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  • Ciara Jones Richmond,VA #2137520 » Posted in: My online family

    I want to join the family....PUT ME TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ianthia Hatten West Palm Beach #2137519 » Posted in: My online family

    I am Sales Clerk at Royal Palm Goodwill Store and I always watch all your plays and they really help me through every problem or relationship I have had and I think god for you and just keep on what you are doing, Mr. Tyler and just watching your plays you have taught me to always keep the faith and believe in god and everything will all fall together thank you

  • Colleen Dresher, PA #2137518 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a Hospice Bereavement Coordinator for a large Hospice provider! I have seen most of your movies and ALL OF YOU PLAYS! I am reaching out to you because I NEED MADEA'S HELP!!!!! Please, please, please, please, email me. I will explain in detail as I know this is something only Madea can handle! PLEASE MR. PERRY!

  • morningsirtee,lala #2137516 » Posted in: My online family


  • Terri Bianchini Ellenwood, GA #2137515 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a Realtor and I have a property for sale I think you might be interested in. It would be perfect for a studio or a resort and not far from your Anvil Block location. It was built in 1962 as a club house. It sits on 7.9 acres and has over 4,000 square feet with a pool and a pond that has been stocked since the 1960's. It was featured in Better Homes and Gardens in 1964. It is rich with history and the ground is full of native American artifacts. It would be a great investment in Atlanta's history. I was told that Jullian Bond once bought it for his son many years ago. There is an additional home next to it with three acres and the owner will entertain offers as well. If you are anyone you know is interested, please e-mail me at

  • Channelle Duluth Georgia #2137507 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello I am writing this post because like many other I am a Tyler Perry fan. You are a wonderful talented man. I love every play, movie, and T.V. show you have written and produced. In 2012 I was pregnant with my youngest son and while on maternity leave I watched Madea Big Happy Family every day all day. I absolutely LOVE that movie!!! I had my son April 24th 2012 little did I know he quickly became a Madea Fan just like his mommy. The only way I could keep him calm was to play that movie. Now he is 3 years old and absolutely obsessed with everything Madea. He loves Madea Big Happy Family and Madea's Tough Love. He has a collection of cars but the one that looks like Madea car he carries every where he goes! We have his Madea movies on every DVR, phone, tablet, and computer we own plus the actual DVD's. We moved from central Illinois to Georgia just 2 years ago. I would just like to know how we can find out information on when and where we can come see Madea near the Duluth Ga area. It would be his dream come true if he could actually see and meet Madea. Your work is amazing an has helped motivate my family and I to follow our dreams!!!! Thank You & God Bless

  • Claribel Ansonia CT #2137504 » Posted in: My online family

    GREAT morning, MANY BLESSINGS Amen. "BLESSEDANDBREATHING" Is the name of my UNPUBLISHED TRUTH; I ONLY wish to share with you. Five MINUTES is All I ask to B&B heard. 100% Of all proceeding We can Donate. GOD WILLING we will meet Real soon.

  • #2137502 » Posted in: My online family

  • Teresa Milwaukee #2137501 » Posted in: My online family

    I have survived rape. I have survived molestation. I have survived having a mother addicted to crack. I have survived racisim. I graduated from high school, earned a bachelors degree, currently pursuing a m***** degree. With all that being said I am in a place of desperation. My decision to bank with a minority community bank because they were customer focused has place my family in a bind. I put a home in my name for my grandparents. I requested that the bank release the lien on the property in exchange for cash collateral (money that will be held in an account but not touched). This bank has refused to do this after suggesting this so that I can close on the house that I have been residing in since July 2, 2015. This bank is clearly aware that their refusal to release the liens is the ONLY thing holding up the closing. The reason they denied the cash collateral is because the individul that would be assisting me is a current employee, which at the time was not my loan officer. My payment history clearly shows that I am capable of keeping the payments current and have reached out to everyone I know to get this deal done. Well I have failed and now realize that it is the plan of the Lord for me to end my suffering and return to my heavenly home. This week-end will be used to wrap up all my loose ends and short of a miracle I will be gone as of Monday August 31, 2015. Place my family in your prayers.

  • Ishmael Atlanta #2137498 » Posted in: My online family

    Give me a shot I'm sure you could find something for me to do. One Yes

  • Lori Lyles Columbus, GA #2137497 » Posted in: My online family

    Love, Peace, and Blessings Mr. Perry! I don't know if you are aware, but there is a powerful movie about the power of prayer that debuts today (28 Aug. 15). It is called "War Room." I don't know if you forbid promoting any movies other than your own, but I think this is worth you taking a look at the trailer and then you can make that determination. You are a man of integrity and also a man of great faith. I believe that once you see this for yourself that you won't be able to hold it. You would want to spread the word to everyone you know. I am a fan of your work for life but I too am a sured up Believer that there is power in prayer. We just need everyone on one accord in prayer and you have a platform that reaches the masses. I pray that you be encouraged and moved to view this piece if for nothing else for you to know that if unified in prayer that God will do exceedingly, abundantly, and above all that we could ask or think to transform the world's psyche. With much love....Lori

  • M.H #2137496 » Posted in: My online family

    Mary's Of Today.......To all the mother's born in America with no way......we get up and pray.....Lord please give us the strength to fight another day....... God knows what you're doing.....you have hope with children....keep on keep on pursuing.....a dime here these days is worth nothing......but people still try and stop because you're worth is something........ They know your blessings is coming.......to much motivation today , so you can't say you got nothing......in your heart you can always pray.....Got has you cause you are the......MARY'S OF TODAY

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