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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • laura burke ada, ok

    I'm very upset that TPHP is coming to an end.. I enjoy watching it every friday night, i dvr it so i dont have to wait for commercials just to see whats going to happen next... It teaches many grest things, like how to be supportive in a relationship, and how to handle situations.. I love any TP production and im truly going to miss watching this one :(

  • Zakiyyah Atlanta

    You can not leave the Calvin & Marinda storyline like that, take a break and bring it back. Also work the Autsum storyline in a little more.

  • Dawn Miami, fl

    Tyler, I hope all is well! My boyfriend and I watch the House of Payne EVERY WEEK and we are truly devestated that the last episode aired tonight. The show seemed so real and we were able to relate to all of the characters. I've laughed, I've cried and was inspired quite often! I felt as if the Paynes were a part of my family and lately I found my self looking forward to Friday nights so I could catch House of Payne and I currently have every episode of this last season saved on my DVR. This show is the epitome of the average African American household and I don't even want to begin to imagine my weeks without my virtual family. I would love to see this show come back with new episodes. I understand that all good things must come to an end.....but what about GREAT? Your show truly is that! Sincerely, Dawn

  • edjeana houston

    tyler-ive admired your work for quite some time but the series finale of the house of payne was flat and left so many unanswered questions. i felt that all of the cast members should have been there.

  • Matthew Horn San Diego, CA

    Check me out Tyler! I'm an undiscovered writer and I'm doing everything to get what I have to say out. Soul Mate I'm staring at your legs, got me all up in a daze, so beautiful, you know I am amazed, high heels got you, standing up right, as they become, your personal stage, the world watching you, like you're a star in a play, maybe some day, even if for one day, I'll dress up in my best, as if it were a Sunday, having more excitement, than kids on a fun day, being more relaxed, than on a rainy day, praying for you, each and every single day, hoping that you are, doing better than just ok, feeling the warmth, from the indention where you lay, found a home in my heart, where forever you will stay, slow it down, listening to Marvin Gaye, being more romantic, than the finest Chardonnay, seeing good in my heart, for my chest is a x-ray, give me your heart, with it I’ll never play, other girls that were lit up, are now in an ashtray, I’m yours forever, I’m here to stay, comforting you, until the end of days, being a young couple, with old couple ways, I’ll still show you love, when we’re old and gray, like when we were young, in a young couples way, the older we get, the more you tend to glow, speeding my heart up, when it tries slow, I tell you I love you, from your head to your toes, you tell me you love me, it definitely shows, time to let the world know, about you and I, for you are a diamond, shining bright in my sky, the spark in my eye, the truth among lies, the bond that ties, other guys write, but get no reply, other girls try me, but all get denied, not even worth my breath, so no need for sigh, not even worth my time, I have who I want, treating you special, not just for valentines, thanking God every day, for the day he made you mine…Young Gifted.

  • Hussein Pt charlotte, florida

    I absolutely love House of Payne, Gonna miss Curtis and Floyd. Please cant be serious that this is the last episode ever, how sad.

  • ivette fort wayne in

    Hi tyler i have been seeing ur program house of payne since it stared and today its a sad day cuz it was the last epicsold and it just left me with so many queations did miranda really leve calvin did she leve behind her kid please oh please you can not do this but by faith i now there will be more house of payne mean while i will keep on seeing for better or for wors.

  • jennifer skillman cleveland tennessee


  • timarius williams Grenada

    hi tlyre perry

  • Amber Lewis Cordele GA

    Hello Mr. Perry..My name Is Amber Lewis. Im posting a comment about My mother Cassandra Rainey. She has been writing plays for 7 years but this particular time the Lord allowed her to actually have "There is Forgiveness in thee o Lord" copyrighted. My Mother has had so much opposition in her life. I would love to see her dreams come true. If you would please look at My mother's Play it would mean a lot to her.

  • Rita TX

    Check out this article in the Austin Villager highlighting my director in her successful play called "Looking In The Wrong Direction". She's been called the female Tyler Perry. I love her! She is from NOLA!! ;-) enjoy!

    • Roxanne SC #1727085

      I like For Better Or Worse, but I Love House Of Payne. Please tell us why this had to go off Mr. Perry... I'm 10 years old and find House of Payne to be very funny, enjoyable, and inspiring. Please bring the hilarious show back Mr. Perry!!

  • sharon hudson waverly hall ga 31831

    I know that people think that you got it made,but they do not realize how hard that it is to get your movies done,i am poor and life has gave me a good whooping,so i know how it is,trust me.I love to write,but i will probarly never be as successful as you,because i have no resources and no cash to make it happen,my kids are disabled,which means i will ever have a job again ever in my life.I just want you to know ,that i am so happy for the good that you have brought to the black communities,you make me laugh when i am mad as all outside,i put on one of your cds ,and that 's a wrap.I just want you to keep doing what you doing,and i will keep writing to myself and throwing away the pages that i keep losing,love you to death.,Mr.Perry.

    • Robin Atlanta, GA #1725817

      Hey Beautiful! I am sure Mr. Perry would tell you as I am about to tell you don't let ANYTHING stop you from being everything you were put here to be! You are AMAZING made from exceptional stock from an above awesome Creator! You have a story that needs to be heard and don't you give up on that! Stay blessed Sister people like me are waiting for your story to be told...

    • Tamika Jones Acworth,Ga #1727071

      Hi Sharon! As a writer myself I just wanted to encourage you and let you know to speak life! Think positive, stay focused, and keep writing. God has so much in store for you in spite of what you are going through.We all go through some things even Mr. Perry. You put God first and trust Him everything will fall into place in his time. Keep the faith and Be Blessed! Tamika

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