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  • Devoted Fan USA #1859702 » Posted in: My online family

    What is the mailing address to send my resume?

  • Patricia #1859701 » Posted in: Small Goals Will Get You There!


  • Key az #1859700 » Posted in: My online family

    Let see if you can run it, run it...boy indeed i can run it, run it...

  • Davrine Carrington roanoke va #1859699 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey Tyler,I watch all of your movies down to your plays , I simply love you.... I couldn't find any other way to contact you but I dont care about fame or anything I jus want you to be inspired by my storry, you may understand you may not but my storry can change anybody's life!! I may still go thru things but I'm blessed an thankful.... †♡ sometimes you have to encourage yourself †♡ an I'm 100% sure that you will be inspired, a chance is all I pray for...

  • Katrina Smith Tifton,Georgia #1859698 » Posted in: My online family

    It Is Always Enjoy Your Shows And Movies Lately I've Been Under The Weather with Tonsilitis,Broncitis.It Has Really Been A Pain Especially With This asthma So Pray I Get Better.Have A Great Day!Tyler

  • Gloria Jennings Hendersonville N.C. 28791 #1859697 » Posted in: My online family

    Thank you Tyler for everythink I want you to know that you just keep the Faith hold your head up and always be proud of yourself I Pray that you will keep up the good work on what you or doing your shows are getting good every week i love them both and also love your new stage play and your movie; I want you to know that you will always be in my Prayers everytime so just remember that ok may God Bless you and your Staff and the that works for you give everybody my love and will hear from you soon have very Blessed week!!!!! yours turely Gloria Cynthia Jennings in Christ Jesus!!!

  • Key az #1859696 » Posted in: My online family

    Well if i get on the message board at 1551? How long will i be able to run it with no talking to me? I think i can make it to at least 1608...1617

    • {^;*} #1859713


  • SHEILA memphis #1859694 » Posted in: My online family

    Just stop by to say hello, and to see the comments, the last time I check they where some really deep thought people were having, internet romance, very deep stuff, I could have wrote a book on some of the stuff they was saying, I hope they don't read this and cause me out!!

  • Ms Proverbs Owings Mills, MD #1859693 » Posted in: Small Goals Will Get You There!

    Hi Tyler, Hope you had a wonderful day! Tyler believe it or not for some reason I was smiling. Before I even open to read your message I was smiling :-) well it's the truth :-) This message uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and empowered me at the same time. Thank You Lord for Tyler who is a blessing to so many of us. Ok now I know for sure without a doubt why I smile when I read, visit and post on your message board......Okkkkk Anyhoo!! (*-*) Today I was at work thinking about a lot of things and yes I became a little frustrated. ( Tyler God is working on my patience...Amen Somebody) LOL! Well I was thinking about my huge goals that I have set for myself moving to GA, looking at the finish line and not enjoying the race. My heart's desire is to enjoy working and helping the elderly (I love my old babies) to open up residential housing/facilities for them. Tyler there are many old folks who don't have anywhere to to live. I understand I can't help them but Lord's willing my heart's desire is to help as many as I can :-) . Truly I enjoy doing community outreach too So if you are ever in need of extra help with TP Foundation just know That I would love to help out Ok.....From now on will focus on taking one step at a time instead of 2 and 4 steps at a time. Oh and Tyler when the haters h ate is the the more God will Elevate. Halleluyer!! (In my Madea's voice) LOL! Oops another long message. Forgive me Sir :-) Thank You Tyler God Bless You. Ms Proverbs :-)

  • Lolline United States #1859692 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi hope all is well, I recently went on a bus trip to Washington D.C and I showed all your plays and movie for us seniors our bus driver could not stop laughing at Mada's Family Reunion. He had me list the names of all the movies and plays so he could go buy them to watch at home. Love you you are doing great things keep it up. Mama Pippins

  • WOW #1859691 » Posted in: My online family

    My dad is 72 yrs old....

  • Ruth Bunch Boston mass #1859690 » Posted in: My online family

    just watched ur video about success. well I dont want fame..i dont need a lot of money..all i have been fighting for is a decent place to live. yes i pray i fast i belive in GOD HE has saved my soul. but i do believe that some of us just dont get GODS grace...my son died my mother died my daddy died my sisterer died through it all i remain faithful just asking for a nice apartment not even a home just a sage clean place. no answer so i have decided at the age of 51 that i am just one that wont get gods grace or fav. so ehen u say keep trng....how long? i been trying pushing all my life...i love ur shows an thank god for ypu but everyone dont have gods favor. Stay blessed sorry for the misspelling was going fast an now it wont let me correct.