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  • Sandra Harvey Roberts Indianapolis, Indiana #1933702 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler,Tyler, Tyler, What can I say you out did yourself once again with the Haves and the Have Nots. My husband and I are totally hooked. When we can not watch it we tape it so we can watch it later. You have truly been blessed and we will continue to pray for you to have much more success. Just continue to let God order your steps and guide your footsteps to even higher heights. We love you much and will be praying for you and yours. Sandy R.

  • Kevin Nkroma Accra, Ghana #1933701 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello MR. Tyler, I pray you are well. Love ur shows and movies. I really want to talk to you about something I'm going through now. Pls how can I call u. Thanks. Blessings.

  • bruce savannah georgia #1933697 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi mr perry i was wondering if u could help me get home im stuck in savannnah georgia and i have never did anything like this but im desperate i have 30 dollars to my name and my bus ticket is 165 i knw ur a busy man and u dnt have time to deal w** people askin u for handoutz but i dnt knw wut else to do so im taking a leap of faith im tryna get a temp service job here so i can make sme money but no luck if u could help i would be grateful godbless i feel so stupid doin this but i dnt care

  • Brenda Middlebury,In, #1933695 » Posted in: My online family

    Just wanted to say I went to go see your play"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned" last night in South Bend, In. And just want to tell you it was AWESOME!!! Thank You for the message and a great play! I was laughing so hard from "HATTIE" I almost had an accident! That woman is so funny! Keep up the good work! and will be checking out The Single Mom's Club!

  • Cecilia USA #1933694 » Posted in: My online family

    I definitely have to see single mothers It is a job with no pay . Only love sustains that job because most times one is stretched To the limits. Thank you Tyler for realizing that and some times That is all we need.

  • Camille North Carolina #1933693 » Posted in: My online family

    First let me say that every Tuesday I sit down with my husband and we watch the Haves and the Haves not. We then call my sister and we discuss every week what we feel need to happens the next week. I am writing to ask a question have you and Ms. Oprah ever considered tapping into owning your own cable provider? I think is one of the necessary evils that you need. I have been with Time warner for over 6 years and for the last two years when I was ready to watch the OWN network something was wrong, of course I get on the phone and spend 45 at a time trying to correct the issue. We spend a load of money to have cable and this is unacceptable. I was wondering if you guys to take a look at this and link up with the NFL and you two could take over. consider offering cable on a channel basis and watch and see how you two could dominate the world. Just thought. Once again keep up the good work. And every Tuesday you have me telling everyone one that if I ever see you and Ms. Oprah I want to slap you two. The Haves and the haves nots is my favorite now. My heart cant take no more. LOL love you always.

  • Ms.Lovely Lady L #1933691 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning ........God raised you up for this very purpose, that He might disply His power in you and that His name might be proclaimed in all the earth............Praying that it is a big weekend for you.......................

    • Ms. Lovely Lady L #1933692

      See God in everything . For with out him we are nothing and we are going no where . Giving him the credit for what he has done and still is doing.......................... standing on faith ......expanding on it , expressing it....... living it ...........so that his light will be seen ..................A life without God is no life at all.......

    • Ms. Lovely Lady L #1933696

      The only thing you have to prove is God ........nothing else and to know one else ............Prove God ........Let him display his Glory in you, aroond you..........so that every life that you touch in Jesus name will be changed............................For in the end It's you and God alone .........Its me and God alone .........................what people Get when they Get me the God factor ....The power that is displayed , his grace can be seen, his love expressed. when i walk into a room he walk into the room.............have a blessed Day .........praying for you.

    • Ms. Lovely lady L #1933698

      Should say no one else.

  • Celeste Martin Boston #1933690 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello Tyler. I plan to see the movie over the weekend. As far as single moms go, i think the moms who are single and love their kids are amazing. They raise some of the better kids. They give them what they need and that need is love and understanding. I am a single mom, not by choice. marriage didn't work. I have raised three kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. They are not angels by far, but they are good kids who have never been in trouble with the law or any other miss deeds. I taught them to respect their elders and be polite to others helpful when they can. I think a lot of successful adults has come out of a single parent home. A lot of young men who has obtained success in their life, give the credit to their mothers for being there for them and guiding them through life's ups and downs. Thank U Tyler for all the great entertainment that you have brought to us over the years. God Bless U and keep you. Celeste

  • Melody Middlebury,In. #1933689 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler I went to go see " H*** Hah No Fury Like a Woman Scorned" last night in South Bend, In. and it was phenominal! Awesome, Outstandingly Funny, VERY emotional and a very powerful message! I was laughing, crying, cheering and praying the whole time! The whole cast was awesome! But Cheryl Pepsii Riley and Patrice Lovely were over the top wonderful!! Thank you for another great play! will be waiting for the movie. :)

  • Naomi #1933687 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning man of God! Blessings of Jehovah over you and may He grant you favor untold for releasing, yet again, another film that touches so many lives across various walks of life and religion, Single Moms Club. May God Almighty continue to uplift, bless and meet you at your point of need always..amen! I love you Mr Perryxxx

  • Britnee -22 Memphis,Tn #1933686 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler Perry you are phenomenal! I loved H*** Hath No Fury it really displayed real life situations that take place everyday. I love your work you always have great inspirational messages in everything you do. Have and Have Nots is my show I love that Candice( Tika). And that Hattie lawd Jesus where did you find her she is so hilarious . Keep up the good work continue doing what you are doing man. Awesome, Awesome job! Also, that set for H*** Hath no Fury i loved it man!!

  • Marie South Bend In. #1933683 » Posted in: My online family

    Tyler Perry you are phenomenal I seen the stage play "Hell has no fury like a woman scorn" it was too short the ending was a surprise but you always know there is a message in your meaning of your story FORGIVE is important thanks for opening my eyes to things around me thru your story Great play if it is in your town don't miss" H*** has no fury like a woman scorn" mama Hattie and Anita (Cheryl Riley) you have found gems in these ladies..

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