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  • Tracy Hawkins Usa #2197619 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

    I am Tracy Hawkins, A citizen of United States of America, I am posting this comment to Appreciate Dr Ovia for a Job well done, I am indeed happy that Dr Ovia had put an end to my Predicaments. I am so happy that my Husband had finally come back home to me. With my experience with you i can now say that Love Spells is Real and if you are out there and you need help, Hurray up and contact Dr Ovia On: can as well reach him on his webpage:

  • jameswinterod #2197617 » Posted in: My new Email system

    Hey Tyler I have watched all your MEADEA movies I would like to become famous with you and help be in your shows I'm turning 13 and live in Fort Walton Beach fl.

  • Troy crith Topeka kansas #2197614 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr. Tyler Perry please direct a last dragon sequel i would like to see michael jai white star in that.

    • Troy Crith Topeka kansas #2197616

      Greetings, this isn't careful racism has caused a lack of fresh minority stars to stay sucessful. I still believe in the goodness of people. Alex cross was one of the best action movies staring a black person sence wes snipes and denzel. I plan to do gospel music.

  • Diane Towns Memphis, Tennessee #2197613 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr. Perry, I appreciate you taking the opportunity to read your message. I pray this reaches your desk. I am Tyara Jones, at the age of 5 years old I started public speaking and performing dramatic monologue. I have appeared on "It's ShowTime At The Apollo" at 12. My prayer is one day I will grace your presence with my talent. Would you please view my performance HEAVEN HELP US ALL AN original Dramatic monologue on Diane Towns' FaceBook Page? My dream is one day to become an actress I trust God, for a blessing and miracle to meet you. I have a manager working on my behalf in the process of obtaining an agent. Be Blessed, Tyara Jones

  • Denise Virginia #2197612 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr.Tyler Perry, I forgot to mention something, since I am still up. Regarding the Have & Have nots. The part when Wyatt overdosed at the hotel and the detectives and police were investigating. It didn't seem realistic that there was not any EMS called/ paramedics not on the scene. How do they know he overdosed as the cause of death? Unless, I missed it I didn't any attempts at CPR or anything. Check a pulse? I'm not sure what is the actual procedure but it seemed like that was lacking and he laid in the bed for quite some time before anything happened. The detectives seem to be stand around doing much of nothing. Again, like the show but just decided to share a bit of feedback..it is hard to believe you read the comments with all the other nonsense that you have to w*** out form actual comments. Have a great day. Congrats on the baby, God bless.

  • Sunday Chicago #2197611 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Tyler, I just want to commend you on your use of A,B,C, story lines on S6 Episode 5. You did an excellent job at spending less than 3 minutes a piece on Jim Cryer and the jail set, from Catherine Cryer and the home set, to Veronica and Jeffrey and the Harrington house, to Candice and War with the money exchange. Your story flowed extremely well this week. This episode showed great growth in your directing and should not go unnoticed. Kuddos to you and the staff of great actors this week as well. A special shout out to the actress that played Veronica. She was extremely believable. Bravo Tyler, I am proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    • Deja #2197618

      I noticed the flow as well and believe that is good "editing" not "directing". Kudos to the director for capturing the moments so that the editors could cut out the unnecessary footage that keeps a storyline dragging. Tyler's growth as a director is noticeable but not as developed as it should be because he spreads himself too thin. Meaning, writing /directing 1000 episodes is a good "quantity" but takes away from the "quality". This is why new-comers can come in create/direct projects that surpass his. They do not make us feel like they are just telling us a story.... they make us BELIEVE IT by investing in the (acting, writers, storylines, locations, etc.). For example: location, One cannot shoot everything on the back lot and expect us to believe it.

    • Deja #2197620

      Allow me to break it down a little more. For years, Tyler surrounded himself with "yes" people as long as he continued to sign their checks. He was good at telling HIS stories in a way that people of color who were familiar with the situations could relate. However, as the years passed and he hired writers to create storylines, they would not speak up when Tyler CHANGED things in the story. The problem was, I was able to see most of Tyler's input because he has a set way of telling a story and it made certain scenes slow, predictable, and unbelievable. This along with recycling actors or hiring singers to act when when their fans were only interested in them doing what they do best. But Empire stepped up and did it right. Whereas, Tyler attempted to tell stores and include "his Jesus" to appeal to Christians, low income blacks but told the same old stories in different ways. Now Oprah has put together a team to tell stories surround black religion and the problems that comes with it (doing it right). My main point is, Tyler and TLC look like they have a target audience of white middle and upper class which is out of Tyler's league. So I hope they hired the right writers and director to tell this story and Tyler is only lending his name. I keep telling him year after year.... HE CANNOT DO IT ALL! DELEGATE DUTIES and AUTORITY !!!!

