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  • Ms. Lovely Lady Lauren Ny #2093520 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler that bold head is very sexy.

    • Ms. Lovely Lady Lauren #2093521

      I hope madea is on the run in my direction New York.

  • amanda picayune, ms #2093519 » Posted in: My online family

    I wonder would tyler ever personallu respond to me. I have a project i would like to share with him.

  • Spice Columbia, Maryland #2093517 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Morning everyone i like to share this with you... have a wonderful day :) Do not make someone a priority who has made you an option. This time, take a pass to the front of the line, and make yourself #1 for a change. Whenever you say "yes" to someone else, you automatically say "no" to yourself. Practice the skills of actively creating what you want, protecting what you value, and acting decisively to change what is not working in your life. Today...say "I do" to your own needs, growth, knowledge and to your dream. Make it non-negotiable to work on your own behalf and your dream every single day. This does not mean that you are selfish or insensitive to the people around you, or the other responsibilities in your life. Learning to say "No" to others and "Yes" to you...allows you to excel by setting appropriate boundaries on your time, energy and resources. Give yourself a real gift - the freedom to be who you really are and do what you were meant to do in the world. You were born for GREATNESS! ........... Les Brown

  • waiting #2093516 » Posted in: My online family

    For library. .to open..next week..last week of school... 3 test and paper due next week.... so...i will be busy.... but will.. stop by to say good night..:)!!!!

  • Greatness Begets Greatness! #2093515 » Posted in: My online family

    Behind Every Successful Man, Greatness. There's A Great, Good Woman. The Husband Is Sanctified By The Wife aka For Him, Again, Again, Again To The Call If Greatness, I Will. That Every Compartment Of Your Manness, Isness Would Yield, Render Greatness, God Man To The Glory, Of God. Hallelujah! Oh Lordy, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! This Place Tamela Mann

  • God Man, I Got Joy Unspeakable Joy!!!!! #2093514 » Posted in: My online family

    FOR HIM and HIM ALONE! FOR HIS GLORY, I DID! To accept to acknowlege thay which is bigger, huge, mammoth, colossal, Greater! Greater! Greater than You. I never came to take! But ti restore that which was lost for the glory of God. GOD showed all that would take place to keep you bound after being loosed, set free, made whole to usher you into your purpose and destiny in the Kingdom, Greatness. I rejoice in the Lord Always! And again I say rejoice. In all things I give thanks. This is the will of God concerning me! I have accomplished that which I was assigned to do from the Throne Of Glory. Look at You! Radiant, Brilliant, shining, shining, shining LIKE NEW MONEY!!!! As the God Man, Mighty Man Of Valor, Honor, integrity, maturity and Power. Truly God is worthy if all the Glory. So as it were, God revealed who He said you were when you had no clue of yiur purpose and destiny, call to Greatness, in the Kingdom. I have always and shall always treat you, handle you according to how God sees you. And because I laud my life diwn and picked up my cross, I Am Souled-Out to my purpise and destiny call to greatness in the Kingdom. FOR HIM, I WILL.

  • God Man, Hallelujah! #2093512 » Posted in: My online family

    I see you behind curtain texting because you were texted regarding what was taking place here in your absence. God said to me; He Will Suddenly Appear. And in His faithfulness, you suddenly said; I'M HERE. Oh, halleluajah! THERE IS NO "SECRET" TO WHAT GOD CAN DO! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! From post 1 over 10 years +! My goal, hallulejah, my focus, hallelujah, my mission, hallelujah, the vision, OH BLES HIS NAME! Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! My assignment! Was Love! Because No Greater Love Does A Man Have That He Would Lay His Life Down For A Friend! I feel God in this place! I am NOT! ashamed of my assignment. God showed me ALL of it snd Because God Knew and deemed you worth it and worthy. My reoly was ans still us, LORD, FOR YOU! I WILL! The assignment to appeal, draw with strong cords of love every bit of man YOU BE, YOU IS to the surface. That which was lost by the plan your adversary that you lose your identity. I am going to bring front and center, right before you undeniably, unmistaken via a woman, GREASTNESS! HALLELUJAH! I will show you my worksmanship, the mighty works of my hand via a woman you have not known yet you prayed, inquired, petitioned me for. And because you prayed according to my will, I render her, Yours. Hallelujah! I am going to do something so Great in her life. It's going to stand the nations upon tbeir heels and drop their jaws via her, my conduit of power, vessel of love. Which is the Prophetic Rhema Wird I spoke to her ALL for my glory!!!!!!!! Oh my soul loves JESUS!!!!!! So the focus was always Great! The task was always Great! The goal was ways Great! The mission was always Great! The vision was always Great! The assignment was always Great! The call to You was about about none other, no one else. It was always a call to Greatness, Tyler Perry. It was always about Greatness aka it was always and shall forever be about God. Oh He Is Worthy! He's worthy! He's worthy!

