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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • marvin wallace

    call me at and I love your shoe

  • marvin SHAKEYA

    I love you

  • Cynthia Porter Houston Texas

    Mr Perry. you are a great person. You have touched many people lives. Continue to do what you do and what God has blessed you to do. I love all your plays and movies. May God bless you

  • Abigail walters Runaway Bay (JAMAICA)

    Mr Perry i love the way u honor some of the worlds greatest actor /actress by naming the studios after them ,may the great GOD who is above us all continue to bless and keep u through all your day ,love respect and honor to u and continue to do the what your doing its a blessing to all

  • Kate Key


  • Nichole Windsor, CT

    Very impressive.

  • Kimberly Houston, Tx

    Just one Audition, Mr Perry!!!

  • Cathy Sherman Oaks, CA

    The Studio is beautiful, it looks like it was build for the mind, soul and body and of course to prosper financialy.

  • Cindy Love Clayton GA

    Hope Bobbi Kristina is OK..better tan OK... I'm talking about ...Car Wreck?? TMZ posted that she was in a wreck.. Blessings Tyler

  • Brenda

    This tour has motivated me , there is class, style something worth seeing. I knew it would be all that and more. Because of who you are, and who your associations are. All class and inspiration. My grandson wants to open up Something amazing in Atlanta one day dealing with Dancing, he is a twenty-two year old African male. I hope and pray his will be in a class like yours. Hard work really do pay off. Keep giving us all you do, because your work is so wonderful. I know there's been sleeplish nights and much more. We love all your work. Thanky you so much.

  • Anthony P. Watkins Moreno Valley, Ca. 92551

    It don't come as an surprise that you are utilizing your money in the right way. When I first read and heard about this Studio City, I knew it was just another revaluation and a vehicle oracle by God. I've currently have inherited property and mineral rites in the state of Texas. I hope to one day not only to make it My home but also an endeavor to never have to work for anyone else, to line up My dream. Praying for your success, for you are an inspiration to us all. PS. I told My wife and family that we were going to meet(talking about Revelation). Wow.

  • Edwina Agnew 7379 Toccoa Circle Union City, GA 30291

    Hello Tyler, I would like to have the opportunity to prepare meals in your home and teach you when you have the time. I had the opportunity to meet you several years ago when you came to see Ryan Gentles home for the first time, and again when we all met outside and went into the holiday party at the home of Chris, ( I think he was your stage director.) I promised you a homemade 7-up pound cake, but I have never had the chance to deliver on that. Say hello to Cassie (she will remember me as Hollywood).

    • Leslie Nelson Greenwich, CT #1770416

      Uh, heller! Tyler, you are an amazing man! Can you make a Madea goes on Vacation movie? OMG, can you imagine how hysterical that would be. I would love to see you in your swimwear! You are the talented, tall, dark and handsome son a Mother dreams of having! Reason why I mention this, I never heard of Tyler Perry and didn't even know who Madea was. I went to my first Madea show at Madison Square Garden years ago. At the end of the show you shared that you were going off tour to deal with the loss of your sweet Mother. With no doubt, your Mother is so very proud of you, Tyler. If I have a stressful day..I know that before the end of the night, I will be laughing. Thank goodness for Optimum Movies on Demand! I never get tired of watching any of your shows. Thanks for sharing your talent. You touch us in a special way. I wish you the very best. My dream is to meet you one on one someday. Keep 'em coming!