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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • TaTiana

    Het Mr Perry mah name is tatiana and i am writing to ask u how is it possible that maybe u can here my sister simg its been one of her dreams since we were young

  • Shirley Manning West Palm Beach Fl.33407

    At LEAP International we acknowledge that the church was established to be a community of believers; a family, to encourage each other in unity and to project Jesus' love to the world. As a family, one goal of ours is to train up our children in the way they should go , to nurture them and to encourage them. Our children...our future...our greatest asset. The goal of our Youth Program is to provide constructive activities, good supervision, and positive mentors contributing to more positive outcomes. Although the needs of our children are vast, LEAP International Ministries must continue to enhance the personal development of our children. We are confident that your generosity will assist in our efforts to offer the youth of our community an opportunity to become productive members of the community. We thank you in advance Mr. Perry for any help you can provide to support this endeavor. We look forward to hearing from you real soon. Sincerely, Sis Shirley Manning, Youth Ministry Director LEAP International Ministries 2420 East. Tamarind Ave West Palm Beach Fl. 33407

  • mrs raytay143 1621 bear mountain rd

    When do u make books out of the some of the movies

  • Migdalia Sosa New York

    I would like to submit a resume but dont see a link to do so. Can someone email me a link or provide an email address where I can submit a resume for employment? Thanks for your help.

    • VICKIE BORUM cincinnti,ohio #1752236

      when are coming to cincinnati ohio too help people why you just go too the big cities i have been trying too reach for years and i cant seem too do that .you have any ideas why i am in need of HELP now if you ever visit come too cincinnati we would love too see you .....what not enough money in this city ,or what is MR TYLER PLEASE COME VISIT US IN THE CLEAN NATI LOOK ME UP I CANT WAIT .......HOPE NOT TOO WAIT TOO LONG THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR LISTENING.....

  • tamayia staten island

    hi, i would like to know where i send my daughter picture for work, modeling acting movies tv where ever you think she will fit..

  • Elishia Miller Jonesboro, GA

    Ok so no more Madea plays for the Gidget for a while....lol...so my child teacher calls the other day laughing hysterically nd tells me they were having a discussion about important black ppl in history....she goes around the room and asks everyone to name a person....Gidget said Malcolm X...GREAT I THINK...the another student says Rosa Parks...nd my child, my child...smh...jumps in and says....Rosa Parks not important she didnt stay on the bus to help blk ppl she stayed on CAUSE MADEA WAS WAITING FOR HER AT THE BUS STOP.... In tears I couldn't stop freaking laughing and the teacher wasn't making it any better laughing just as hard as I was...smh ONLY THE GIBBLES...LOL

  • Ms. C baltimore

    keep up the good work Tyler and continual to use all the Blessing that God has given you. I been acting for 18 years and I would love to act on one of your shows. when I told people that I was going to see if I can perform in one of your movies they laugh and said to me, do I know how many people ask that same thing to you and that I would never get a respond back from you. Well I told them that what God has for me it is for me...... I also remind them that you never thaught you would be were your at today and that is when my faith hit me and I said if its ment to be it will be, anything is possible when God use people. I would like to share my grandson story about me raising him because his mother was kill in frount of him and his two siblings he was 6 years old when it happen and now he is 11 years old now. He said he would like to act . When you hear our story I think you would give us a chance..... I don't want to put all the details right now. Thank you Ms. C

  • brendan smith Laveen, AZ

    I am only nine year old but I love your movies and plays, you are motivation and inspiration. this my Uncles email. thanks

  • shey morton Charlotte NC

    YES YES YES, I do believe! I am so very proud of you, i know it may not mean much but it is so true. I hold steadfast to " The Believe Factor" I believe that god has a special plan for me to be be creative. Through the advancement and betterment of people. I am a entreprenuer who loves to help people ( minorities especially) by providing them information. I feel lack of knowledge is a very big obsticale in how far we go. Im certified in nursing and tho that will pay bills long term, i choose to teach and help people for free. I paln to open resource centers devoted to todays hustler. Workshops, Classes & all (FREE!) Im starting with small classes in churches " In Business with God " I believe that if you will do it for free , you will be successful in it, because compensation is not my main concern. Making a difference is! I love to speak to a fellow hustler with a dream and once i provide them with the resources needed, their excited and motivated to move. Words have the power to be a creative or destructive. Ive seen how long and far you come and i know it will see the same results once i make a difference. I want to help people create there own economy and be self sufficiant. And I Will...See you at the top!

  • Staci Delanco, NJ

    I love Tyler. I was watching the show on Oprah yesterday and I love how Tyler talks about that he thinks all over his mind and needs constant stimulation - I am the same way. I would love to write, act, direct and put the whole thing together. I really admire you Tyler, you are my mentor.


    I just saw last night the movie The Family That Preys. I sure did enjoyed it. Anything that Alfa Woodard play in is a good movie to me. I just love her as a actress. I write fictional novels. About Southern rural history.About people of days gone by. Never publish anything but is good reading for ages 9-90. Of days gone by when peoples were neighbors and you never lock your doors. I would like to see one of my novels made into a movie not a play because they are too long.I am one of those people if you put a pencil in my hand I never stop writing.In my mind if my books were ever made into a movie. I had wanted Abbe Lincoln, Alfa Woodard, Sinbag, Cisly Tyson, Jasemine Guy,Steve Martin, and James Earl Jones to act in them .I started writing these novels when I was nineteen years old. Just finish all four of them in 1992.An old woman now . Some people say I write like Wm Faulkner and Nora Zeale Hurston. I don't know if that good or bad.

  • Denise A. Brooklyn, NY

    Tyler you are a blessing in my life. I never realized how much I needed the substance you provide in your works in my life. I thank God for your talents. I pray for your continued success in life.

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