    What's going on, Tyler? I love all your works. I thought "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" was my favorite until "Why Did I Get Married" came out. But now, you are off the Richter scale with "Good Deeds" You MUST do, YOU GOTTA DO a sequel to that movie. It was so good I was lock in the whole time. I love that movie . BEST TO DATE. Much Love, Debra

  • PT Leshoure Chicago

    I want to become an extra in some of Tyler Perry's projects!

  • Jacci McReynolds Jacksonville AL

    Hi, Mr. Perry, i would love to audition for one of your plays, I am a domestic violence survivor. I would also like to work back stage to help set up props, dress, steamer.

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