  • chat later #2093511 » Posted in: My online family

    Chat later.

  • Ggood I still love ..you...but not feeling it right now....i guess ....you would call it .a martial spat:)!!! #2093510 » Posted in: My online family

    Morning. ..Madea....so...you went back where it all started..(so you want back to your roots..umm) ... ...did you see your ex-girlfriend ,there.... I....heard.... she moved there.. .... what did I you call it.".that crazy love:)!!!!!!" I on this tough love thing .....again....not sure how long this time:)!!!! So still no kisses and hugs . I hope you can understand. ...you keep letting the Devil win.. this time it was you and not me. ..

  • Hey !!! #2093509 » Posted in: My online family

    Pssss where are you?

  • God Man, Hallelujah, I Feel God! #2093505 » Posted in: My online family

    Oh yes Lord, hallelujah! I am so glad and for Him, I will. As I've always told you and always will from the very beginning, You Are A To Worship God, Therefore I Do. God, hallelujah knew before time was that you were worth it, hallelujah. For Him, I will. God knew your priceless value far above rubies was worth saving. For Him, I will. God plugged it into the very fibers of your being and eendered, handed it back to you in feminity via His conduit of love, for Him I will, as Your, Your, Your, Your, Your passive participle. For Him! I will. Hallelujah! God searched, Ha!Ha! God, God, God searched. God. searched and could not find 1 sinless man to be the Lamb. Oh Hallelujah. To pay the price, ti be the ransom for the sin of man. So He alobe said, I'll go, hallelujah. I will wrap myself in flesh and pay the price that must be paid that no man can pay as sin's ransom. OH BLESS HIS HOLY NAME! For Him, I will. And so it is with you, in Him, I WILL. Oh yes I Will! God knew Your, Your, Your purpose, destiny is, was so great, my, my, my God that He reached down, way down and touched you with love, grace, and preserved you that the appointed time would come, catch you, subdue due, Holy Ghost arrest you that He would do a work in You. OH, FOR, HIM, I, WILL!!!!! That at the fullness of time. God searched HA! HA! Yes GOD and said: Who Can I Send!? Who will bear the criss deslising the shame for my name that my son would be raised, and render Greatness as I have looked for whom I may show myself mighty. I stand amazed at as I stood amazed as God revealed, pulled back the veil and said; Look Daughter, Tell Me What You See, This Is My Son, Tyler Perry. My rebuttal; Daddy, I See Greatness! Hallelujah! His rebuttal; You Have Seen Well! And because you have, Go! I send you, halleljuah as My Conduit of Power to birth Greatness. My rebuttal; Lord I lay my lufe down. I am not my own wherever you tell me to go, I go. Whatever you tell me to do, I fo. No matter how unorthodox, breaks protocal I'll say what you tell me to say. Hallelujah. WHATEVER! WHATEVER! WHATEVER! You tell me to pen, I pen. For YOU DADDY, I WILL. If stealing my e-mail account and exposing what I pen to your son to discredit my anointing, character, integrity, assingnment betwixt he and I WHICH IS NO ONES BUSINESS and clearly there was befire the foundation of the galaxies. NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT! LORD, HALLELUJAH! FOR YOU! FOR YOU! FOR YOU! I will. Hallelujah! Lord, you're worthy and your Son, King, Mighty Man Of Honir, Valor is as well. For you Lord, humbly, unbegrudgely, i will.

  • God Man, #2093504 » Posted in: My online family

    You are not common, average, typical, the status quo, the norm. You are set presedence, you set the quality. You set the standard of excellence. You alone are Heaven's Best. I take full respinsibilty and I am solely accountable for employing the Whole man in You. Understand, accept and know what God has given you God Man willnot, cannot is not nor will ever render the same results for any other. God created, designed fashioned, packaged what You need to usher, draw and render Greatness from every place, dimension of Greatness within the very core of your radiant Greatness. I deliberately, intentionally pulled every bit of the man you are to the surface. That you may stand as the vessel, conduit, Ambassador, pillar of masculinity, epitome of male chromosone, Jesus In The Earth God Man, expressions of Greater Works, All to the glory of God. So I am honored, privileged, blessed among hand maidens to accept the call, charge, assignment to carry the cross dispising the shame knowing that meant you would render the oil if the anointing that many may be saved because the man, whole man, God Man was awaken simply to render God highly lifted uo and glorified for His name sake in the name that's higher than any name that'ts named whereby Man must be saved, Jesus' name, hallelujah.