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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Davon & Ieshia Jones Baltimore,MD

    Hopefully this will get to Mr. Perry. It's about your show last night my wife, and I did not get to see it.We purchased our tickets months ago the seating was at a great level but we were not inform the stage had been moved. We were not able to see and when we went to get the seats changed the seat were not together.We were told to go to customer service where they were trying to seat us on the very top level "nose bleed section". We paid for the bottom 100's with no differents in price this was going to be our first time seeing a show, and our first show together.Bottomline we did not get to see the show after paying for tickets, clothes, half day of work missed with no pay to perpare for your show. Plus $20 for parking all to find out 45 minutes after your show started that it was all for nothing. We would greatly appreciate your time looking into this matter. So that your shows hosted here in the future will go with out problems that could have been avoided for this one. We do understand that you have a company that handles your seating and stage setting. But would appreciated a respose in reference to this matter so that we can be excited, and look forward to any up coming shows of your as we were about this one even though we didn't get to see it. Thank you for your time Mr. and Mrs. Jones

  • Shamazz Detroit

    Hello Mr. Perry, I and my wife had a good time attending your play on 4-28. This was my first time and not my last. I laughed, danced in the isle way, and even shed a tear or two. GOD is smiling at you, strong brother....................

  • Amber colorado

    Mr Perry God has been pushing me for a long to use my voice for him but I never could get it out there then one day it was like God slapped me up side my head I was watching one of your movies and I started singing like I have never sang before I knew then God wanted me to get in touch with you Mr Perry please let me sing for you i dont care about being in movies or making money i just want to sing for God and bring him to people who dont know him yet or are trying to find thier way back to him Mr Perry ill sing on the phone i dont care but please give me a chance .God bless you in everything you do .

  • Julie A. Render Dayton,OH

    To Mr. T. Perry Our family is so sorry about the problems that you are having know about the fires on the building we would like to send a donation to help your company get back in shape again will you please let us now where to send the donation at.Remember god takes carev of everything and that he sends his blessing to us and that we need to pray to him and in that turns god will bless us with new ideals so that way we can build on ask him and you shall receive from him ,the word is to pray and it will come true just ask and you shall receive his bless amen.Thanks Julie A Render

  • Pat Mitchell-Hall Memphis TN

    Tyler, Your studio is such a beautiful place and you certainly deserve it for all of your hard work and endurance. Don't be discouraged by the fire. I know it is easy for someone to say that to you who is not in your shoes. But, you have shown the world you know where your help comes from. This is just a valley experience so don't let the enemy take away your joy. The enemy can't stand what you are accomplishing because you are using your platform for positive messages and acknowledging our Lord and he hates that because most successful movies don't care about GOD or morals but only that dollar. You are not about that, this is why you have soared b/c GOD is using you and the world doesn't understand this, but if you are a person who loves GOD and have a relationship with him, you can see things in the spiritual realm.

  • Gloria Montgomery AL

    Tyler ,I want to say sorry for the loss .You is the best author I know . I 'am a big fan of you ,I enjoys watching your play and movie . I will keep you and your family and my prayer.

    • Lisa Williams Washington DC Area #1678303

      Hi Tyler I am a huge fan of yours I have seen and own all of your work. As a Christian Woman I won't say that i'm sadden for your lost because I know that God is only moving you from Glory to Glory and I know that there are time when He needs to move something out of the way to get us to that next BLESSING that he has for us. My prayers are with you for this next mission that He is now preparing you for. I would like to ask you what was it that the young boy at the play (Madea Gets A Job) in DC wanted so bad to say to you. Also I must say that the concert that you all did after the Play was Outstanding Job well done

  • Manfred Isom Knightdale, N.C

    Tyler, I just wanted to say that I was sadden to here about the fire. I want to assure you that you have persons praying for you during this time of crisis and misfortune. Hold up your head and move forward. We all await your rebuild because the African American community needs your voice to set the tone, your vision to point the way, your movies to bring us love and laughter. Stay the course you will rise bigger and better than ever.

  • Rebecca Brooklyn

    Sorry to hear about your studio Mr. Tyler. God is. good. You know that same day I heard about your studio, T.D. Jakes preached on being broken he said it hurts us to be broken; however that is when God is blessing us. It may not make any sense to us but it will when we see the blessings pour down. So on that note Mr. Tyler be blessed.

  • kim

    Hi Tyler, I have to ask you, how are you doing? I heard about your studio and I am truly sorry. I know that GOD is able to restore your lost and know that you will not let it stop you. Because you know who is in control. My prayers goes out to you and your staff and I thank you for all that you do for others . You know that it's time for another level in your life so get ready to move up even greater than before. May the blessing of the LORD be with you all at this time and continually.

  • Myra Flores Milwaukee

    It was heart breaking to hear about the studio. Many of us have you and your staff in prayer. God will open more doors keep the faith and stand strong.

  • Juanita Jackson charlotte

    I know that you have been quite so far...But all is well!!! It will all work out for your good....according to Romans 8:28 because you love Him and you have been called according to His purpose. What the enemy ment for bad God will turn it for your good. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  • Olivia Cornett Suriname

    Hai Perry, how's life there with you and your familie. I like you studio and your movies. But most off all i find you a bautifull man. Greeting from some one from suriname.