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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Julianna Davis MA

    Hello Mr. Perry. Seeing your studio I pray that God continues to bless you and the many gifts He has given to you. I am ten years old and have been a fan since i was four years old. Seeing you act and change lives has encouraged me to want to act. I would love to see you one day and Work with you. I love you and pray that God continues to bless others through you.

  • mya none

    tyler i am 13 my dream is to be an actor i have herd a millon times that i am a good actor my i alays say to my family that i want


    Hello Tyler, My dream is to work in the business doing whatever I can to help your buiness grow. If I could be of any assistance please let me know. I'm currently enrolled in acting classes and I'm working to improve my writing. If there are any oppurtunities within your studio I'll love to know. Thanks

  • Crystal Johnson Alabama

    I'm doing this by chance, not knowing if you really are going to see this. I want to start out this message as a fan and end it as a business woman with a self promise. I'd like to say that I love your movies and you as well, to the most high god thanks for doing wonders in Mr Tyler's life. I love the messages you put out in your movies and the laughter that pieces the broken back together. I am 20 years of age, never knew what my talent was until 12-23-12 I performed in my first ever play. Alot of the congregation told me that I was a natural. I told god that I didn't want to be an actress because of my past, what if it's brought up and eat me back into a corner,but, that's not what I come to talk about. I am stepping out on faith trying to find out if I can become a cast in one of your up coming plays or movies? If GOD wants me to have it then im sure you will call and if not then I won't be mad but will rejoice that you have given someone that blessed chance to be somebody, like GOD allowed you. Be blessed Mr. Perry and thank God in all situations because he deserves his glory.

  • Serrin Akron, Ohio

    Hi mr. Perry! I have been trying to acomplish my goal of becoming a performer when I grow up. I have been looking for open auditions for movies, and tv shows, stuff like that. N ot to get carried away if your looking for a young black girl, in middle school, 5'1, with thick dark blonde hair, green eyes and she can sing and act and is an ok dancer then I am the girl for you! Contact me anyway you can ASAP!!!!!!!:)

  • Christine Jefferson

    Hola Senor Perryy I just returned home from visiting the family and really not a holiday person. My shell casserole destroyed from transferring already cooked from electric to eewww dare I say it pre heated to gas. I should have asked my folks so the mistake of pre heating there would totally be avoided and yet the day was cool. I understand every year is different for family get together and yet for you it must be hard since you......we'll any way I wanted to say hope your holidays be full of smiles and laugh.^_^

  • Dorothy Doral Fl

    Hi Tyler just want to say happy holidays and that we really enjoy all that you do.

  • David Thomas oakland,CA

    Dear Tyler Perry Happy hoilydays two you so tell what going on for the new year any new stages play come out for the new year if so let us know when it will be out

  • Maria Bradfield Cobb

    Bless you on your success and how you have inspired people of all colored and your studio which is the best work of art ive ever seen. Bless you brother and your cast for giving the best.

  • Maria Bradfield

    A movie on unity,bringing peoplle together as one race and one planet and one people. I'am a singer nothing big just when I lived in the bottom of sunrise a little place in slycauga Alabama i would go to many churches singing its going rain. Slycauga is a town one way in and one way out. We had a church on top of the hill and our pastor was motherwright the little old lady who would teach us how to love the lord. They say if you dont use it you lose it. I did not presue my dreams but i allways remember how i use to run for my life exscaping the kkk who would attempted to kidnap me and I would allway get away. It was racial back then we even had good ole well water and my grandmom would leave the world with the best babrcue in the world and her moonshine Bless her heart. My dad was his hat was his home, we still loved him. He hung out on the moon until the space people would have everybody on the lock down ,something me and my sister Amanda never shared with people they would think that we ws crazy. Space mom say that it was hell. I dreamed of one day writing a book or being a actress acting it out t inspire people to be aware that we must unite no matter what faith we are one. GOD love us all we are his creation. One day I will soar and tell this story. My brother and sister are still suffering in Slycauga Alabama despite it all we Know that GOD is going show up and show out.

  • Tymicheal Avery Auburn, AL

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! My name is Tymicheal Deon Avery I'm from a small town in in Alabama called Lanett I'm 23years old the second oldest of 8 children in my family I exchanged vows to my beautiful wife on may 19, 2012 we currently live in Auburn my 1st trip to a movie theater was to watch what is now one of my favorite movies was Daddy's little girls now I know u have to be thinking that can't be true but when u grow up in a house of 8 you tend to sometimes put what you want on hold just wanted to help my mom and dad the best that I could even though I'm short ha ha. I have no children of my own but I have four younger sister who look up to me and too younger brothers, our older brother was killed in a horrible car accident may he rest in peace I mourn for my nefew he never got to see his father having not being born yet we barely see our nefew on account of him being so far away from us... If u ever read this it's a little history about me just to get ah sense of who I am sending you BEST WISHES THIS CHRISTMAS MAY IT BE SAFE AND JOYFUL.

  • Makoto Murakami Maryland

    I would like to propose to you 3 movie ideas. If you consider them viable, unique, or comparable to what would reflect the Tyler Perry Brand then we can talk business. A believer in what you do, Makoto

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