  • John Stowe Jr Pennslyvania #2197610 » Posted in: My online family

    Hello, Mr. Perry, I have an idea for an animated series that I would love to talk to you about inspired by the bible. I have been working on the series for about 2 years and still adding more to it.

  • Denise Virginia #2197609 » Posted in: My online family

    Mr.Tyler Perry, Thank you for your creation of the Have and Have nots it has been very compelling, drama filled and intriguing. However, I am up writing you because I just watched the last episode with Jeffrey.(thank God for DVR) It was disturbing to watch him stabbed his mother in the heart..It was way too violent and too close-up image..It was so disturbing that I can't even sleep tonight. I keep seeing that image in my head, yes,I know it's acting.. but man I can't see too much violence and evil like that. I mean I usually avoid shows with graphic images like that and I was not prepared for that..I guess I am just sensitive like that. I would have preferred hit just hit her over the head over something..I mean wow.I just feel that with all the violence we have too see on the news and all the police brutality..it just bombarding our lives..I wanted to provide a constructive criticism just in case you read it. The show has otherwise been phenomenal..reminds me of the who shot Jr ewing days when I was growing up and everyone was watching Dynasty. Thank you for all you do. God bless. I hope I can eventually get too sleep. Awake at 2am..

  • YMEL cleveland ohio #2197608 » Posted in: My online family

    So, I have no idea how to start this post, but I am sitting here staring at my phone, going through allcthat I have attempted to do over the past 7 years and tears started to fall. It brought me to your websute, because most times I read this meme that states how you went from nothing to where you are and all of the rejection until one opportunity changed your life. Well Mr. PERRY. I guess that is the life that I am living right noe. I am a hardworking woman and not seeking fame or affirmayion for what I do, because I do what I do to help the overlooked actors here in my city gain access to a bigger platform. I am not saying that to say that I am not good enough, because to be honest I am my biggest fan. I prayed and asked GOD for opportunity and I walk in it. I could give you my resume and tell you pick me pick me...or help help me, but really, just writing this post is enough for me. I have been writing all of my life, 13 stage plays, filming an Indie film this year.....and more, but to be honest the more that I grind the harder it gets. I want to be bigger than my circumstances. I get so overlooked and with no family support, I have to rely on my craft to keep me afloat. I just love what I do. The process of writing, casting, directing, producing, and curtain call. I know I am rambling. I am just emotional about what GOD showed me and others about my journey. I feel it coming.....I am doing wjat I feel in my spirit by posting this here. I pray that one day you read this, and think to yourself....what the heck is she talking about, and it makes you want to see. Okay, I am done being emotional. Thank you for following your purpose becausr it inspired me that hey a survivor of abuse can indeed make it. Blessings!

  • Pearl Hall-Ragin Philadelphia #2197602 » Posted in: My online family

    Hi Mr Perry I know a young person who really works hard and Loves Madea and Tyler Perry Her name is Ja'Nell Hall-Ragin and she is a aspiring actor. She is currently a communications major at Easter University in St Davids Pa and longs to get her Masters in Atlanta I would like to ask if you would take a look at bother facebook and her youcaring site We are looking for sponsors for her senior year at school Thanks for reading up on JaNell for me.

  • alleycat michigan #2197601 » Posted in: The Haves And The Have Nots

    I have watched this show off and on since its has been on the air. Some times I want to throw up because the acting is so bad and then other times I am caught up in the story and I want to rewrite the parts for each character. But still I watch. If there was something better on TV believe I wouldn't waste my time on this show. But still I watch. The character in the show that is most disturbing to me is David Harrington. He is suppose to be a MAN. Why can't something be written in the script to make him look and act more like a man and stop letting him look so stupid-foolish-loyal to Veronica. With so many people hating that B---h when is she going to get hers. Yes her son finally stabbed her, but it was only superficial. She needs to be put in a body cast or a coma and her husband and her son needs to be the ones to do it together.

  • BERNICE ADJEI Canada #2197600 » Posted in: My online family

    I would like to tell you my story. It dates back to about 1. I worked with interpol Britain to catch some bad guys. I call it the story about faith.

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