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  • DAVID MUTAHI Irving,texas #2187324 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr.Tyler.I want to spend this time to let you and your team know that we appreciate and will always feel grateful for the amount of work you put down in form of films,plays and shows to make our society a better place.The world would be one boring place without a magic of entertainment.I have spent a quality time trying to think how better i can participate in promoting your works because its worthy the support.I have come up with an idea that i'm beyond any reasonable doubt it will work so well.All I want is to have a chance to sit with your marketing department and discuss this.Believe me,it's worthy a shot.Thanks.

  • Deja #2187323 » Posted in: My online family

    (looking around) Has anyone seen my cyber-ty?

  • M.H #2187320 » Posted in: My online family

    Steps To Take...... There are considerable steps to take.... When being washed down with hate.... Every moment can feed a soul..... Especially after a loved one has loss their soul..... Questions of guilt does boggle a humans mind.... If there are no answers from the victim in time..... This is my hobby.... But this is what I do..... Cut the problem in half by letting God do ..... In a domestic or hatred moment that has been gotten late...... Don't worry cause the last ones will know what...... STEPS TO TAKE

  • Emmanuel Spain Denham Springs, Louisiana,70726 #2187318 » Posted in: My online family

    I was watching one of your movie with my daughter Alaijah Spain. I was thinking about you need to do a play or movie.....about a ghetto and low class area young man that grow up with out a father in the home. He went through trail and tribulation and his first child change his world and he turn out to be a great father to his kids, a husband to his wife, and a mentor or father figure to the young men the hood that is coming up in the same environment...the conclusion is not to leave anybody behind when you make it in life, saving life from the streets and prisons system, we that live in the hood have close access to the problem in the black community instead of other looking outside in..so we start with ourselves then our community and then the outside eorld....God bless you and keep up the good work ......p.s I would love to be in a play or movie....I love a challenge but I never did it before...I love love to experience it...I'm crazy person.....I'm a Gemini so that speaks for its self and plus GOD GOT ME. I can never fail. Have a bless day

  • Telisa Indianapolis, IN 46231 #2187315 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Afternoon Mr. Perry, Our church is raising funds in efforts to build us a place of worship. For the past couple of years we had been renting space, just recently our church was placed up for sale. A buyer has stepped forward and as given us 9 months to turn the property over. We had been very faithful in paying our rent and keeping the property up to code and standards, this is why we believe we were given 9 months to find a new place to worship and we are very thankful for that. Learn more about our story and goal by visiting: www.gofundme.com/255aemzg

  • RAVANDA IL. #2187313 » Posted in: My online family

    TYLER, I need to ask you what's coming on in place of"If Loving You Is Wrong"? Please do not leave us Hanging. I'm too old to be left. God Bless you in what ever you do.

  • Denise Thompson South Carolina #2187312 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Mr Perry, My name is Denise Thompson. I recently moved to SC in July of 2015 from NJ. Im a strong believer in God Timing for our lives. And that We are put in places on assignment. Yesterday May 23, 2016 ,I was driving from somewhere and came across these kids who were a little acting out amongs each other and one of them ran out in front of my car, but it was OK no one was hurt. I slowed down for them so that the whole of them could cross the street. About fifteen in number. . One of them called out for my attention,Saying "Hey Miss, Was I rude?" I pulled my car over and said" What do you mean?" To make a long story short . They don"t have thing to do for the children in my area . I m interested in starting a community center for the Children in Summerville , SC. I f there is nothing to do how do we keep their idle energy down .My reason for coming to you is not get publicity or to be able to name drop amongst my peers. I need your help. Going thru the normal channel s of trying to get a grants are long and challenging. I want this Summer to memorable for them for the rest of their lives. I believe Life in a moment can open doors that with allow you to see the ridiculous , incredulous Miraculous favor and I dont want them to miss that . Please contact my for advise or any thing that would help me with this .\ Denise Thompson

  • Rogers Britton jr Chicago #2187310 » Posted in: My online family

    I am raising this money to start up production for my first independent film. I will star and direct in this film. This film tells a story about a young black male growing up in Chicago where every move is questionable and life is left up to the choices he makes. He can either change his environment or allow his environment to change him. This film means the world to me and even though my plan is to make it happen for myself by myself, it would be a blessing if donations of any amount could contribute to such call.

  • micheal galbreath phoenix az #2187309 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr perry, i,m a simple blackman with an idea a blackman is attracted to a white news lady, he wants to find her and they fall in love, but i feel if he found her it could hurt her news career a strong inner d.w.d dream, wish, desire its been in him from his teen-age yrs up to his age today and still,its an idea of a movie, and hard for a blackman to find the lady of his desire dreams and wishes, its a true story its a story about me as the man i am today, me s.o.s man silent ordinary and simple its me and the story is true and real, it exists in me i write many poems me a blackman filled with his desire and wants it like my heart-beat still and burns as hot as the sun

  • Bonnie Dixon Cumming, GA #2187302 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry, I am the owner of a Faith Driven Dance Studio in Cumming, GA…..Footprints Dance Alliance. We are recreating The Passion: New Orleans through the Art of Dance. Thank you for inspiring a young generation of dancers and evangelicals to spread the Gospel. I would love for you to watch out opening video…It's not Hollywood production. However, these girls and guys were committed and wanted to bring HIM the Glory! Many Blessings!

  • Relia Indianapolis, IN #2187301 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I absolutely love and support all of your creative shows, plays and movies. One of my favorite shows is For better or for worse. Through this show you have addressed many difficult social issues. I really appreciated the message that you sent through this show regarding domestic violence. This is a subject that truly needs to be brought to the light and I'm glad you are using your platform to do just that. I wish however, the Kiesha character would go away, at least on this topic. The bantering back and forth about her and Richard being in the same room and her taking all his money and all that is becoming very old and annoying. I think that this story line has run it's course and the Kiesha character needs to move on because the way she is handling her domestic abuse situation is no longer funny. Please keep the integrity of your show by putting an end to it. I don't mean to be offensive or anything like that but domestic violence is a very sensitive subject and that character is making a mockery of it. Thank you so much for allowing me to voice my opinion. Take care and God bless!

  • harriet is a bahamian name Bahamian #2187300 » Posted in: My online family

    Courtney I know how you feel. In 1999 just when I found out i was pregnant with a millium child I got fired. Depression fell on me because my mother told my cousin to put me out . and on top of that my other cousin died. But behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. God lined me up with someone who recieve a huge pay out and he put me up in a motel pregant and all. He also gave me travelling money and enough money to move. He may not come when you want but he's an ontime God. Use this time to take up a trade.sewing or preschool reading etc I'm sure things will work out. be encouraged!

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