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  • Ebony Evans Victorville CA #2176851 » Posted in: My online family

    My Grandmother is a big Fan of yours and so am I. We missed the Passion Musical traveling on the road. Is there anywhere we can go online to watch it......We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @}}~~~ I Love You.. #2176850 » Posted in: My online family

    Always @}}~~~ Forever

  • Kassena Arnoth Alcolu, South Carolina #2176849 » Posted in: My online family

    To Whom it May Concern: My name is Kassena Arnoth. I am a young African American female with a story to tell. Throughout the many devastating experiences of witnessing the abuse of my mother and being moved from foster home to foster home, I learned so many things. For one, there had to be another way of living. I started to drift away mentally and sometimes I even drifted away physically. In the midst of this, I couldn't understand why I was dealt this life. As a young girl, seeing my mother being beaten close to death was a daily thing. I stayed up late nights wondering, why? Trying to keep straight A's to make my mother proud wasn't easy being that my home life wasn’t all that great. I tried to stay strong for my younger siblings, being second oldest of eight. I gave up on everything the day my baby brother was killed, only having lived a month. The emotions I felt cannot be explained. My grades started to s*** drastically making it difficult for me to keep my straight A reputation. After being in the foster care for six years and separated from my younger siblings, I knew I needed an outlet away from New York. In August 2014, I made my move to Alcolu, South Carolina to live with my biological aunt, with the help of Have Faith CDC. Have Faith CDC is a nonprofit corporation who gives back and houses single mothers and their children, female veterans and their children, breast cancer and lupus survivors/patients, and children who have been through the foster care system like myself. Through mentoring and encouragement from young people my age, I began to overcome the stresses I encountered while being in the foster care system, I begin school at Have Faith CDC's own private school, the Mother Geneva Johnson Academy, where students who by society are said to be failures in life. Although I endured many horrible things in my life, I was able to achieve my dream of graduating a straight A student in May 2015. I have a purpose in life to show young people like myself that there is nothing too hard to accomplish with the proper resources. As a foster child, I didn't let society define me, I defined myself. Have Faith has saved my life; I am no longer reeling lost and hopeless. Now that you know my story, I need your help. The doors of our school are threatened of being closed every day. Help me by helping Have Faith CDC help another young person achieve their dreams by keeping the doors of our school open. We would gladly appreciate your help in any way possible. Thank you in advance! To learn more, contact us at: Website: Alcolu.org Phone: Email: , Kassena Arnoth

  • Myrtha McKinney Clarksville, TN #2176848 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    Mr. Perry, I saw your play "Passion" and I watched it entirely. I thought when it started it was another poor offering on a complex subject, but you did an excellent job. Sometimes I did not understand the songs but the gist of the performance was really in the message the play imparted in a modern, easy to understand format. Thanks. Now, on another note, I thought this site was interactive so that when we wrote to you, you would respond to us personally, but I see it is really all about you and what you are now doing. I got the same reaction from Oprah when I sent her a copy of the Townsend family genealogy featuring Lem Winfrey. You made your fame. I guess I will have to look elsewhere for a leg up. Best to you! Myrtha

  • Kathy Perry Lake Wylie, SC #2176846 » Posted in: My online family

    I really enjoyed 'The Passion". You are a genius! The 'carry the cross' part was great. I liked that you quoted scripture yet it was a modern take on the story. The music was so inspiring. I also liked that the cast was diverse. Thank you so much!

  • Sonya Texas #2176844 » Posted in: If Loving You Is Wrong

    Tyler Perry has done a 100% improvement on the HAHN's. Now it is time for him to improve on ILYIW. Lucion repeated the same lines 3x's on the Pete Scene; I guess they did not write anything else for him to say. Randal's mom need to move on because nothing she says will keep him from Alex. Marcy has already walked out, now it's time for his mom to leave him to his own madness. Esperanza is not all that, they way she talks to Claudia is a whole lot different than the workplace that I experience; that scene was pretty pathetic. However, Espernaza's character seems to be the only one who knows her lines. It is time to toughen up Lucion; he should be playing the role of an undercover FBI or internal affairs character now-Eddie along with the whole corrupt pd should be own their way out the door. Overall, its just a show to pass the time. Lucion should be tired on the hi's and low's of Natalie. Why is Natalie the only one on the show that's living in the hood? Even Alex has a better job house sitting than Natalie. This is just my observation!!!

  • aundra owens higgins Guy, Texas #2176843 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    I am very proud of you. I watched the PASSION and to see that cross being carried through the city made me proud that I had the opportunity to assist you with your visions within your life. You made me proud of all the work that we have done together through Christ Jesus. That cross signified my freedom my blood bought and paid FREEDOM through Christ Jesus. All of my life I lived as the face of SHAME. no matter what good I done for people no matter how many people the Lord had me to lay hands on and HE (MY JESUS) healed.. to my community I would always be the face of shame. I lived with amnesia for 30 years of my life the Lord healed me. I was kidnapped and shot several times but when the police saved me I have been in witness protection traveling the world with a medical ship starting churches and homes for orphans. Those people in foreign lands are my family and to them I Am "No Limits SOUL-der" in the army of the Lord and I will forever be a Battle Buddy in the trenches of Life. If I have done you any wrong please forgive me and everything else is covered under the Blood of Jesus. I will always and forever love you friends for life. Aundra Owens

  • Marchel jackson Childersburg, Alabama #2176842 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler! I am one of your BIGGEST fans! I want to applaud you for all of your GREAT work! You are the epitome of excellence and I thought I would let you know! I m tuned in on Twitter every Tuesday as my favorite show is The Haves and The Have Nots. I had a dream last night that my brother and I ran into you at a restaurant and I asked if we could both be in your next movie even if it was just for me to be an extra. My brother, Daisean Garrett is an upcoming actor at UAB and his most recent work was Buried Child. He does a great job and has several pieces of work to share and I think he would be a great actor for you! Fans always tell him that he reminds them of you and I think he will be great! I know you are a very busy man but thought I would share my story and dream with you. May God continue to bless you!

  • Hey......how are you? #2176841 » Posted in: My online family

    I'm sorry I'm being quiet .......just seeing how your doing.....?

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  • Janice Faulkner Cole Memphis, TN #2176840 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Janice and I am the donation coordinator for Trinity Community Coalition Outreach, Inc in Memphis, TN. We are a non-profit organization designed to assist the community with housing, job placement assistance, case management for those with special needs, rehabilitation for those released from incarceration, nutrition for children and many other services. We are reaching out to you and others for any assistance that you may be able to supply. We know that you have a busy schedule but we would be honored if you would visit our website: trinitycommunitycoalitionoutreach.com and view more information about us and the services that we provide. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time. Have a Blessed Day, Trinity Community Coalition Outreach, Inc Janice Faulkner Cole, Donation Coordinator/PR

  • Yvonne Waukegan IL #2176839 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Mr. Perry. I am writing to let you know that you are a excellent role model for our Black community and we commend you with the up-most respect! If you are able to read this or not I hope that someone on your team will. I am writing about Kat Williams. Yes! I said Kat Williams. Please help him Please! We are seeing so many social media video clips of him either high; fighting kids; going to jail etc... Please put him in a movie and clean him up so that he'll have time to save his life.. I am for real! He is a hot mess and we hate to see another Great! African American Comedian/Actor fall short to Hollywoods Curse... Please help him.... if you really saw this or a member of your staff has seen this Just reply to my email to say We Got you! Thanks

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