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  • Jennifer Fort Myers, Florida #1926153 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey, I'm really looking forward to your new movie. God has truly blessed you! Thank you. I was watching one of your plays last night on DVD. It was " I don't want to do wrong" at the end you came out and spoke to the audience. What you said ministered to my spirit. Life hits hard at times my life hasn't been easy sometimes I feel like I've got a tatoo on my head reading dump on me. But through it all I know God has me in the palm of His hands and he will use anything or anyone to speak His words. You are blessed to be a blessing. Don't stop what your doing and thank you for the laughter. I love when you play Madea. Oh that character has made me laugh so hard. Any way thanks for reading this. - Jenn

  • Jessica "Jai" Johnson Memphis, TN #1926152 » Posted in: My online family

    Did you know that during your run of “Tyler Perry's H*** Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned” in Memphis, TN, Evergreen Theatre is featuring a play (Fri-Sun) written by local playwrights and comprised of a local cast with an abundance of talent? We would love for you and/or members of your team to witness this production while visiting our city. Just knowing that you and/or your team will be in town during this production, I have committed to posting this not only EVERYDAY but MULTIPLE times throughout the day (Post #46). This MAY be a little optimistic and it MAY NOT reach you/your team, but I honestly would not be able to rest knowing that I didn’t at least TRY. You often speak on not giving up, and this is one of my true testaments to your advice. "If You Quit OR Give Up, Then You Don't Deserve It". Right?? Thank you for all that you do!

  • Jenny Berry United States (Minnesota Lake, MN) #1926150 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Perry....Please read my story....I admire you so much!.....My deadline to save my home & everything is 2-26-14.....gofundme.com/64gkuc..... My story seems complicated & long to some I'm sure, but I've only been honest as things happened. Bank kept changing there mind until I actually got served with papers. I need a hand up, NOT a hand out, please! I drive my own truck because of disabilities, therefore I've been asked ,"Why not just get a company driver job?". Companies I've contacted will not hire me because I cannot lift or sit over couple hours, therefore I have to stop & walk around because I had broke my pelvic in couple places. I am recuperating, and can drive my own truck, because I can set my own hours.... I WANT TO WORK!!!!.... With the medical rules in trucking, and being disabled I can't hide this. My doctor's have told me I can safely drive my truck, but with restrictions. Please help me save my truck and home, so I may get back on the road! Without your help I will be homeless with no vehicle, nowhere to stay, nowhere to put my personal belongings, no income, nothing but the clothes on my back! I don't want pity or anyone feeling sorry for me, because I am reaching out for help! I know I will die on the streets! That's my reality! I have exhausted all other options! I get no assistance, because being self-employed they go by your gross income for the year, not three months! I do not meet the income guidelines for any program! I also cannot get a loan while I presently am not working! I am not blind, I know others are hurting too, but you could save me, so I can be a productive member of society, not at the mercy of strangers & tax payers! God Bless all of you!.....I do have pictures, etc. on my Facebook....facebook.com/jenny.berry.106

    • tyler perry united states #1926176

      Dear Tyler Perry I have a question right 1.Why people keep saying you are gay? 2.People say that you are not married and you have a husband instead of a wife? Look I don't believe in these things I think you have a wife and you are smart, intelligent, brave but you have to respond back and answer my question to find out if it is true if it is I don't mind because my sister like women

    • WELL WELL WELL !!! United States #1926183


  • M.H #1926149 » Posted in: My online family

    REST IN FAITH.......climb, build, renew this place....how can I do it.....rest in faith.....I walked through the dessert sand.......with a baby in a stroller and no plan....but you Jehovah kept me in your hand......and revealed to me blue prints drawn in sand.......how can I follow your plan.....when wicked has covered your sand.....then God snatched me up.....and showed me the cup......and said" I have sent my son Jesus Christ to help you uncover and lift up"..... here I go....bowing low......then I had a vision that looked like a show......what one may think is a chase.....is really how God really want me to......REST IN FAITH

    • Rest my friend SC #1926151

      Uplift your faith and stay strong. Its going to be alright!!!!

    • M.H #1926154


    • Sexy Chocolate! #1926162


  • Ryan Charles Barbados W.I #1926147 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi My name is Ryan and I'm from Barbados (birthplace of Rihanna). First let me say I am a fan of yours and I love all the movies and stage plays and the advice you give not only as Madea but as yourself talking about the gospel and God helped you through your darkest days. I wish i can talk to you face to face so that I can get some sort of "divine intervention" as to how to go with my life For the last few months I have been going through a lot in terms of finding a job and looking for a place to live. But so far my life has been one disappointment after anther and it makes me feel very discourage and in turn I look to God but I feel like I'm being ignored. I know in the Bible it says that He will never leave us or forsake us. And as much as I believe that that is true I still feel like I am not liked at all cause I am going through I am saying that He is punishing me. And I was turning my back on Him as he is doing to me. I know God is real and i know that He will not leave us hanging...But I just want to know that He does exist and to show me the way to go. At this point I am lost discourage and lost of faith and I want to get back there with God but i just feel that I will not be heard. I hope that this message reach to you and I hope that you can help cause I am at my wits end for advise Thanks you Ryan C from Barbados

  • Valorie Perry-Ashley San Diego, CA #1926146 » Posted in: The Single Mom's Club

    Too cute...! Just watched the trailer, can't wait to see the movie. That short clip brought up many of my smiles w/tears as a single mom. Looking forward to the laughs and making light of life's ups and downs. Thank you for being so REAL. Sincerely, Valorie

  • Debbie los Angeles, California #1926145 » Posted in: The Single Mom's Club

    Can't wait to see the movie !!!! I have seen them all !!! GREAT JOB TYLER !!!

  • Mary Magdalene Midland, Odessa, Texas #1926144 » Posted in: My online family

    I heard T.D. Jakes talk about "reeling it in." He states that when we find our God given purpose, mediocrity is not acceptable. So reach higher, farther to develop and make associations with people who don't take "no" for an answer. It's apparent you have done that. I figured if I'm gonna do this I'll go straight to the earthly top. Be clear, I have no other God's before me. You included. I know that Jesus Himself required an action to a required end. So, consider this my "required action." Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Courtney Ferguson New York #1926143 » Posted in: My online family

    Can I help you make a movie that highlights the great history of black people? You're doing a great job with your movies and TV shows that speak to a the productive, professional side, that's been neglected on television. That said, I'll do the leg work to get you started on the Mansa Musa's, the Shaka Zulu's, Marcus Garvey's, etc, if this note gets your attention. Thanks in advance, keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing from you. Best, CF

  • Single Mom's Club usa #1926142 » Posted in: My online family

    School Supplies Day Care Expense After School Program Before School Programs Hey Free lunch is not free My taxes are going up! !!!!

  • Hello Tyler! SC #1926140 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi my multi- talented. friend! I was thinking. about you and praying for you! I know. its stressful. when you are so busy. But hope you smell the roses in between. all of that. I try to have peace where I can in my life too! It rejuvenate. the soul. So take care of yourself. for me please....meaning if you don't do it for yourself. then do it for me. The sparrow that comes and check on you because. she cares...love ya!

  • M.H #1926139 » Posted in: My online family

    @Risa Perry if that was him then smile. He's on his way to you within hours. Congrats!!! I don't knock nobody. Receive your man.

    • M.H #1926141

      I watched the big dogs play and it could go any way.

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