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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Hollywood John Atlanta GA

    I am an aspiring writer of 5 screenplays. I am putting together a stage play, "The Battle Is Not Yours," as we speak. I'll like to produce one of my scripts. As you know it is very difficult without finance. I don't mind if you own some rights to any of my work. I'll be very grateful if you can help launch my career. I am also the CEO of a talent agency, "www.hollywoodjohntalentagency.com," that can suppy your studio with actors, crew members and extras. Please help, by calling Hollywood John at

  • Koreyon Robinson Raymore Missouri

    Mr.Perry I don't have a lot to type you from here because i know you have plenty to read already but i would like to speak with you. I'm 20 years old from Kansas City want you and the world to hear me and my moms story and our life and where we came from i 100% know it will change yours and the rest of the worlds life...She has a book coming out really soon and would love to send you a copy out for you to read it. If by some chance you do read this i want to say God bless you man and i have all the love in the world for you .You inspire me God Bless Koreyon Robinson

  • Richard Kwizera Deacatur, GA

    Two weeks ago i was at church and my sunday school teacher was telling me about your story and how we all need to "forgive" and even tho i am about to turnn 14 i have to tell you that i am enspired by your story. Ever since i wass a little boy i have always wanted to be a Actor and my friends and people who i tell always be like NO,NO,NO, and i am tired of hearing that and i want to proove to them wrong and show them that i can be a good Actor but the problem is that i NEED help and i am willing to ask you to please email me or call me and make my dreams come true, It would be a dream come true to just meet you or come to your studios to talk to you. PLEASE MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE.. Thank You !! From: Richard Kwizera

  • Tamika meme English Chester Pa.

    CALL ME SWEETIE !!! Thank you .

  • James S'nsere Cummings Decatur Ga

    OMG Mr Perry i feel as if im talking to you personally, WOW but i must say im a HUGE fan and your story has given me more motivation and drive keep my dream alive. I have wanted to become an actor ever since i was 14 with dreams of one day doing a movie with Denzel Washington!! have done many casting calls and audutions here in Atlanta even signed up with Explore talent.com, but i wanted to know if you can give me any suggestions Mr Perry im finding the hardest time with the Performing Arts school down here but like you this dream is to big for that to stop me plus with God first anything is possible and you r my living testimony. I really hope to hear back from you Mr Perry God Bless

  • brianna United States

    Hola! my name is Brianna and i will be turning 19 in august. i really love to sing and i would love to try acting as well. my friends say they think i would do very good in that area. check out my youtube page whenever you have the time if you dont mind. Briaugustbaby1

  • Catreaba Shannon Gretna, FL, USA

    Hi Tyler, I really loved the movie "Why Did I Get Married" and I wrote a third part to this movie. Well it is more of a story then a movie I would really like for you to look at it. I'm always writing and thinking of new ideas for just about anything. I am always writing poetry as well but I only write when a thought comes to mind. If someone wanted me to write a poem about something I could but mostly I write when the thought comes to my mind. That's how I ended writing a third story for "Why Did I Get Married" and I think you would really enjoy it. Some kind of way I will find a way to get this story to you to read it so when it comes to you I hope you like it. May God continue to bless you Tyler!

  • Christine Windermere, Fl. 34786

    Gee, I'm so proud of you! You make my heart sing. I do believe you are doing what the M***** (Jesus Christ) wanted you to do. You have put your money where your mouth is!! You share, you give and you have never forgotten where you came from! Just remember, if you are able to do for others....don't delay, do it now. you have never been one to sit up on the big hill and look down at the less fortunate. You have provided jobs thus making people feel they are worth something. I thank you for that! Most would have turned their n*** up in the air and never looked back at their family, most must have.. beautiful...money hungry missfits and it's only been a few years ago you couldn't look at one too closely ................love you keep the good work up

  • Sharon E. Petty Sandy Springs, GA

    Mr. Perry, I recently moved here from Michigan and decided to tour your studio. Unfortunately, public tours aren't available and your virtual studio tour webpage was down. So I decided to read your fans comments and realized that you have a high demand from your fans, to open your studio for public tours.Well, I'm interested in assisting you with the operation of providing public tours for your studio. When you assimilate a team for public touring, please consider me as a member of that team. Thanking you in advance for reading this post....................

  • makeda scott meridian,ms

    Tyler, I have always wanted to work on your team on or behind the set. I am one of your biggest fans . I love all of the sitcoms , movies, plays and shows. I have been trying to contact you ever since 2008. I will never give up. I just keep telling myself. makeda one day. one day. love ya! and god bless you. take care....

  • Jv sands Georgia

    Hey mr.perry i messaged you 2 times sunday and i w** telling you about my grandmas that needed surgery and how i need a part so bad but i'm getting on this website eveyday to show you if you put me on a show i can really good and i know im just eleven but im desperate im just trying to support my grandmas and im not trying to trick you just to get on a show and i promise i will do good if you just give me a chabce please and god bless you

  • Marilyn S. Colorado

    Hello Mr. Perry, I have enjoyed your plays and movies so much! I especially enjoy your "educational piece" at the end of your plays. I see you as an awesome young man with great insight for the future and God is truly working through you. You educate our young people and make us laugh in a time of disappointment. I thank you, for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and strength with us. I would also be very thankful if you could give me some guidance in becoming a national recording artist (jazz & gospel). Waiting for your reply, Marilyn S.

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