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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Lora Atlanta, GA

    I just saw your latest play Madea gets a job and what a great play this was. I have been able to see 3 of your plays live and one of my favorites was when you did a live jam session after the play with the crew and you actually sang solo and danced a little (nice voice and great moves). I also loved the inspirational comments you made, thanks for that. You really do inspire people to want to do better. God will continue to bless you because you continue to be a blessing to others (ie giving the homeless lady a pair of shoes so she could say thank you Lord that her feet were finally off the ground) Loved it!!

  • Tanya Walden by aka bx

    Hi again Mr Tyler I really think I have a story for you that can make a difference. I was young my parents were heroin attacks and I over came that life style and have been very proud that ice brookin the cycle.I had my daughter at sixteen and have been proud ever since ! That I've been bless with a daughter like her!

  • Jasmine Madison, Ga.

    Hi, I am Jasmine. I work at the Boys and Girls Club. We would love for you to come and speak to the children. They look up to you as a role model. We live in Madison, Ga. I started a Mentor Program, and by you coming would really inspire the children. We have some insecure junior girls and some teen guys that are not to serious about High school. Could you please come talk to the children.

  • Carlos Morganton, NC

    Awesome, maybe one day I can be in one of these awesome films. Or work behind the scenes of one...

  • Charles Dattellas Oneida, New York

    Hey Tyler! Awesome facility! Brother please pray and seek the Lord on the Church in Miracle Valley Arizona. Pastor Gilles, Diane & Michael Langevin. God bless you brother!

  • James Cox United States

    peace out Tyler, thanks for my online tour your studio is beautiful; i love the design of it as well, you know tyler it gives me great bride and joy to see a young african american with so much vision and love of people and life as our GOD intended it to be, for you to act on it and push it forth in obediance to him is kool in itself;Yes tyler the world need humans like you in it,i pray you stay blessed. Oh did you ever think of vampire 2 a new brooklyn staring kadeem of course lol thanks again my brother.

    • BParker Murfreesboro, NC 27855 #1670692

      Hi T. Perry, I truly enjoyed your play on Saturday @ 3:00 pm. I am from the small town of Murfreesboro, NC and I traveled 8 hours to see your play. It was fantastic and the performance at the end was fabulous. I hung around at the end hoping that you would pop out for a moment. You are a inspiration to me especially during my trials of losing my mother-in- law, granddaughter and my mother all within the last 5 years. I have been a fan of yours when people did not know who you were. Always remember my prayers are with you and may God continue to enlarge your territory so that you can continue to bless all around you.

  • Kem Asheville, NC

    Hello Mr Perry, I just saw you this Friday night at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. It was awesome and you getting cracked up at the end of the All In The Family theme that was so hilarious. When the band came on stage and everyone sang at the end was a wonderful bonus. Thank you for bring such great inspirational messages with your plays, movies and TV shows. I can't wait to get your book. GOD does his work in so many ways and He is definitely using you as one of His messengers. Hope to see you again GOD willing. Kem

  • Philip pitz Pittsburgh,PA

    Hi Tyler Perry I hope in your spare time you can consider helping me with my dreams of acting or at least get it started I would really apreaciate it Sincerely, Philip pitz

  • Diamond jamestown, north carolina

    Hello Mr.Perry, I love your movies. It's always something in your movie that keep me watching them more and more. I always laugh at something in your movies. After I watch one of your movies I tell my mama that I want to be in one of Tyler Perry movies. I act in my room and it's So much fun. One day in my life I want to be in one of your movies. If you ever need a young star for one of your movie you can email me sometime. Thank you for reading my comment. Look forward in seeing and watching another one of your amazing movies. And I can't forget about madea her crazy self. When you made up that character, you knew what you was thinking. Well that all I have to say for now. See you on the big screen.

  • Mia Coleman Baltimore, MD

    Amazing! God is good! You are truly an example of what God can do and that Nothing is to hard for Him!God Bless you Mr. Perry, I do hope to one day meet you soon.

  • james whitt scottsboro al

    keep up the good work my family calls curtis me he fells like i do on things we sit back on friday nite watch your show an all medea movies u r one of the greatest an as for as i am concern the best tv show on tv thx for that

  • Malcolm Varner Columbus, OH

    A blog post I recently wrote: The staple of any good artist is his or her ability to appeal to their audience's intellectual, emotional, and spiritual curiosities and yearnings. Being able to connect with people on any of these levels is impressive, but I have to imagine that all of us artists aspire to impact individuals in all three areas. Tyler Perry exemplifies what it means to make people think critically about life and the problems we encounter therein; feel empathy, compassion, and even anger at times; and examine our core beliefs and the faith system that goad us towards hope in the face of trials and adversity. In other words, Perry's work as a writer, actor, and director meets his growing fan base on all three levels. Writing about Tyler Perry's huge success as an artist with a universal message was prompted after viewing his latest movie Good Deeds. This film, reminiscent of The Pursuit of Happyness, is the story of a professional and worldly successful man who has yet to learn to live for himself as well as a struggling single mother who can't seem to catch a break. In spite of the unlikely romantic rapport that develops between them, the stories of these two characters mimic life circumstances for all of us all. Perry's artistic magic is evident in the subtle language used by his characters and the larger actions they make as well as the over-the-top situations in which they find themselves. From Deeds' power-thirsty brother who hasn't come to terms with his alcoholism to the adorable daughter of the main female character who wants to do the right thing in her mother's eyes, Perry's characters provide a parallel universe where we are all able to witness traits of ourselves and those we know. But beyond Perry's ability to make us examine ourselves, laugh until we cry, weep silently, gasp in disbelief, or even say a quick prayer of thanksgiving as we look at the TV or big screen, it seems that his influence is built upon his ability to encourage and inspire. From Madea to the Browns, and now his major films, we can rely on Perry to infuse hope and comedy in the serious subjects that he tackles. And given his own personal story, why shouldn't he? Anyone whose work is strong enough to encourage someone to look at the good in their own life and keep doing their best deserves an A+ in my book. Thank you Tyler Perry. M.O.V. Writer and Mental Health Advocate

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