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  • Nikki La Plata MD

    Hi Tyler, My name is Nikki, and I am and have been a mad black woman, I just watched the play and the movie A diary of a MAD black women!! I have been a mad black women during a 4 year divorce and then all over again during a 3 year engagement, when I found out he was a liar and a cheater with over 25 women in a 3 year period. Which every last one of these women either knew me or knew of me! But your plays and movies have given me strengenth\and comfort. I thank you first and Madea second for being able to relate what I have and am going through. I am a single mother of two wonderful non abused kids even though my back round and my most recent relationship was full of abuse! I thought I was sheltering my kids from it, until they spoke out to me and told me the fears and concerns they had that I never knew. Thank you from the bottom of not only my heart but kids hearts as well. You have been an enornmous help to all 3 of us. My daughter is like me who is a lot like you and writes plays and poems, and short stories to deal with her hurt. Unlike me who stopped writting a long time ago because I didn't think it could help. If only I knew you could have a few just because I have finally learned to forgive and I am to tired from back surgery, and single motherhood to write at this moment, but who knows I just may get into it again thanks to you. But my daughter has not stopped and she will be 15 this year and would love to meet you and show you her work which for her age is up there with full grown adults. But I love both of my children to death, but the fact that she sees me happy like one of your movie endings speaks volumes to me. I would love to get the chance to meet you and thank you in person for all the help you gave me, because when the man that begged me to marry him after I supported him for 2 1/2 months in jail walked out on me and my kids after 4 days of me being in the hospital after back surgery. You and Madea got me through the depression, hurt and pain. Thank you so much!! YOU keep doing what you do, you inspire me through your faith and fine works!! Pls fell free to contact me if ever for any reason, you have helped me and my children in more ways than I can express to you. Please continue to be blessed and to bless others with all our love, Nikki, Simera, and Amari

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