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  • kat lee wanna be #2005357 » Posted in: My online family

    Mornin' Tyler. Is it possible to trust God so much with your life, you don't know what to do because God is God all the time no matter what I DECIDE to do. HE has his way in every situation. If it's something He wants me to have, He directs my steps. If I prayed for it, He'll give me what I as k for a brief moment if he doesn't want me to have it, no matter what I do. I need support no matter what God decides. Do you have that much love? Can you handle it? I am loyal and committed.

  • Maeta Davis Henderson, NC #2005356 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I really enjoy watching your movies and plays. I just want to know do you have real tours of your studio and virtual. I will be in Atlanta and would like to know is there anyway possible my daughter and I could get a real tour.

  • BYE G N #2005355 » Posted in: My online family


  • Sherine Brown Bermuda #2005352 » Posted in: My online family

    Good day Tyler Perry I was wondering if u would be able to help me out. My family and I been struggle form a long time and I would like to put a end to that. I can sing and I've also wrote my own songs. Hope to hear from u soon. Sherine

  • RRT meriden ct #2005351 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler perry please see this!!

  • misha west battlecreek, mi #2005349 » Posted in: My online family

    hi me. perry. can i play with you some day? on the sceen like mean joe green. making nice like butter in rice. okay, trying to rap. laugh line here. ha ha

  • TMarie IL,TX #2005348 » Posted in: My online family

    So how do you respond when your 17 year old African American daughter who's an A student and has unlimited college offers tells you she really just wanna be the next Vanna White? ...and is dead serious? My baby (soon to be adult) has been a 4-D joyride since the age of 2. Always admired for her singing and theatrics, sense of humor, intelligence and innocent nature she is now graduating high school 6 months early and acting is her only focus. We paid for agent to assist her throughout the year with obtaining some gigs and to prevent her from responding to Craigslist ads. Must I really release the chains when she believes the acting world is one big disney channel experience. I thought I had prepared for the moment I would be sending my first off to college not knowing she would choose to pursue the one field I know very little about and have given many before her a first class trip below the poverty line, into the halfway houses or onto x rated dvd covers. BUT, I still want to support her since she feels so strongly about it...what do you say to cultivate the talent and a Princeton degree (like Kerry Washington)? Where do I direct her for the next 6 months she is out of school come december?

  • Kenya Raleigh N.C #2005339 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like to talk to you. If that's possible via email or phone. Prefer phone about A story. Thanks in advance.

  • matthew wells lake wales florida #2005335 » Posted in: My online family

    I am seeking help from all areas. The bible say "Ask and you shall receive, Knock and the door shall be open"! I don't mind playing for shows or anything I just want a better life than what I have.. I have plenty videos on my youtube account. PLLLEEEEAAASSSS EEEE HELP ME!!!! Hello my name is Matthew Wells aka BeastMode1000. I'm trying to find a real good company to get endorsed by. I've been playing music every since I was 4 years old. I travel a lot with churches and groups in Polk county. I'm very humble and love the gift that God gave me and I'll do whatever to make my gift even better. My cell number is . (Here are a few videos I have on YouTube at the moment. I'm the Minister of Music at my church and I play mainly Keyboard now. I do only play drums for like concerts or revivals when we create a band which is often right about now so I can film some more of me playing. I do however get to play as apart of the House Band for a concert that Shirley Ceaser is going to be on in my county next Saturday. My band name is Vision at my church. I must be honest I don't have money right now to do a lot and I can understand if you don't accept me. I just love what God has giving me and I want that opportunity to that extra push to get me out there and noticed for opportunities I've always dreamed of. My facebook name is Matthew Beastmode Wells). ( ( Jazz Groove: As of January 2014 I have been apart of a Gospel Group and the name is The Anointed Voices & Inspiration. We are currently doing studio work to send out to Pastors and other Churches that requested to hear us so that we can be able to do a concert or be on Programs. The Group leader name is Quinton Harrison out of LakeLand Florida. is his number.

  • One Question? #2005330 » Posted in: My online family

    WHERE ARE YOU??????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????? ??????? ????????????????

    • Where would you like me to be?? #2005338

      I'm right here; cant you hear me whisper.... shhhhhhhhh.....

    • Out front.... #2005344

      holding your car door open for me so we can roll... k?

    • That's Totally Whats UP... #2005347

      I was told shivery still exists... I was also told I spell that incorrectly :-)

    • (((laughing))) #2005353

      you were told correctly!! It is chilly so eat your vegatables and take iron pills.

  • Trish louisiana #2005324 » Posted in: My online family

    I have been searching and searching to find out what activity tracking watch you were wearing whenn you do your 45 mile bike ride. Please tell me ;)

  • flora walker blaine.mn 55434 #2005323 » Posted in: My online family

    hi tyler ilove to watch all your movie i alway thank god for black people making and make the dream come true i wish i had made mine come true i want to act i want to be a dance and as i got older i want to be in movie and when i seen your frist play in chicago i want to be in one and i wrote to you but no one ever got back to me i am a 56 year old black woman and you are never to old to do any thing and i want to say keep up the good work i will alway support you in any thing you do mr tyler perry i am so so proud of you and what you have became in life keep going ok from mrs flora lee denise russell' walker i am a aries 4/9/58 call me i love to hear from you

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