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Tyler Perry Studio’s was established in 2006 and moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2008. This 200,000 square foot Studio, located in Southwest Atlanta, consists of 5 sound stages, a post-production facility, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events.

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  • Dangelo Hunt providence ri

    Sorry to hear about what has happened with your studio my prayers go out to you and your family in this tuff time. God bless.

  • nicole lawrenceville,ga

    Mr Tyler Perry, I send prayer of good faith to you and those you have worked with and helped. You are a blessing as an ambassador sent by GOD for all kind.. In your recovery of you studio just know there is nothing too big for you to overcome. This too shall pass. In the name of the father the holy spirt in JESUS name. AMEN

  • Keya (Suitland, MD)

    Mr. Perry I pray that the devil will not win this battle in your life that has happened. I will also pray that GOD will continue his journey walking with you and to see you and your staff thru this moment. You are a very wonderful and caring man that has overcome every adversity that's tried to defeat you. With that being said you and your staff walk with you head high for GOD is going to pull you thru. Be blessed and encouraged!

    • Lisa Greenwood, MS #1676641

      Tyler Perry, No weapon form against you will prosper, I thank God you and know one else was hurt. The devil only can hinder but he can't stop the work of the Lord. God Bless

  • Corey Allen New York, NY

    I just recently heard the news about your studio and I'm so sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation. I know you have worked so hard to accomplish this great achievement but I know GOD will find a way and fix this. Your a great man, a motivation to all, a leader to many and when situations like this happen, good will always come out of it. Just keep your head up, keeping praying and GOD will take care of the rest. Again I'm so sorry to hear about this and I wish you all the best for you and your staff. Love You

  • Shamekia Charlotte, NC

    Mr. Perry, I heard about your studio and my prayer's are you and your staff, but with the talent you have, when God starts blessing the devil has to start messing to get you to stop, but my encouragement to you is to never stop, because you never know who's watching and getting inspired by your work Have a Blessed Day inspite of what's going on around you

  • edria Austin, TX

    Tyler, May God protect everything you built and give you more than even could think dream or imagine. Angels and blessings

  • Le'Shn McDonough,ga

    Praying for the best possible outcome, and that you and you're TP Studio family are all safe. Best wishes and speedy recovery of TP Studios.

  • Kandi Roth Grove City, Minnesota

    Mr. Perry, I just want you to know that the lord is watching over you and will bring you through this with flying colors. I'm glad to hear no one was hurt. Before you know it you will be back on your feet and bringing us more movies. I just love what you have done so far. God Bless You Tyler Perry. Kandi Roth

  • P. Givens Fredericksburg, VA

    Tyler, I woke up this morning to the news that a structure at your studio was on fire! Praise GOD noone was injured on your staff or the ATL Fire Department. I am praying for you and your employees.

  • Terry "the Warrior" Reece Detroit, MI

    WOOWW, Tyler: You have my Deepest Prayers for You, the Studio, The Staff, and Your Heart. Give us all a News update of the Fire, when ever You can, and I understand this is a Jolt to Your mental Status, BUT I believe That You are so Strong, That You can feel our Prayers and Love for YOU.. Keep us posted, and just Vent to us if you need to... Much Love & Friendship, Terry Reece, AKA "The Warrior" Founder/Chairman/CEO Reece Enterprises/Time Travel Network/Family Media Company/TDM Comics International email: .org familymediasite.com thesiborg.com reeceenterprises.com tdmcomics.

  • Tai Wisher

    I woke up to look online to see that the Tyler Perry studio had caught on for. And I thought man the.Devil is really trying to work hard on you. But God is going to show of and show out. And when I said that I thought that of my situation as well. I pray no one.was hurt. And I also pray that when it is all said and done God will bless you with a bigger plan and insight. God Bless

  • marie jones Columbus,Ga

    I think Tyler Perry is such a wonderful role model for our young African American Children. My young son had an idea for a movie that he can do. Madea,Big Mama(by Martin Lawrence),and Resprusha(by Eddie Murphy) should all get together. With all that talent, it would be hillarous!