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  • Carrell Brady Memphis Tennessee

    Hello Mr. Perry , once again my name is Carrell Brady. I have been following your plays since "The Dairy of A Mad Black Woman: The stage production". I am 19 years old and I love what you are doing with my passions. Your putting the love for my God and theater together. I see that you have hit every aspect of trials in tribulations in the young and black community except one. That's he battle of homosexuality. Now I'm an aspiring play wright and actor myself. I have started writing this play and it's been put on my heart to let the world know how about the struggles with dealing with such a strong demon and being able to come out of it. I was hesistant about coming to you because I know that you're very busy, but I'veearned that once The Lord continuously put something on your spirit it's best not to ignore it. I thank you for taking the time out to read this comment. Thank you and Have a Bless day.

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