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  • JANEE United States #1975070 » Posted in: My online family

    Hey my dream one day is to be in a tyler perry film Im 23 I have had problems with depression an low self esteem .....every time I read your story it drives me to do what I love an that is to act I hope to one day meet you an be in your play movie or introduce to you some of the stories I have .......that is a seed im planting an one day it will grow

  • I Love You, Tyler #1975067 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi! How is that beautiful mind & gentle heart? What did you eat today? Are you having fun? Consuming adequate water? I haven't eaten as yet. Thought I had plans but they fell through. Now I have to think of where to eat. Enjoy the remainder of the day. I was thinking about an "Inferno" and smiling. Some things mean so much. I Love You, Tyler!!!

    • I am totally Beat, #1975069

      Yet I am doing good.. Missing You!!

  • marvin chulowery hillside, illinois #1975066 » Posted in: My online family

    hello tyler. i'm aware that you always scout for talent in the realm of literary arts. here is a skit i compiled about the obama administration that will keep your day going in the right direction. This subject matter is entitled: " never ever mock the powers that be". - marvin (using a british accent): "aahhhh, here comes the president and his secret service agents. let me compose myself, so my presentation to him, will be in a formal manner". - President Obama: " hello Mr. Lowery"? -marvin (using a british accent): " Hi mr. President, it is a privilige to be in your presence for a second time around". - President Obama: " that sounds good mr. Lowery, but ungh, me and my secrets service agents have information that you are inducing panic to the citizens of america, and ungh we are completely outraged from your behavior. What do you have to say for yourself"? -marvin (again using a british accent): "Well mr. President, what i did to those embiciles was for the good of the nation and THAT'S THAT, there is nothing that you or your secret service goons can do about it"! -President Obama: "wise guy hungh"? -marvin (british accent): " Yes sirrr"! -President obama: " Well mr. Lowery, there is something that i can do about it"! *indicator: the president nods slowly at one of the secret service agents (meaning take him out), and walks away. -secret service agent: " well mr. Lowery, you beat us at our game, YOU WON"!! -marvin ( british accent): " d*** right i won"! -secret service agent: "Now here's your prize"! -marvin (british accent): "and what might that be"? -secret service agent: " A nice, shiny, brand new pair of handcuffs". "NOW PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK, YOU SON OF A B!*CH"!!!!! for more skits, contact the real african-american prodigy, marvin intel lowery. email:

  • thinking and wondering #1975065 » Posted in: My online family

    why don't everyone just date and marry people on their level or in the same lane as them. why meet people who you are attracted to for whatever reason (looks, money, family background, because they have kids or don't, education level) but you are not happy with that person for all other reasons, but try to force then to change and be like you want them to be. if it don't fit, dont force it, life would be a lot happier for all

  • **Touch** ((dreaming)) #1975064 » Posted in: My online family

    A desired touch. A welcomed touch. Two lovers meet. A long awaited union. A light film of perspiration. Pulses quicken. The pounding tempo of the heart beat is all that can be heard. Each take a step closer but now the knees can't seem to bear the weight. Please don't let me pass out. They met at the harbor, so thankfully a cool breeze crosses their skin. Breathing is short and shallow. Lightheadedness is creeping in. It's actually gonna happen. She raises her arms to his strong muscular shoulders. He encircles the curve of her waist. Gently pulling closer. Not only does bodies touch in a loving embrace but souls intertwine. In his arms she feels safe, secure, and comforted. With his arms wrapped around her he conveys strength, leadership, and affection. The two hearts sync beats to harmonize love's togetherness.

    • Totally Beautiful... #1975068


    • M.H #1975077

      So beautiful

    • @touch #1975166

      That is really beautiful.

  • Hey "Tyler"... #1975063 » Posted in: My online family

    I love you more than you can imagine... Always and Forever..

  • Charles San Antonio #1975062 » Posted in: My online family

    I am a Preacher who wants to provide a homeless shelter for persons that are homeless in my area. However it goes much deeper than that. Providing a home is one thing ,after that people need a job, a hair cut, professional job training, clothes that are revelant to the job desired etc. I dont want to just provide them with a Church to go to but you know the saying Feed a Man a fish vs. Teaching him how to fish is a whole different ball game. Other than Gov.Grants and Loans Websites doy you have advice or help. Frustrations are rising at the lack of Empathy , awareness and monies to want to do the right the right thing.

  • l!sa johnson yonkers, newyork #1975060 » Posted in: My online family

    i am a virgin and i am allergic to under wear, sounds crazy. my main concern was wearing them to church, i prayed and sked Jesus what should i do he told me to wear them, on sundasundays now the doctor says i canot even wear them on sundays. strange.. on our anniversary please do not buy me any under garments at all and i will do the same for you. just chocolate. love ya. you have been my crush for a long time. i am having problems at the shelter. like jakes said i am coming to get you out girl.

  • LADYLOVEBUG west #1975059 » Posted in: My online family

    I don't need to do anything else. You cannot sustain yourself. NO one's to blame but who???

  • lisa johnson yonkervillee, newyork #1975058 » Posted in: My online family

    hey perry baby. i need some help getting out the the share community shelter. have you had a chance to review my ideas. love always l!sa johnson. my email address is no longer in existance and there are no incoming phone calls for me at the share community the best place to call or stop by to talk or leave a message with a supervisor is at broadway manor sleep facility, i am there every night mon- sun ten at night until six am in the morning. mon- fri the supervisor is name is corey and theweekends just ask for the person in charge. there is NO PROCEDURE TO CHECK ME OUT! I am able to leave whenever i would like it is a shelter not a prison.

  • LADYLOVEBUG west #1975056 » Posted in: My online family

    Oh, you're so loved.

  • priscilla barksdale 1827 bedford ave lynchburg va 24504 #1975055 » Posted in: My online family

    i am just writing to say i am a single mother of 6 i have been working since i was old enough to work and trying to provide for mine.I feel like im at my ends and have no where to turn or have noone to talk to i live in a house thats not fit for noone to live and my rent is 600 a month plus all other bills but i would love to come to ur show and tell my life i am starting college on july 16 2014. i am now 3000 dollars in debt with my landlord and i dont kno where me and my six kids r going please help

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