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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Marvetta Charlotte

    Mr. Perry When you start your own TV network, please hire me.....I would love to come and be a part of your creative team. I am a creative genius...I write. I edit and produce, and you are the one person other than Oprah that I would be willing to come and work for. I love what you do. Believe in what you do. So proud of you....keep doing you.....:)

  • kita gail Montgomery Portland,OR

    I am a gospel singer. My concern are thhe words in Jesus Never Fades. Is that ur own original. Is there a special meaning behind..heaven and earth shall go away. please respond asap...thx. kita

  • Jennifer Gainesville, VA

    Mr. Perry, I am an author who has written several children’s books. God has given me a vision to create many more and it is my intent to protect this vision. I am in the process of deciding if it would be in my best interest to shop my books around to publishing houses or to attempt to publish them myself. I understand there are pros and cons to both choices and am seeking your opinion because I think that we are very similar creatively. I know that God has also given you a vision and a gift for therapeutic entertainment and I am very proud of the way that you have nurtured both. It is eviident that what you do as an entrepreneur, writer and director is a work of the heart that God continues to bless. It is my earnest hope that this letter reach you and that you are able to contact me.

  • Fran Golson chester pa 19013

    Good Morning Tyler , I pray this email finds you in the best of health. Okay now to the point....... "GOOD DEEDS" LOVED IT!!!!!!! There was so much going on heck I wanted to jump on the screen and slap your brother lol lol but the story was great. So many people were able to relate to eat actor in the film. I must admit and this is only because you took a step out and did the love seen part I couldn't watch it lol lol I turned my head I felt like a peeping tom on Tyler privacy lol lol not that is wasn't an excellent thing to do in otherwards that part was not "predictable" lol and that's what made the audience (where I was) shout ok Tyler you stepped out the box. This email could go on and on because every part was a good part so I will end it by saying yet again JOB WELL DONE!!!!! Praise God for your many many talents .....

  • Jelly Nigeria

    Hello Tyler,my name is jelly goji,from nigeria,live in Abuja.I have watch your film Medea , also watch you on Oprah show.I want to say you 've really inspires me. I am grateful to GOD for using you to touch the lives of people , indeed you are blessing to this generation.may Almighty God to bless you tremendously and continue the work.

  • Robert Baker Merrillville indiana

    I am really impressed with your production studio mr. Perry,the tour was very delightful.God is a very great God,i wish you much continued success,godbless.

  • abdul bashir Newark NJ

    I have two books that I have written that show all mankind the most important journey in life 1 to show the way back home and 2 to show us how to control our most uncontrollable parts they are on amazon.com 1st book The Escape Artist true story and 2nd Her Equal to A Man's Punch both by Phillip Smith they both will become best sellers then contact me the relationship specialist why most marriage fail.contact me

  • Shanteria Swan Marietta, GA

    Hello Mr. Perry I was just talking about earlier how my mom was on her way to take me to college and we ended up visiting one of your old houses. This was back in 2003 when you live way far off in camp creek. From what I rememember it was a big blue house that you live next door to. The ironic part was my whole family went next door and met you I was the only one that stayed at the other house. The only thing I remember my mom kept saying is he has a nice big bathroom. I wish I could have met you back then. I hope one day I get to meet you because you are very inspiring to all people especially me.

  • Michelle Handy McQuain United States

    Greetings Tyler! I have a proposition for you. I would like to visit S. Africa, and I would like to know if you would consider charting your private plane. BTW, I loved GOOD DEEDS. I look forward to receiving a favorable reply Thank you for your time. Genially, Michelle H. McQuain 29 Feb 12 @1:44 am

  • Charles W. Reed III Hampton GA

    We are one big wreck that cannot take the information of the last year and use it to demand that they fix the wrongs that were criminal conducted on us. But we are so naive because Obama singing Al Green and sometime in the next 3 years a family of 4 that lost their home might get $2,000 in this foreclosure settlement. Look in 2008 Countrywide through Bank of America for $8 billion but who every got helped with those settlements? The reported that these Attorney General where going to use the settlement monies they got not for victims but for budget gap measures. When are we going to wake up and not let are 60 year old end this life after a life time of work homeless. The reason this crisis landed on us was in America there was one black working at a BANK performing Prime/Government loans in America and that was me sitting in Omaha NE getting calls from across the nation from black who were being turned down when they qualified for better Prime loans. We have down ourselves by saying "you should not have bought that house". Please understand it was not the price of most of the homes but these screw up adjustable loan blacks were steered. Now the biggest reason for foreclosures is lost of jobs. Last to get hired & First to get fired is the rule. Mr. Perry not got enough money to help, Oprah not got enough money to help, but their voice is the help! What about a movie on what was going down in the housing market as yesterdays crack dealer where turned into today subprime mortgage loan officer. Let do a movie how mam was talking into refinancing the home that been in the family for 60 years that now the city wants to tear down in Cleveland and Detroit.

  • Marjorie Gilliard Bowie, Maryland

    Mr. Perry, I thank God for a person like you. You are so specical I am glad you are you, thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us in this world. You make me a better people. i love you so much. I was homeless for two years, i am 60 now. I know how that is. I heleped so many people during that time in my lifetime. At this time in my life I am going back to homeless again. I am a special police officer in Washington, DC. I got layed off. i am on unemployment now which is not enough to cover my bills. I went to court for my eviction notice. The landlord called me today from Senior Community Pin Oak Village in Bowie, Maryland. She stated the Marshalls will be out in 10 days to eviction me. Please pray for me that I get a job again. I am so afraid to be homeless again. Social social stated they can not help me because i DO NOT have kids living with me. I do not have any family that can help me. I am a widow. Since you know what it is being homeless, i need you to pray along with me that, I do not go back to that life style. Mr. Perry, i believe in God, I know he has not left me. Please agree with me in pray that the angels will watch over me though this storms. I love you very much for sharing your life with us out here in this world. You make our lives a better place to be in everytime I watch your movies. Please, keep sharing your life with us. God bless you and keep you. love Marjorie Gilliard

    • Dina Michel-Wiggins Florida #1648659

      Mr. Perry, Please! Please help this lady. Please! It broke my heart to hear her post. Anyone else reading this post, please come out of your own storm for a moment and help Marjorie. At 6o years old? To be homeless again? Please help her. Marjorie, please call me. I'm not sure what I can do. But at least we can connect and pray.

    • Francine Bottley Baton Rouge La #1648676

      Marjorie I will keep u in my prayers. God knows best!!!! Let him order your steps. He want fail u. Take care!!!!

    • kisha Tuscaloosa,al #1648684

      Will keep you in prayer always remember God will put no more on you that u can bear just keep the faith cause God always have a ram in the bush

    • Jennifer Gainesville, VA #1649015

      Marjorie, I am praying for you. God is awesome and He will not fail. He knows every detail of your circumstance and He cares. I grew up near Bowie and attended Bowie State University. I live in Northern Virginia now but am not far away. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you. God bless you and know that you are not alone.

  • winsome major mount vernon ny

    God bless you Tyler very beautiful Studio i enjoy my tour hope someday i'll get to see it in person keep on blessing us with your great movies i love them all and i buy them all i hope i didn't miss out on any but if i do i will find it at Bestbuy. May the good Lord keep on blessing.

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