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  • Stephen Roache Phila, Pa #2010970 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry when you started out you knew that you had a very good product, but at first no one would give you the time of day, now you are one of the most sought after personalities on the planet. well I have a story that I wrote after I woke up from a coma and it's called VBF Very Best Friend and I think that it is awesome as well as everyone else that has read it so far. it's new and hasn't been done before to my knowledge! it's fresh and a eye opener and like you once did. all I need is a chance, also it is copy written. my contact info is on this page. Tyler take a chance on someone and pay it forward!

  • All This Talk About Mr. Tyler Perry's Genitalia #2010968 » Posted in: My online family

    Rumors do not interest because they have no substance. Haven't heard it directly from the dapper debonaire gent. What if the rumors were true. Is Mr. Tyler Perry PUTTIN' it down like that? So many wanting to show Mr. Tyler Perry their assets. Stirs one cerebellum to a true peak to ponder and ask...

    • So Many Wanting To Show Mr. Tyler Perry Their #2010969

      Assets. Is it that good or is it all that comes with that hammer? Not a question. I have a couple of folks that I adore what they do and how they do what they do. However, I've never desired to, show them my assets or see their assets. However.....

    • The Question Really Is Who Does The Tall Man #2010971

      Desire to show and give his assets to. It's one thing for a woman to want to be intimate, see that's my flow. Most say have sex or screw which is cheap and overrated. However, a hammer of the caliber of The Tall Man, Mr. Tyler Perry carries a lot of, weight, no pun intended. It's wonderful not to have met every 5th person between the crib and the store who can say they screwed Mr. Tyler Perry. Such a turn off when so many have had you. Mm.

    • Perhaps Mr. Tyler Perry Has Finally Met His Match! #2010972

      A female him that can handle Mr. Tyler Perry, mentally 1st up! Spiritually, emotionally, physically. A Lady that can roll with Mr. Tyler Perry however he wanna get down, wherever he wants to put it down, however many times he wants to put it down. Just on G.P.! Someone that can truly satisfy the man thru and thru. Can make it do what it do!

    • How Well Do You Know, Mr. Tyler Perry #2010973

      How do you perpetually stimulate a man of Mr. Tyler Perry's caliber? Obviously his baby's mama know! How do I know she know. Because She, Is, His, Baby's Mama. Mr. Perry did not desire to drop his seed, anywhere and it fall to the ground and come to naught. But he desired to plant a seed where it would grow and become a giant sequoias tree.

    • How Mr. Tyler Perry Carries His, Manness, Isness #2010974

      I love how the gentleman carries, his weight. Cause he's a heavy weighter. I have an appreciation for the kind of, man, 6'6 he is. Because I see and have always seen beyond his pants. It's never been about his pants actually. However, when you're in love, it's all inclusive. Just as he and only has exclusive rights..................................... Ms. Lady baby.

    • The Question Is; #2010977

      How does a woman become "A Baby Mama" the likes of a man, Mr. Tyler Perry? Is it too good to be true? Obviously not, ask his baby's mama. ; )

  • Keketso Semoko South Africa #2010966 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr Perry Just to say, thank you for being the inspiration to all of us in South Africa. I'm an actress of television, film and theatre and truly feel blessed to know that people like you are holding the touch for the rest of us. I thank God for letting you find your purpose. We would truly be blessed someday if you were to come to South Africa. I say "we"as I include a lot of my brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry. I hope one day you take a turn in my beautiful country to take us on m***** classes.

  • richard phenix city, alabama #2010965 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry I am a junior in Bible College, and I have exhausted all my student aid, and I am 1 year short from receiving my bachelor degree in Biblical Studies, is their anyway you could help me finish my schooling I am 54 years old, an receive social security disability and I would like to become a minister but the way it seems now I may have to drop out this coming spring, I know God will not let me down and I have come to far to turn around now, is their anything you can do for me?

  • Kellyann wallace Barbados #2010964 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry. I'm Kelly-Ann from Barbados. I am interested in doing an autobiography. At 9 months old i suffered multiple burns on 90% of my body from a house fire. This also resulted in the lower part of my right hand being amputated. I have 3 kids I rise on my own.. I would like to be able to share my life story in the form of a book. Could you guide me as to the channels i need to go through to do it?

  • Allegra W. Murphy Oakland Park, FL. 33311 #2010963 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr. Perry: I watch your shows and really enjoy them. If you ever need to shoot on about 48 acres of farmland (with trees, ditches, streams of water and dirt roads) give me a call at 954- . The land is in Locust Grove , Ga. three miles west of I-75.

  • melinda United States #2010962 » Posted in: My online family

    i heard a nice rumor about u hope it is a true that u have a bundle of joy coming if this is not true i am so sorry on the other hand if it is true congrats

  • melinda United States #2010961 » Posted in: My online family


  • Donnell Robinson Cleveland, Ohio #2010959 » Posted in: My online family

    Dear Mr Perry, thank you for sharing your love and wisdom. Please bring Red the human beat box into your circle. He is the homeless blk male youtube sensation. The man can sing. I think he would benefit greatly. If he were planted in your garden. Please see if you can help this brother. Thank you Hotep

  • Alona Brown Stone Mountain, Ga #2010958 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a 64 year old mother, grandmother. I adopted four children that I love very much, but ever since I came down with cancer, and had to live in Jacksonville with my oldest daughter during my cancer, nothing has gone right for me and my kids. We had a fire in our home and the builder was to complete the house, but he never did. I tried to fine him but the lawyer just did not help. All this happen in 2008. Therefore I moved back to the unfinished house in 2010, to find out that everything was stolen out of the house including our air condition and heating unit was gone. We have been here with no heat and air for a long time trying to finish it myself, but still not able to complete. I'm on disability it’s not helping. It's 2014 and I feel bad for my kids because they can't have friends over. My kids didn't ask for this. They just don't say anything. I can see the hurt in their eyes. I have lymphedema in my right hand which causes swelling and it's hard for me to do much. I only have three of the kids still at home. It's been hard having a big house and it looks bad with little furniture and electric is not working some of the rooms. I just don’t know what else to say. Please pray for me and my family that one day everything will be okay.

  • Donnika McMullen United States #2010957 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler Perry I admire everything about you. God has truly created a man with many gifts and talents. I admire the fact you give ordinary people a chance whether in your plays or movies. I pray that God continues to bless you ministry to entertain, make people laugh, and inspire those whom are watching you. It would definitely be an honor to meet you one day, or even work behind the scenes with you one day. If it is God's will. I appreciate everything you put forth and i ask that it continues.

  • Clifton Harris AR #2010956 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I'm a college student at the University of Kansas majoring in Chemical Engineering. I have recently applied for a Scholarship describimg my endeavors to find a cure for cancer. Would you mind voting for my essay? Thanks in advance, Clifton Harris

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